10 Best Pixel Fonts for Graphic Design

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Looking for video games inspired fonts to use for your designs? Here’s my list of top 10 best pixel fonts for graphic design.

In the world of graphic design, there are a lot of things that need to be considered to achieve the best design possible.

It includes the choice of colors, images, and illustrations, as well as the fonts that will be used for the text.

However, designers have their own preferences and needs in choosing the best typeface, which should also match the theme that they want to use.

What are the best pixel display fonts for graphic designers?

Pixel fonts, often known as screen or bitmap fonts, are made out of little square shapes known as pixels.

10 Best Pixel Fonts for Graphic Design

It shows letters in basic blocks rather than complicated curves, as most regular fonts do.

It's really popular on the internet because we all used to see it when we were playing video games.

This typography is ideal for online designs that require text legibility at small sizes.

Pixel fonts also be used for logos, posters, and captions, especially if you want to have vintage or retro looking designs.

For creatives that need a video-game vibe font to use for their designs, whether it's for their own use or for their clients, this list of the top 10 best pixel fonts is for you.

Just check it out and I hope you can get an idea of which of these fonts are perfect for your desired designs.

10 Best Pixel Display Fonts

  1. Tickerbit
  2. Definety
  3. Retro kiddo
  6. Chubby Choo
  7. Jaunt: 8-bit
  8. Pixel Bit Typeface
  9. Minimal Pixel Font
  10. SB Standard  Pixel Font

1. Tickerbit Pixel Font

The Tickerbit typeface is ideal if you're looking for a modern pixel font that comes in a variety of styles to select from.

A vintage font perfect for comic book layouts.

This whimsical typeface is available in both big and small sizes and includes styles such as monospaced, italic, and mono italic.

Because of its distinct design, it works well in both vintage and modern settings.

Tickerbit may also be used for headlines, body text, and comic book designs, among other things.

It can also be used by designers to create logos, editorial content, clothes, and packaging designs.

Download Tickerbit Pixel Font now

2. Definety Pixel Perfect Font

Definety is a clean and sharp pixel font with lowercase and uppercase glyphs including Extended Latin A, Cyrillic, numbers, and special symbols.

A simple yet classy pixel art display font.

It is designed to be used for a variety of uses including branding, logo design, posters, print, video games, the web, and much more.

Definety Pixel Perfect Font

It has a basic but elegant appearance, which makes it the best choice for pairing with any style of design.

Because it has a personalized look, it can also be used for infographics and social media captions without difficulty.

T-shirt printing is a great use for this, and clothing manufacturers may profit from it as well.

Download Definety: Pixel Perfect Font now

3. Retro Kiddo Font

Retro Kiddo is a colorful pixel display font that captures the essence of the 1990s in a vector format.

A modern font but gives a vintage vibe at the same time.

It incorporates decorative elements such as a geometric backdrop in multicolor and monocolor variations.

A blend of different colors is used in this font style to create an appearance that is both contemporary and vintage at the same time.

As a result of its adjustable features, Retro Kiddo is an excellent choice for video game designs creation.

Aside from logos and product labels that are intended for a young audience, this font is also suitable for other uses.

Download Retro Kiddo Font now


As the forth pixel display font on my list, I've chosen a carefree and casual typeface called PRETTY WEIRD.

A cute pixel display font perfect for kids’ product labeling.

Product display, greeting cards, and t-shirt design are all excellent uses for this bright and cheerful pixel typeface.

The fact that it has a highly distinctive pixel motif allows you to use it on invitations, brochures, and posters, in addition to social media sharing.

Because of its vibrant and appealing appearance, it was particularly well suited for usage in children's products and even scrapbooking.

The PRETTY WEIRDO theme is perfect for anyone looking to give their Instagram, Facebook page, or website a modern, adorable vibe.

This typeface is simple to use since it allows you to blend outline and fill typography to get the desired cool offset effect.

Download PRETTY WEIRDO pixel font now


The PIXEL GLITCH, on the other hand, has a nostalgic atmosphere, as opposed to the PRETTY WEIRDO, which has a vivid and adorable feel.

A unique pixel font with a vintage glitch effect.

It features a glitch effect, which distinguishes it even more from other fonts on the market.

This is a pixel art vector font that is ideal for use as a caption for photographs.

PIXEL GLITCH may also be used for magazine covers or product labels, depending on the application.

As a result, it may undoubtedly provide your design with an individual appearance that is also appealing to the audience.

Download PIXEL GLITCH vector alphabet now

6. Chubby Choo Pixel Font

If you’re looking for a simple retro bitmap pixel font to use for a variety of designs, Chubby Choo is for you.

A retro-vibe font suitable for cartoon-related designs.

As you can see, it seems extremely familiar since it is comparable to the typefaces used in most of videos games.

It has a striking but refined appearance that is ideal for product labels or picture captions.

Chubby Choo is a pixel display typeface that has a fresh mood and is designed in a modern manner.

It contains medium-sized pixels with irregular placement, which makes it quite readable.

It is an excellent complement for new pixel-based video games, vintage graphics, and cartoon projects.

Download Chubby Choo Pixel Font now

7. Jaunt: 8-bit Pixel Font

Jaunt is an 8-bit pixel typeface with the charm of a feisty young hero-to-be, yet it's also easy on the eyes.

An ombre-effect font great for video games design.

Taking its origins from retro game consoles, this geometric pixel font is appropriate for use in modern design projects.

It is perfect for video game designs, particularly those that are about exploration and adventure.

It produces a distinct and vintage atmosphere that evokes feelings of mystery and challenge.

The Jaunt font has a strong personality and a variety of styles, including normal, bold, and shadow, thanks to its sleek and uncomplicated ombre design.

In particular, for themes such as techno, digital, retro, cyberpunk, gaming, and a variety of others.

Download Jaunt: 8-bit pixel font now

8. Pixel Bit Typeface

Pixel Bit is an excellent option if you're seeking a futuristic theme pixel font to utilize in your projects that is different from the rest.

A futuristic-theme font perfect for logos and posters.

This font has directional fading letters that are likely to capture the attention of your target audience.

It has a broad variety of applications due to the fact that it exudes an attractive and refined mood.

Pixel bit is ideal for use in visual displays such as logos, clothes, product packaging, and posters, among other things.

It may also be used for promotional materials such as posters, social media postings, labels, and branding.

Additionally, since it has a contemporary feel, it is appropriate for photography captions that are tied to technological advancement.

What’s more exciting about this display pixel font is that it is customizable and you have different alternatives to modify depending on your preferences.

Download Pixel Bit Typeface now

9. Minimal Pixel Font

As opposed to other pixel fonts, Minimal Pixel Font is difficult to read, requiring the reader to pay close attention to the content of what is being written.

An abstract pixel font that conveys a dark and unique vibe.

It is a unique typeface that may be used for a variety of applications such as games, posters, stickers, and other creative projects, among other things.

Because of its minimalism, this design looks fantastic when matched with black and white color schemes.

It also features an uncommon and distinct style of letters, which gives the impression that something is missing from the letters.

The Minimal Pixel Typeface will be most appreciated by designers that are looking for a one-of-a-kind abstract font.

Download Minimal Pixel Font now

10. SB Standard  Pixel Font

SB Standard is a pixel font developed for text and navigation purposes and is optimized for use at 10 points per inch.

A digital font perfect for book cover design.

With techniques developed during the construction of SB Liquid, it is intended to be both neutral and legible, and it has good legibility when used as a text face.

SB Standard  Pixel Font

Because it was designed primarily for text use rather than display, a bold version was also created.

More recently, a rounded pixel font style was developed, allowing it to be used as a subheading and display typeface in addition to its previous uses.

Designers can use this for a wide range of designs, including apparel printing, product labels, and even logo designs, among others.

Download SB Standard  Pixel Font now


As a graphic designer, I understand that even the smallest details matter when creating designs.

The combination of colors, images, and fonts must result in an eye-catching layout.

If you’re looking for a great font to use for your web designs, logos, or product labels, you should consider using pixel display fonts.

In this article, I listed the most popular pixel fonts that are widely used by many creatives.

You can download them online for a very affordable price from CreativeMarket.

Now that I’m done reviewing each typeface on this list, which do you think is the best pixel font for graphic design?— Leave a comment below.

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