10 Best Geometric Fonts for Graphic Design

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If you’re looking for basic shapes-inspired fonts to use for your designs—Check out my list of 10 best geometric fonts for creatives.

As a creative, there are a lot of font styles to choose from when making designs.

There are minimalist, luxury, professional, handwriting, script, and other types of typeface that are suitable for any designer's needs.

However, if you’re looking specifically for fonts inspired by basic geometric shapes and have classy or pleasing vibe, this article is for you.

What are the best geometric fonts for creatives?

Basic geometric shapes, such as a circle, square, or triangle, play an important part in the design of geometric typefaces.

10 Best Geometric Fonts for Graphic Design

As a result, the structure of these typefaces, which is based on formal and visual repetition, lends them a particularly structured character.

These types of fonts are widely used for creating logos and product labeling.

Some of them are also used for infographics and for social media postings.

It can also be used for different signages and photography captions, since most of them are sophicticated and minimalist.

In this article, I’ll be featuring the top 10 different geometric fonts from CreativeMarket and MyFonts that you can use for your design.

Check this list out and I hope you can find the best geometric display font for your needs as a designer.

10 Best Geometric Display Fonts

  1. Along Sans
  2. Prelia
  3. Lufga
  4. Greycliff
  5. Lastica
  6. Jeko
  7. Gilmer
  8. Canno
  9. Origin
  10. Gilroy

1. Along Sans Geometric Font

As the first geometric font on my list is the Along Sans, it is a modern typeface which is very unique and eye-catching.

A round style font perfect for photography captions.

Those creatives involved in the creation of logos, titles, and even editorial graphics will find it to be an excellent font.

It has rounded style letters, which helps it appear more sophisticated while still maintaining a classic appearance.

The Along Sans font family has been updated to add 34 Ligatures, as well as certain glyphs that have been revised.

It can also be used by photographers who want to caption their photographs in a professional and attractive manner.

Download Along Sans Font now

2. Prelia Logo Font

When it comes to a geometric display typeface that is both basic and elegant, Prelia is a great option.

A modern geometric font that has a bright and cool vibe.

Logo designs and branding purposes are ideal for using this particular display typeface.

All of the characters in this font have been intended to have a basic and charming touch to them.

As a result, since it is designed for a basic logo design, it is not ideal for extensive text use.

Now that you have Prelia, you can quickly create a logo and put it on your website, as well as on print materials and other media.

Download Prelia Logo Font now

3. Lufga Font

Lufga is a geometric sans-serif font family with distinctive letters that add a bit of distinctiveness to any design project.

A perfect modern typeface for a classy logo.

The fact that it is basic but complex allows this font to have a clean and contemporary look while still evoking a vintage feeling at the same time.

For use for branding purposes, the lowercase g and u in particular make it easily distinguishable.

Additionally, there are stylistic variants available to assist in providing a somewhat different appearance when necessary.

Since this font portrays minimalism, Lufga is suitable for branding, advertising, packaging, headlines, magazine and website layouts, logo designs, etc.

Download Lufga Font now

4. Greycliff CF Font

Greycliff is a must-have typeface for anybody searching for a flexible geometric display font that also adds boldness to their design.

An elegant, bold font ideal for impactful logo design.

This modern typeface is constructed in a near-monoline style, which gives it a traditional durable appearance.

Greycliff CF Font

It has a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere, and its characters are smooth and strong, which makes it excellent in a wide range of design applications, such as logo design.

It is also tempered with smooth edges and bright forms, which makes it great for product labeling, logo design, and picture captions, among other things.

Additionally, it looks stunning when mixed with neutral hues like black and white, which helps to preserve its sophisticated but beautiful appearance.

Download Greycliff CF Font now

5. Lastica Geometric & Minimalistic

If you're looking for a typeface that's basic yet attractive to utilize in your projects, you'll fall in love with the Lastica font.

A sophisticated and trendy geometric sans serif typeface.

This is one of the greatest geometric typographies to utilize for logo designs and product labels because of the way it is structured.

Lastica Geometric & Minimalistic

In Lastica, thin and smooth lines are used to write the letters, and the characters are written with a lot of space between them.

A remarkable appearance in your work might be created by the silhouette of its own characters.

Aside from that, it depicts a serious and futuristic style that will give your design a tremendous creative boost.

It also comes in two different weights, which might help you be more flexible in your job.

Download Lastica Geometric & Minimalistic now

6. Jeko Geometric Sans

The Jeko font is a great option if you're searching for a modern, bold font with crisp and clean edges that will complement your design.

A strong and modern font perfect for portraying boldness.

This font is available in three weights, each of which is designed to fill the available space while maintaining a refined and confident appearance.

Its high X-height and strong letters ensure that it remains clearly visible in all weights, and it has been optically adjusted to provide even greater readability in all situations.

Jeko's matching italics slope may assist you in infusing your creations with a wide variety of emotions and feelings.

This modern take on the traditional geometric style has a broad variety of possible uses, including logos, branding, signs, user interfaces, and design.

Strong geometry is combined with modern, sharp cuts to create a font that is both durable and distinct in its personality.

Download Jeko Geometric Sans now

7. Gilmer Geometric Sans Serif

Gilmer is a fresh, geometric, sans-serif font family inspired by the iconic typefaces like Futura and Avant Garde.

A clean and impactful font for logos and captions.

It is quite similar to Greycliff in appearance, but if you look closely, you will see that it has sharper and cleaner edges.

It is similar to the neo-grotesk typefaces from the twentieth century in that it features a high x-height value, geometrical letterforms, sharp edges, and low stroke contrast.

This font is quite adaptable and may be used effectively in a wide range of design applications, such as magazines, posters, branding, websites, and so on.

However, keep in mind that the Gilmer typeface may not be the best choice for setting continuous text like books since it is designed for short texts like logos.

Download Gilmer Geometric Sans Serif now

8. Canno Modern Geometric

Another popular geometric typeface on my list is Canno, which is a modern display font with a clean and sleek style.

A circle-inspired font with smooth and round edges.

Since it is made with inspiration from the circle shape and has beautiful curves, it is most effective when used as a logo, headline, or title.

It includes a rounded lowercase characters that adds to the contemporary and peaceful sense of the font family.

The overall font is geometric in order to provide a sense of order and alignment among the characters.

Canno geometric font will give your projects a more contemporary appearance and feel as a designer.

Download Canno Modern Geometric now

9. Origin Modern Geometric

Origin is a brand new geometric typeface with a fresh and modern spirit, as well as the ideal geometric form.

A basic yet elegant looking font, perfect for product labels.

It is one of the most simple but elegant basic sans serif fonts available, and it is ideal for use in a variety of design projects such as logos, headlines, captions, and more.

Origin Modern Geometric

This typeface is designed to be adaptable, clean, and bold, and it has the same width line all the way around.

Origin is also a versatile typography to use since it works well in both large and small sizes.

In addition, designers may use this for branding projects, apparel and product branding, as well as magazine headings, or just as a nice text overlay to any backdrop picture.

Download Origin Modern Geometric now

10. Gilroy Font

If you’re looking for a trendy font that is very popular in logo and web design use, Gilroy is the perfect typeface for you.

A geometric sans serif font with a modern style.

In fact, I personally used the Gilroy font in my logo design because of its perfect geometric properties.

The typeface was created with strong opentype characteristics, making it well-suited for use in modern graphic design settings.

There are geometric forms, near-perfect circles, and squares in this version of the Qanelas font family that is based on the original Qanelas typeface.

Because it has a strong and beautiful style, it may be used for a variety of purposes, including logo design, site design, and editorial design.

Gilroy’s mild and extremely bold weights are completely free, so feel free to experiment with them to your heart's desire.

Download Gilroy Font now


As a graphic designer, your choice of fonts in creating a design is critical in determining whether you get the ideal layout that you desired.

There are a lot of font styles available online, and if you’re looking for geometry-inspired typography, CreativeMarket and MyFonts has a lot to offer you.

I carefully chose only the best geometric display fonts for you to have a look at and get an idea of which one of them is great for your specific needs.

Whether you’re a designer that is creating logos, making signage, or labeling products for your own business or for your clients, these fonts are a must-have for you.

You can step-up your designs and make them more distinct and one-of-a-kind.

I hope that this list of top geometric fonts will be useful for your career as a designer.

Now that I’m done highlighting my top picks, which do you think is the best geometric font for graphic design?—Leave a comment below.

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