10 Best Websites to Download Icons for Free

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Looking for the best website to download free icons?—I've reviewed some of the best online sites to give you my top picks.

Icons are a great visual technique to help visitors and readers grasp what you're talking about.

This article is for designers like you who want to enhance your project layout and designs with the help of icons.

What are the best websites that offer free icons?

There are a variety of websites that offer free and downloadable icons for their users.

Their main purpose is to help designers like them with royalty-free icons, with some accreditation and acknowledgment would be enough.

Best Websites to Download Free Icons

Do you need icons to jazz up your project presentation?

I have compiled the best websites to get free icons so you can focus on writing and creating instead of searching for them.

So without further ado, here’s my list of the 10 best websites to download icons for free.

10 Best Websites to Download Icons for Free

  1. Iconfinder
  2. Iconmonstr
  3. Flaticon
  4. FreePik
  5. GraphicBurger
  6. Freebiesbug
  7. Dribble
  8. Icons8
  9. Captain Icon
  10. Good Stuff No Nonsense

1. Iconfinder

Iconfinder is an icon search engine that is popular among designers and offers downloadable icons for free.

A well known website for its clean UI designs.

This site offers a great number of high-quality icon materials with colors.


Iconfinder does show icons that aren't free, but you may use the "Free" filter to narrow down your search results.

It is unique in the way that it allows you to download only the icons you require from a set.

It includes a useful filter feature that will help you save time: icon format, price, licensing type, and size.

Important Reminder: Check "Free" on the left side of the search result if you're looking for an icon that may be used for commercial purposes.

Checkout Iconfinder Now

2. Iconmonstr

Iconmonstr is a massive collection of graphically consistent, clear, simple, and repetitive icons that may be downloaded for free.

A reliable website for quick, simple, and customizable icons.

The icons are well organized into categories such as "Business" and "Interface."


Iconmonstr offers hundreds of free font icons that are available in PNG or SVG format.

PNG files on this website have a maximum pixel size of 240x240 pixels.

But don’t worry because you'll still find a good range of basic icons using Iconmonstr.

Important Reminder: There are vector icons for business or personal use with or without attributions that you can find here.

Check Out Iconmonstr Now

3. Flaticon

Flaticon is a FreePik-affiliated website that offers a wide range of downloadable free icons.

A website that offers extremely easy-to-use icons.

Designers find this site helpful because it has almost every icon they need.


The most notable aspect of Flaticon is that it will only return icons that are free and commercially available.

It includes vector graphics files and general graphics files, which designers can use for their projects.

One awesome thing about Flaticon is the vector icons are customizable.

Important Reminder: Even if it is for personal use, the attribution must be added to the product for free consumption, and the license must be purchased for commercial use.

Check Out Flaticon Now

4. FreePik

FreePik is a fantastic internet resource with far more than simply icons.

The most comprehensive database of free graphic materials.

It is one of the most popular websites that offer free downloadable icons.


FreePik is a search engine that assists users in locating high-resolution pictures and icons for their creative projects.

They feature a large library of vector images, drawings, photographs, and PSD files.

FreePik’s resources are free, as the name implies, but they do need attribution.

Important Reminder: Each resource must be attributed.

Check Out FreePik Now

5. GraphicBurger

GraphicBurger is a website that provides high-quality design tools to the public for free.

The site that offers tasty designs created by the world's best designers.

You may also get exclusive PSD files to customize each symbol.


GraphicBurger is a great place to hunt for attractive icons.

Free vector icons can be used in a variety of personal and commercial projects.

GraphicBurger will frequently have some unusual icon sets available for download.

Important Reminder: There is no requirement for attribution or a link back to this site, but any acknowledgment will be greatly appreciated.

Check Out GraphicBurger Now

6. Freebiesbug

As the name implies, Freebiesbug offers a lot of Photoshop-specific freebies.

One of the best websites to offer free but quality downloadable icons.

This is a web design blog that features free, high-quality design materials such as PSD files and vector graphics.


Freebiesbug offers royalty-free icons for personal use, but you can always contact the author for commercial purposes.

There are a lot of free icon sets to choose from, as well as a lot of freebies for designers.

Freebiesbug offers fonts, mockups, app designs, and a variety of other file kinds.

Important Reminder: The icons can be used in personal projects, but check before using them for commercial projects because each author's requirements are different.

Check Out Freebiesbug Now

7. Dribbble

On Dribbble, you can now browse 500+ free icon designs and interact with artists all over the world.

It is considered as the Facebook of the design world.

It is a top-notch designer-sharing site.


Dribbble is the top platform for discovering and showcasing creative work.

You can find here thousands of inspiring designs, illustrations, and graphic components.

Dribbble is also home to some of the world’s best designers and artists.

Important Reminder: The information for each icon may be found on its detail page, and to learn more about any page, simply click on it.

Check Out Dribbble Now

8. Icons8

Initially, Icons8 was a free resource dedicated to giving free icons.

Your source of icons, drawings, and images for professional and amateur designers.

They also include a powerful icon-editing feature that lets you change the color of the symbol, add text to it, etc.


The Icons8 website now offers free high-definition photos, free vector drawings, and free audio downloads.

If you need to insert icons into websites or apps, simply click the "Embed HTML" button, and a list of embedded ways will appear.

You may also modify the background, size, position, and form of the icon right in the browser.

Important Reminder: You can use icons commercially or not for free if you include a link to Icons8, but reselling and redistributing original icon files is prohibited.

Check Out  Icons8 Now

9. Captain Icon

Captain Icon has worked hard to bring you a completely free icon collection that is fully customizable.

It strives to help designers of all levels, from beginners to experts.

Icon sets in black and white are available for free download.

Captain Icon

If you want something a little more unique and informal for your project, Captain Icon is the way to go.

Icon typefaces can be used to develop elegant and tidy web pages and interfaces as web fonts.

Captain Icon has built everything you need for graphic or vector design software since he understands how you work.

Important Reminder: Free vector icons are available for commercial and personal usage.

Check Out Captain Icon Now

10. Good Stuff No Nonsense

Are you looking for high-quality hand-drawn icons?—Good Stuff No Nonsense might help you.

Your one-stop shop for handcrafted high-quality vector icons and elements.

This site offers a set of small vector graphics that are ready for use in your projects.

Good Stuff No Nonsense

Good Stuff No Nonsense offers no attribution required for the 22+ free icon sets organized into helpful themes.

As the name implies, you'll find high-quality icons without having to go through the rubbish.

The icons on Good Stuff No Nonsense were hand-drawn and are completely free to use; no credit is required.

Important Reminder: Free vector icons are available for commercial and personal usage.

Check Out Good Stuff No Nonsense Now


There are possibly millions of distinct icons available for download in total across the online world.

But it's not just about the number; you'll also need to ensure that the quality is appropriate for your projects.

What are the websites to download the best icons for free?

The majority of the free icons available on the following websites need credit to the creator.

Some offer the best free icons, and some are released under a variety of license types.

You need to double-check them first and remember to credit the author for their great work.

As a graphic designer, which of these websites do you find the most helpful for you?—Leave a comment below.

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