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If you're looking for the best templates for your Instagram posts, the internet has a lot to offer.- Here's my list of the 10 best Instagram post templates for you.

Instagram is a highly competitive social media platform.

If you want to expand your following and keep them engaged, you need to publish high-quality material.

What are the best Instagram post templates?

Templates let you show off your originality while also attracting clients to view your account.

The perfect Instagram template for you will be determined by the type of business you run or the content you publish.

Best Instagram Post Template

An ideal corporate social media account, may it be Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook relies heavily on branding.

To establish a more successful Instagram content strategy, you can quickly alter these templates by adding your own text and images.

So, without any further ado, let's get started with my best templates for Instagram posts.

10 Best Instagram Post Templates

  1. Instagram Ads Template—best for advertisements
  2. Instagram Quote Template—best for quotations
  3. Instagram Infographics Template—best for infographics
  4. Minimalist Instagram—best for the beauty industry
  5. Business Social Media Post Template—best for business
  6. Social Media Kit Foodies—best for foods
  7. Homeware Social Media Pack—best for lifestyle
  8. Engagement Instagram Boost—best for engagement boosting
  9. Modern Instagram Post—best for travel blogs
  10. Foiled—best for bloggers

1. Instagram Ads Template

If you're looking for the ideal template for advertisement posts, Instagram Ads Template from Canva is the best choice.

Instagram Ads Template is the best Canva template for advertisements.

This is the perfect template for ads posts that will help in marketing your brand.

Instagram Ad Templates

Instagram Ads is an excellent material to use because it is very professional and appealing to the audience's eyes.

Canva templates are completely customizable, you may edit the descriptions to fit the product or service you're promoting.

This is designed in an elegant yellow and black color, but its customizable to meet your brand's requirements.

You can also edit their descriptions of them to match the product or service that you're promoting.

Try Instagram Ads Template Now

2. Instagram Quote Template

If you want to promote your  brand by sharing positive quotes on Instagram, Instagram Quote Template is for you.

Instagram Quote Template is the best Canva template for quotation posts.

This template allows you to highlight your quote in a visually appealing manner.

Instagram Quote Templates

Instagram Quote is also appropriate for bloggers who enjoy motivating others through social media postings.

You will have a wider audience and your brand will have more engagement.

This pleasant and elegant-looking template will make your followers share your Instagram stories.

If you want a Canva template that will help you increase your followers, try Instagram Quote Template.

Try Instagram Quote Template Now

3. Instagram Infographics Template

The Instagram Infographics Template is for business owners that wish to raise brand recognition.

Instagram Infographics Template is the best Canva theme for infographic posts.

Introduce your business to your followers in the most imaginative way possible by using this Canva template for Instagram.

Instagram Infographics Template

Instagram Infographics features a lovely color scheme that makes it eye-catching to your target audience.

It has a simple style and is fully customizable, much like the other Canva Instagram templates.

All you have to do is modify the text to reflect the facts you want your followers to view.

So, if you're looking for the best Instagram Infographics for infographics, this is the right pick.

Try Instagram Infographics Template Now

4. Minimalist Instagram

The Minimalist Instagram pack template is perfect for the fashion and beauty industry.

Minimalist Instagram is the best Instagram theme for fashion and beauty products..

This is fully customizable using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Minimalist Instagram

Using this Minimalist Instagram template, you may create a great and eye-catching Instagram promotion.

The template looks simple and elegant with its black, brown, and white color combination.

This PSD and AI template includes 12 unique and cool Instagram posts and story layouts.

If you are looking for the best template for your cosmetic and fashion blogs, Minimalist Instagram is a good pick.

Try Minimalist Instagram Template Now

5. Business Social Media Post Template

The Business Social Media Post template is ideal for anyone wishing to boost their social media presence.

Business Social Media Post is the best template for Instagram brand posts.

It has simple and professional designs that may be customized to fit practically any type of business.

Business Social Media Post

Features of the Business Social Media template include 100% vector, editable colors, and text.

This Instagram post template from Envato is also editable and resizable.

The template is also fully modifiable in Adobe Illustrator and comes with a set of free Google fonts.

If you are looking for the best template to grow your business, this is the best template for you.

Try Business Social Media Post Template Now

6. Social Media Kit Foodies

Social Media Kit Foodies provide a consistent branding experience across your social networks such as Instagram and Twitter.

The Social Media Kit Foodies is the best template for Instagram food posts.

There are nine different designs included in the templates.

Social Media Kit Foodie

Media Kit features include RGB 1080x1080px 72 DPI resolution design and fully scalable vector shapes.

This template has a clean, minimalist, and modern design.

The Media Kit is a one-page document that summarizes the most important aspects of your blog.

This template has everything you need to make your account stand out from the crowd if you're a food blogger.

Try Social Media Kit Foodies Template Now

7. Homeware Social Media Pack

Homeware Social Media Pack is ideal for promoting a variety of niches such as products and business firms.

Homeware Social Media Pack is the best template for lifestyle Instagram post.

The title, text, and colors in this template are all easily customizable.

Homeware Social Media Pack

You must always keep consistent brand messaging with your Instagram account.

Creating such consistent posts on your own takes a significant amount of work.

Homeware Media Pack can help to streamlines the procedure for you.

If you don't have the skills but want to create attractive Instagram posts, this template is highly recommended.

Try Homeware Social Media Pack Template Now

8. Engagement Instagram Boost Bundle

Engagement Instagram Boost Bundle is for you if you want to redesign your Instagram account or get ready for sales season.

Engagement Instagram Boost Bundle is the best template for boosting your post engagements.

This is one of the unique ways to express yourself through Instagram posts.

Engagement Instagram Post

Engagement Instagram is ideal for social media managers or coaches who can't seem to come up with new content and design ideas.

You will have access to the most popular Instagram templates, such as the engagement-boosting post templates, etc.

You can up your Instagram game with strategic and share-worthy graphics without any help from professionals by using Engagement Instagram.

If you like to increase the number of people who engage with your Instagram posts, this is the perfect bundle for you.

Try Engagement Instagram Boost Bundle Template Now

9. Modern Instagram Post

Modern Instagram Post is perfect for a travel blogger or vlogger who wants to take his Instagram business to the next level.

Modern Instagram Post is the best Instagram template for travel bloggers.

This template from Creative Market is appropriate for today's commercial demands.

Modern Instagram Post

Modern Instagram is a high-resolution template guarantee that your Instagram posts are polished and consistent.

It comes in a set of 20 with a 300 DPI resolution and 1080x1080 pixels.

It comes with two free fonts and  20 pre-made posts to get you going.

If you want to have a beautiful and clean Instagram profile, this template is the best you can try.

Try Modern Instagram Post Template Now

10. Foiled

Foiled an excellent choice for social media managers, bloggers, and business promotions.

Foiled is the best Instagram Post template for social media bloggers.

With this, you can create limitless creations with a huge array of foil possibilities and pattern elements.


You may construct a limitless number of designs with a collection of Foiled’s high-quality templates.

This template has easy-to-edit graphics that can give your Instagram accounts a little extra boost.

This template from DesignCuts has a total of 45 distinct templates in the bundle, including foiled and patterned parts.

If you are a social media manager, blogger, company booster, or influencer, Foiled is the best template for you.

Try Foiled Template Now


Instagram templates can save you time and money when it comes to creating professional Instagram posts.

How important is an Instagram template?

Instagram templates entice new followers to stick around and wait for your next post.

You can grow engagement with your followers and also gain new ones using these templates from Canva, Envato, Design Cuts, and Creative Market.

Templates are an excellent tool to ensure that you consistently upload high-quality posts to your profile.

This list of the best Instagram post templates will help you take your Instagram content to the next level.

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