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If you are looking for layouts to create your own email signature, you have come to the right place.—Check out my list of the 10 best Canva email signature templates.

Email signature templates include important details such as your name, company name, title or position, website URL, and other contact details.

Your email signature is the text you include at the end of every email you send, which is more of a digital business card.

What are the best Canva email signature templates in 2022?

Canva is one of the best places to visit when you are looking for the best email signature template inspiration.

There are certain factors that make an email signature stand out from the rest.

Best Canva Email Signature Templates

Make your name, work title, firm, and any other essential contact information for your recipients stand out.

Keep your typefaces, colors and images simple, and you'll have no trouble making a good impression on all of your email contacts.

Here are the 10 best Canva email signature templates that will surely catch your recipient’s attention.

10 Best Canva Email Signature Templates

  1. Neutral Minimalist Template—Minimalist Design
  2. Modern Minimalist Template—Handwritten Sign-Off
  3. Grey Modern Minimalist Template—Headshot Inclusion
  4. Dark Blue Corporate Template—Space Dividers
  5. Black Clean Typographic Template—Mobile Friendly
  6. Elegant Minimalist Template—Small Color Palette
  7. Yellow Geometric Template—Simple Graphic
  8. Minimalist Professional Template—Strong Hierarchy
  9. Grey Minimal Template—Nicely Aligned
  10. Modern Cream Template—Display Your Portfolio

What Makes a Professional Email Signature Stand Out?

Your emails may get lost in your contacts' inboxes, so make them stand out from the crowd, and impress the receiver by including a signature.

How to create a good email signature?

When it comes to branding, consistency is the key, and your email signature is no exception.

Here are the things you need to keep in mind while creating your personal or corporate email signature templates.

Keep them as minimalistic as possible.

As much as possible, keep your email signatures simple and minimalistic.

Include information that is important like your name, company name, logo, and contact information, and let go of those that are not needed at all.  

Adding easy access to contact information, social media, and other pertinent outlets is also a good idea.

Include a handwritten signature.

A handwritten signature incorporated into your email template will make your layout more personalized.

It will also make your template more professional-looking and feel authentic.

You can use a photographed copy of your actual signature, or you could use a signature generator app.

Including the author’s headshot is a good option.

Include a photo of yourself to make the message more personal and real.

Just make sure that you are creating a positive vibe by smiling at your clients.

A photo in your signature might create a sense of connection or closeness between you and the recipient.

Make use of space dividers.

A space divider is useful for separating various types of template data.

One wonderful way to achieve this is to incorporate space separators into your design.

Space dividers will prevent your templates from looking overcrowded and bulky.

Keep your email signatures mobile-friendly.

Make sure your signature looks good on a smartphone.

Making your email signature's design easy to see and clickable is one of the most important ways to make it mobile-friendly.

Make sure your text is big enough to read on small displays, and your links and buttons are big enough for people to tap with their fingers.

Make use of a small color palette.

Color may help your email signature stand out from the rest of your email.

Make sure that the colors you use are simple and consistent.

If you do use color, keep it to one or two colors in addition to the dark text.

Make your graphics simple.

As the saying goes, “simplicity is beauty”; the simpler, the cleaner it will look.

You don’t need extravagant graphics, just something that is simple and yet attractive will go a long way.

Simple graphics will prevent your email signatures from being complicated and hard to read.

Make use of a design hierarchy.

Add a design hierarchy that leads the recipient to read the most critical information first to nail the design and style.

A strong hierarchy will guide readers' attention to the first thing they must see.

Scale up your name to a larger font, as you would on a resume, to draw the most attention.

Allow your signatures to be aligned appropriately.

The lining of visuals and text in reference to the various edges of the design canvas is referred to as alignment.

You can instantly provide order and harmony to your design by simply aligning your graphics, font, and icons in a logical and simple manner.

To create an aligned signature, look for shapes in your signature that you can align your elements against in some way.

Showcase your product or portfolio.

Showcasing your products and portfolios in your email signature is one great way to attract future clients.

If applicable, incorporate links to related content offers, social network profile symbols, and customized meeting links.

Provide a graphic, a description, and a link to the product page to highlight your most current product or work.

Here  are the best email signature templates from Canva that have the above characteristics.

1. Neutral Minimalist

A minimalist email signature template only contains information that is required and needed.

A minimalist design will keep your signature plain and simple.

A simple design is not only short and concise but also ready to read and navigate.

Neutral Minimalist

Avoid overcrowding your signatures by including too much information.

Keep your signature straight to the point and tailored to your brand.

You can include social media links where you are actively engaged.

If you are looking for a plain and simple design for your signature, try the Ivory Neutral Minimalist personal email signature.

Try Ivory Neutral Minimalist Template Now

2. Modern Minimalist

This modern email signature template can make your emails look more professional and appealing.

A handwritten sign-off will give your signature a more personal touch.

It is simple to set up and drag to the signature area for your email.

Modern Minimalist

Email signatures don't always have the same personal touch as signing your name on paper.

However, a handwritten signature can give your email signature an added sense of professionalism.

Your recipients will know you didn't write the email yourself, but the handwritten signature will give them that impression.

You can add a handwritten sign-off to your email signature template to make it stand out in a recipient's inbox.

Try Modern Minimalist Template Now

3. Grey Modern Minimalist

The warm photo of the author in this grey modern minimalist template will bring your signature to life.

Bring your email signature to life with warm headshot photos.

This will give your email a more personal touch and a pleasant look.

Grey Modern Minimalist

Like in this grey modern minimalist design sample, be sure to wear that smile, and it will surely brighten up your client's day.

Consider important factors such as positioning, size, and even color when using a headshot in your email signature.

Your headshot should be equally weighted with other important pieces, like your contact information.

If you want your email signature template to look great, try incorporating one of your professional headshot photos.

Try Grey Modern Minimalist Template Now

4. Dark Blue Corporate

Space dividers like in this corporate template are indeed useful for keeping your signature clean and presentable.

Make use of space dividers to keep your signature clean and organized.

You can also use a glyph divider to separate your logo and other information.

Dark Blue Corporate

This corporate template enables you to use spaces to separate distinct pieces of information and present them in a neat and clean manner.

You want your email signature to be as thorough as possible, but you also don't want it to appear cluttered, chaotic, or unattractive.

Space dividers will give your email signature a more appealing and organized look.

This is an excellent approach to separating distinct pieces of data, such as your logo, name, and contact information.

Try Dark Blue Corporate Template Now

5. Black Clean Typographic

The Clean typographic template uses typefaces that are readable even when reduced to a smaller size.

Make your email signature templates mobile-friendly.

It is important that you keep your email signatures responsive to mobile devices.

Black Clean Typographic

If your target market is mostly smartphone users, this clean typographic signature template is a must-try for you.

Your recipients are more than likely to view your email on their smartphone instead of a laptop.

The most important thing to remember is size because mobile screens are much smaller than desktop screens.

Make sure text is displayed correctly on mobile devices and that links and icons are properly spaced so they can be tapped.

Try Black Clean Typographic Template Now

6. Elegant Minimalist

This Elegant minimalist template is one of the best examples of email signatures that use a small color palette.

Choose complementary colors and keep your color palette to a minimum.

It's important to note that color attracts attention when designing your email signature.

Elegant Minimalist

The Elegant minimalist design was able to use color with caution; this is why they ended up with a captivating result.

An excellent way to choose your color palette is to take inspiration from graphic components you're using, such as your brand logo.

When you employ too many colors, your design can rapidly become overwhelming and distracting.

A burst of color could be all you need to get your message seen and remembered.

Try Elegant Minimalist Template Now

7. Yellow Geometric

The Yellow geometric template was able to keep its graphic simple and yet appealing to the audience.

Make your email signature’s graphic simple and effective.

When you cram a lot of different visuals into one email signature, it becomes overly complicated.

Yellow Geometric

The simplicity of your design will just make it more appealing because it is nice and clean, just like this geometric email signature template.

Your brand logo is a frequent graphic element to put in an email signature along with the headshot of the email author.

Putting a face to a name is a simple yet effective way to connect with people.

Making the template graphic plain and simple will not make your design dull and boring at all.

Try Yellow Geometric Template Now

8. Minimalist Professional

In this professional email signature template, the email author's name is scaled up to get the maximum attention.

The best email signature template has a strong hierarchy.

Any design that employs type to express essential information must have a strong hierarchy.

Minimalist Professional

Great design is all about presenting your facts in a way that's easy to understand, just like what a minimalist professional did in this template.

Use scale, color, and font weights to visually convey to your email readers which elements of your signature they should read first.

Whether it's the email author's name or the company name, make sure this important piece of type is at the top of the hierarchy.

You can make your typefaces bold and colored to indicate the importance and to help the eye flow rationally across the design.

Try Minimalist Professional Template Now

9. Grey Minimal

The majority of email signatures are left-aligned, just like this grey minimal template, since it is easier for the eye to browse and read.

A nicely aligned signature can bring balance and order to your template.

Alignment isn't a new concept in graphic design; it's the basis on which your design stands and appears appealing to visitors.

Grey Minimal

Alignment is the difference between a nice, orderly, and effective signature and one that seems haphazardly put together.

To develop a clean and nicely aligned signature, look for shapes in your signature that you can align your elements against in some way.

It's also crucial to take the time and attention to align your signature on the template, just like in this sample email signature by Francisco Andrade.

Simply aligning your graphics, font, and icons can instantly add order and harmony to your design.

Try Grey Minimal Template Now

10. Modern Cream

If you work in the visual arts, such as photography or graphic design, this modern cream is a great template.

Your email signature template may showcase your creative work.

It is one of the best ways to display your portfolio and attract clients.

Modern Cream

It is highly recommended that each image point to a related page on your website.

You can include a link to each product in your email signature template and make it available to your recipients.

This is your way of showcasing your work to let your future clients know your skills and capabilities.

Your display of work will determine the quality of products and services that you can offer them in the future.

Try Modern Cream Template Now


With design tools like Canva, you can create a signature that stands out and impresses your recipients in only a few steps.

Providing a personalized experience to your potential customers is critical for effective email marketing.

Why are email signatures important?

Email signatures are a modest but crucial aspect of establishing your company's brand identity.

They do not only provide essential information and links to your email readers but they are also used to represent your business.

Your brand values will be communicated through the colors, typography, and design you use.

Your signature can help you achieve some of your marketing goals, like encouraging them to visit your website and generating more sales.

Have fun designing your email signature, but remember to keep it simple and professional-looking.

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