Top 10 Herman Miller Chairs For Home Office

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Top 10 Herman Miller Chairs

  1. Aeron—Best overall
  2. Embody—Most comfy
  3. Mirra2—Best for restless
  4. Cosm—User-friendly
  5. Sayl—Best value
  6. Caper—Multipurpose
  7. Eames Lounge—for back pain
  8. Celle —Most sturdy
  9. Setu—Minimalistic
  10. Lino—Most affordable
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August 16, 2022

If you are looking for the best Herman Miller chairs to buy for 2022—Here’s my compilation of the top 10 best Herman Miller chairs for your home office.

Herman Miller chairs are expensive, but when you consider the 12-year warranty, they're a steal.

What are the best Herman Miller chairs for home and office?

In the categories of office equipment and home furnishings, Herman Miller was recognized as the second most admired company.

It maintains its top spot because of innovation, social responsibility, and high-quality goods and services.

As a result, I've created this list of the 10 best Herman Miller office chairs.

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Top 10 Herman Miller Chairs

  1. Herman Miller Aeron—Best overall
  2. Herman Miller Embody—Most comfortable
  3. Herman Miller Mirra2—Best for restless
  4. Herman Miller Cosm—Most user-friendly
  5. Herman Miller Sayl—Best value
  6. Herman Miller Caper—Multipurpose chair
  7. Herman Miller Eames Lounge—Best for back pain
  8. Herman Miller Celle —Most sturdy
  9. Herman Miller Setu—Best for minimalistic
  10. Herman Miller Lino—Most affordable

How To Choose The Best Herman Miller Chairs

Authentic Herman Miller chairs are made in a unique way, with diverse designs and purposes in mind.

You know you're getting a high-quality product when you buy the world's best chair brand's standards.

How to choose the best Herman Miller chair?

For gaming or working from home, Herman Miller chairs are ideal, choosing the most appropriate model is not as complicated as you think.

When buying a Herman Miller chair, there are a few factors to consider, from color and size to other features, that we'll go over in this article.

How to choose the best Herman Miller chair for you?

So, if you're wondering how to choose the best Herman Miller chair to buy for your home or office, here are some factors to consider:

  1. Dimension
  1. Materials
  1. Lumbar Support
  1. Reason to Buy

Here's some more information to help you understand why these factors are crucial when purchasing your Herman Miller chair:


It is important to choose the correct size for yourself in order to avoid sacrificing comfort.

Each Herman Miller chair is ergonomically designed to give comfort and to save space.

The chairs are offered in three sizes that correlate to the user's weight and height as follows: A for smaller size person, B for the size that fits the majority of adults, and C for larger and taller people.


The product's materials are the easiest selection to make when purchasing a new Herman Miller chair.

Most of the brand's chairs have a breathable mesh back that comes in a range of finishes.

These include carbon, graphite, and mineral, so you can match your workspace or home office design.

Lumbar Support

This is one of the most important factors you should consider before buying your Herman Miller.

Lumbar Support is essential especially if you spend most of the time sitting in front of your computer desk.

Lumbar or lower back support will help you sit comfortably in any position, whether upright or reclined

Reason to Buy

Herman Miller's large portfolio contains chairs for practically any purpose.

They offer chairs that perfectly fit your office needs and they also have a wide selection of gaming chairs for your home needs.

It's better to choose one that's been specifically built for your needs.

That concludes my basic advice for purchasing the best Herman Miller chair for you.

So without further ado, here is my list of the top 10 Herman Miller chairs for home and office.

1. Herman Miller Aeron

Herman Miller Aeron chair is a high-priced choice, but it lives up to your expectations.

Herman Miller Aeron is the best overall office chair.

This chair is durable and user-friendly and is great for spinal support and healthy posture

Herman Miller Aeron

Aeron’s three standout features include synchro-tilt, PostureFit lumbar support, and 8Z pellicle mesh upholstery.

It supports you across the whole range of motion, keeping your movements smooth and balanced.

You have exact control over the arms, seat height, depth, and recline.

The chair ushered in a new era of ergonomic desk chairs, and its iconic form has been widely imitated.

If you are looking for the best home office chair, Herman Miller Aeron has sold over eight million chairs to date.


Height: 978-1093mm

Width: 655-718mm

Depth: 407-470mm

Seat Height: 376-519mm

Max Weight: 136-159kg


  1. Elegant design
  2. Best synchro-tilt feature
  3. Amazing ergonomics


  1. Expensive
  2. Small seat frame

Buy  Herman Miller Aeron on Amazon

2. Herman Miller Embody

Herman Miller Embody is a high-end choice, but if you have the money to spend on guaranteed comfort, this is a perfect choice.

Embody is the most comfortable Herman Miller office chair.

It is the first health-conscious chair that fully relaxes the backbone and properly shapes your sitting posture.

Herman Miller Embody

Embody’s standout features include a multi-layered adaptive seat, pixelated backrest, synchro-tilt, and lumbar support.

This chair is responsive and beautiful because of its curved back and floating armrest with full adjustability.

If your job requires you to sit for long periods of time, the Embody is designed to make it much easier on your body.

Its ribbed backrest and vast size give it the appearance of a spacecraft captain's chair.

If you are looking for the most comfortable home office chair, Herman Miller Embody is the best choice aside from its great style.


Height: 1017mm

Width: 697mm

Depth: 697mm

Seat Height: 407-520mm

Weight: 136kg


  1. Most comfortable
  2. Ergonomic design
  3. Flexible


  1. Heavy
  2. Expensive

Buy Herman Miller Embody on Amazon

3. Herman Miller Mirra2

If you're looking for a highly adaptable and responsive office chair that's ideal for working from home or in an office setting, here's Herman Miller Mirra2 for you.

Herman Miller Mirra2 is the best office chair for restless users.

The chair has a modern, sleek appearance and a sturdy feel about it.

Herman Miller Mirra2

The Mirra2 is responsive and supportive, allowing your body to organically flex, stretch, and reach.

The backrest, seat frame, and armrests are all built of polyurethane, which is sturdy but flexible.

When you recline the chair, the Harmonic 2 tilt gives you a balanced feeling.

Mirra2 has a woven seat that effectively distributes your weight and allows air circulation.

If you are looking for the best Herman Miller chairs for restless users, Mirra2 is the perfect fit for you.


Height: 1111mm

Width: 762mm

Depth: 470mm

Seat Height: 424-565mm

Weight: 159kg


  1. High-end features
  2. Stylish
  3. Great value


  1. Quite expensive
  2. Can be uncomfortable

Buy Herman Miller2 on Amazon

4. Herman Miller Cosm

The Herman Miller Cosm is one of the most customizable chairs, with a variety of back height, arm, and material options to pick from.

Herman Miller Cosm is the most user-friendly office chair of this brand.

Time magazine called it one of the 100 top innovations of 2019, and there are lots of reasons why.

Herman Miller Cosm

The Cosm is available in six stunning finishes and combines usefulness and beauty.

As a result, you can experiment with these finishes to complement your workspace's design.

It has Herman Miller's Auto-Harmonic tilt system, which provides you with the proper balance of support and movement.

This also promotes improved posture by allowing you to sit in a position that aligns your spine precisely.

If you are looking for the most user-friendly Herman Miller chairs, try the Cosm.


Height: 864-1311mm

Width: 734mm

Depth: 678mm

Seat Height: 409-544mm

Weight: 159kg


  1. Amazing design
  2. Comfortable
  3. Light-weight


  1. Not that adjustable
  2. Not for petite

Buy Herman Miller Cosm on Amazon

5. Herman Miller Sayl

If you want a less-priced yet nice-looking chair with good back support, Herman Miller Sayl is a good alternative.

Sayl is the best value Herman Miller office chair.

This office chair may have an unusual modern style, but it is undoubtedly attractive.

Herman Miller Sayl

Given its modest price, Sayl's features are quite impressive.

This chair became popular due to its attractive design, healthy comfort, and affordable price.

Sayl has 3D Intelligent back and Y-Tower support sets it apart from other ergonomic chairs in terms of style.

This also aids in improving posture and allowing the spine to balance in its natural S shape.

If you are looking for the best value home office chairs, Herman Miller Sayl will keep you comfortable all day long and will keep you much cooler.


Height: 1035mm

Width: 622mm

Depth: 502mm

Seat Height: 419-559mm

Weight: 159kg


  1. Stylish
  2. Best value for your money
  3. Breathable backrest


  1. Not fully-adjustable
  2. Not the most comfortable

Buy Herman Miller Sayl on Amazon

6. Herman Miller Caper

The Herman Miller Caper is designed for situations where you need a stylish and functional seat.

Herman Miller Caper is the best multipurpose office chair.

This chair has many different movements; it swivels, tilts, and has changeable heights.

Herman Miller Caper

The Caper chair's glass-filled nylon seat and back are curved for comfort and flexibility.

These chairs and stools are available in a wide range of brilliant colors that are both attractive and functional.

It is colorful, lightweight chair designed for use in workplaces, auditoriums, and any other type of group sitting.

They can be stacked and ganged and utilized in almost any setting and they are versatile and one-of-a-kind.

If you are looking for the best multipurpose office chair that is both casual and comfortable , Herman Miller Caper is the ideal choice.


Height: 1003mm

Width: 616mm

Depth: 470mm

Weight: 11kg


  1. Multipurpose
  2. Lightweight
  3. Stylish


  1. Uncomfortable
  2. Expensive

Buy Herman Miller Caper on Amazon

7. Herman Miller Eames Lounge Chair

If you are looking for the best spot to relax whether you are at home, in executive suites, or lounges, Herman Miller Eames Lounge Chair is the perfect option.

Herman Miller Eames is the best lounge chair for backpain.

It is one of the most iconic and timeless designs available in any piece of furniture.

Eames Lounge Chair

The Eames Lounge Chair combines beautiful fabric or leather with molded wood for unrivaled craftsmanship in a lounge chair.

Whatever choice you decide, you can be certain of the quality and originality of this design, that has endured the test of time.

The Eames Lounge Chair is ideal for living rooms, reception areas, executive offices, and any other exquisite setting.

The chair and ottoman have leather upholstery and a black enameled base with polished metal trim.

Pick, Eames Lounge Chair if you are looking for Herman Miller chairs that have a swivel mechanism.


Height: 438.15mm

Width: 831.85mm

Depth: 831.85mm

Seat Height: 381mm

Weight: 20.41kg


  1. Modern style
  2. Ergonomics
  3. Comfortable


  1. Too expensive
  2. Not advisable for home with pets and kids

Buy Herman Miller Eames Lounge Chair on Amazon

8. Herman Miller Celle

If you are looking for a heavy-duty chair that has been designed to withstand even the toughest conditions Herman Miller Celle is highly recommended.

Celle office chair is the most sturdy Herman Miller chair.

It's a complex system of polymer cells and loops that react to diverse body parts to provide all-around support.

Herman Miller Celle

Cellular Suspension, a proprietary system of cells and loops that flexes in sync with the body's movements for all-day comfort, is exclusive to Celle.

Its Harmonic Tilt provides a smooth, natural recline that is unique to Herman Miller chairs and may be upgraded.

It might not have the most padding in terms of style, but it is spacious and comfortable nonetheless.

Celle has a distinctive style that is unlike anything else in the world of workplace seating.

If you are looking for Herman Miller chairs that are strongly and solidly built, ‍Herman Miller Celle is worth the buy.


Height: 1127.25mm

Width: 742.95mm

Depth: 393.7mm

Weight: 19.95kg


  1. Affordable
  2. Comfortable
  3. Sturdy


  1. Basic
  2. For short-hours usage only

Buy Herman Miller Celle on Amazon

9. Herman Miller Setu

The Herman Miller Setu is a basic office chair that is straightforward and reliable for everyday use.

Herman Miller Setu is the best minimalistic office chair.

The chair’s best feature is its lightweight design, which makes it ideal for quick motions.

Herman Miller Setu

The Setu's seat and back are comprised of Lyris elastomer.

It is a unique material that uniformly distributes your weight over the chair for improved balance.

Setu is a sleek office chair featuring a mesh seat and back, as well as a flexible spine that moves with you.

Even without lumbar or headrest support, this chair promotes a healthy back.

If you are looking for simple but reliable Herman Miller chairs for the home office, Setu is a great choice.


Height: 980mm

Width: 638mm

Depth: 381mm

Seat Height: 432-546mm

Weight: 136kg


  1. Light-weight
  2. Minimalistic
  3. Perfect for daily use


  1. Basic
  2. Fixed/Not adjustable armrest

Buy Herman Miller Setu on Amazon

10. Herman Miller Lino

If you're looking for the cheapest Herman Miller chair, you won't find one cheaper than the Herman Miller Lino.

Lino is the best affordable Herman Miller chair.

This is considered as the Herman Miller's most budget-friendly chair.

Herman Miller Lino

The Lino has a breathable suspension back that supports your spine and lumbar region completely.

It's a simple, no-frills alternative that resembles a regular office chair more than other Herman Miller's.

It has adjustable arms and seat depth, allowing you to select your ideal sitting posture.

It is available in a variety of suspension colors and upholstery options to fit your office furniture precisely.

Herman Miller Lino has a comfy seat and ergonomic design that some of its competitors in the same price range lack.


Height: 956-1118mm

Width: 693mm

Depth: 384-454mm

Seat Height: 375-528mm

Weight: 159kg


  1. Simple looks
  2. Comfortable
  3. Lumbar support


  1. Basic look
  2. Lacks softness

Buy Herman Miller Lino Now


Herman Miller chairs have their own unique identity and set of unrivaled characteristics.

What are the best Herman Miller chairs to choose?

Herman Miller Aeron is the best overall chair for your home and office and is at the top of my list.

Herman Miller's most popular chairs include the Embody chair, Sayl chair, and Setu chair.

I propose that you select a chair that is suited to your body and meets your requirements.

One of Herman Miller's best qualities is that there is a chair for everyone.

I hope this compilation of the 10 best Herman Miller chairs is able to help you decide on the perfect chair for your creative works.

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