10 Best Microphones for Podcast and YouTube

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If you’re a content creator that needs a great mic for your recording—here’s my list of 10 best microphones  for podcast and YouTube.

For podcasters, streamers, and YouTubers, you are most likely aware of how important a microphone is.

It is a must-have piece of equipment if you want to sound more natural and professional to your listeners.

Why do you need a microphone for a podcast?

Whether you’re recording for your podcast or YouTube content, a microphone is considered an essential tool for content creators.

In fact, if you listen to some of the most professional podcasters, you’ll notice that they all sound like they’ve been recorded well, with a consistent standard in audio quality.

That’s how they gain their popularity and listeners’ loyalty because they are producing high-quality recordings that attracts the attention of the people.

I know that as a podcast artist or YouTuber, it is also a dream for you to become one of the most-ranked content creators.

That’s why investing on the best podcast microphone is a great stepping stone for you to provide your listeners a high-quality audio.

Who knows? You can be one of the most famous podcaster in the industry.

In this article, I’ll be featuring the top 10 best microphones to use for podcast, stream, and YouTube.

Just pay attention to the details, and I know that you’ll find the right podcast microphone for your needs as a creative.

10 Best Mics for Podcast and YouTube

  1. Rode Podmic—Best overall
  2. Shure MV7—Best for podcasting
  3. MAONO AU-PM421—Best for YouTubers
  4. Razer Seiren X—Best for beginners
  5. Blue Snowball—Most affordable
  6. Audio-Technica—Best quality
  7. Rode NT-USB—Best all-in-one
  8. Samson G-Track Pro—Best value
  9. HyperX QuadCast—Best portable
  10. Heil PR-40—Best for professionals

How to choose a podcast microphone?

Before buying a new microphone to use for you needs as a content creator, you must first remember the things that you have to consider.

How to choose a podcast microphone?

Given that we have different definition of “best” microphones, it is still a must to check on these factors to be sure that you’ll be getting a great one for you.

  1. Microphone Type
  2. Connection Type
  3. Polar Pattern
  4. Frequency
  5. Durability

And for you to have a clear understanding on why these things should be put on consideration, here’s a further explanation:

Microphone Type

When buying a microphone for your podcast, you must remember that it comes in two kinds—dynamic and condenser.

The first type, which is a dynamic microphone, is best used in loud environments.

As the soundwaves move the coil, they are converted into an electrical signal that can be recorded.

These can be used to record a performer on stage, an interview on the street, or simply a guitar or drum kick.

On the other hand, condenser are the other type of microphone which is more popular.

It is perfect for you if you wish to pick up on subtleties in a voice, such as when recording a podcast or a vocalist in a booth.

Condenser microphone usage is often far more static than dynamic microphone applications.

Due to the fact that condenser microphone capacitor plates are far more brittle than dynamic microphone capacitor plates.

Connection Type

There are two types of connection when it comes to podcast microphones—USB and XLR.

USB microphones are not only convenient and simple to use, but they are also less expensive than XLR microphones.

Most USB microphones have a cardioid polar pattern, which means they pick up sound from the front, making them ideal for podcasts or voiceovers.

However, if you want to record voice or instrumental music, or if you want a higher quality sound for your podcast, an XLR microphone should be used.

XLR microphones are more expensive and require the purchase of an audio interface, but they often provide significantly higher quality audio than USB microphones.

Polar Pattern

The cardioid is one of the types of polar pattern and is relatively common.

The core term from which the pattern derives its name means "heart-shaped" in Latin, therefore these microphones pick up sound in the shape of a heart.

Another type of polar pattern that is rather prevalent is omnidirectional, which, as the name suggests, picks up sound in all directions.

There are a few more, such as super-cardioid and bidirectional, it will only depends on your preferences as a content creator.


Not everyone knows about the importance of frequency in a microphone, that’s why here’s a further explanation.

The frequency response of a microphone relates to how well the microphone's components can reproduce the signals it picks up.

The microphone "hears" a sound and flawlessly converts it into an electronic signal, which is the then perfectly sent into the recorder.

In reality, some vibrations are lost along the route, and some information is lost before it reaches the final recording.


Just like in any other devices and equipment, the durability of the microphone must put into consideration.

When it comes to choosing on a durable microphone, I suggest that you choose the dynamic type of mic.

Dynamic microphones are widely tested to be build to last.

It is provides a great level of resiliency so you do not have to hesitate if it you will benefit for it for a long period of time because I’m sure it is.

1. Rode Cardioid Dynamic  PodMic

The Rode PodMic is the greatest all-around microphone for recording professional-quality sound.

The best overall podcast mic for artists.

YouTubers and podcasters can definitely make full use of it

Price: $98.00

To get broadcast-quality audio, simply plug this podcast mic into any of your professional audio devices.

With its dynamic capsule and precise cardioid polar pattern, the Rode PodMic reduces unwanted noise from the environment.

Because of its small size, you and your guests will be able to clearly see each other and have a good conversation.

Because it's made to last, you can expect the same high level of performance from this mic for many years to come.

Additionally, it is also adjustable, so you can adjust it easily to exactly where you want.


Connection: XLR
Polar Pattern: Unidirectional
Type: Dynamic


  1. Great Sound
  2. High quality build
  3. Affordable


  1. No stand included
  2. Not ideal for beginners

Buy Rode Cardioid Dynamic  PodMic on Amazon

2. Shure MV7 USB Podcast Microphone

If you’re doing podcasting and are looking for the perfect microphone for your recordings, this one is for you.

The best microphone for podcasting.

The Shure MV7’s optimized frequency response allows for a rich and realistic sounding vocal recording

Price: $219.00

Using the built-in headphone output, you can listen to your recordings through headphones.

It is not only for podcasters, YouTubers and streamers can also benefit from its high-quality features.

The Shure MV7 is build with all-metal materials which provides outstanding durability.

It is also easy to set-up and use, so it is recommended not only for professionals but also for starters.

On the other hand, if you have the necessary additional equipment, you can use it as a simple, high-quality dynamic microphone in the studio.


Connection: USB, XLR
Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Type: Dynamic
Inclusions: Microphone, cables


  1. Luxurious design
  2. Nice range of sound
  3. Versatile


  1. No stand
  2. Expensive

Buy Shure MV7 USB Podcast Microphone on Amazon

3. MAONO Professional Microphone

If you’re a YouTube content creator and are looking for the best suitable mic for your needs, check out the MAONO AU-PM421.

The best microphone for YouTubers.

It has a special feature wherein you can speak too low or too far away from the mic, yet the sound quality is still great

Price: $79.99

MAONO Professional Microphone

The MAONO AU-PM421’s cardioid pick-up reduces background noise interference so that you can produce better recordings.

It is also compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and PlayStation 4 systems.

You don't need to buy extra driver software, and there is no need for an external sound card.

It includes a flexible and sturdy arm stand, which is tested to be durable and easy to set-up.

You can now freely record your YouTube content without any hassle thanks to the MAONO AU-PM421.


Connection: USB
Polar Pattern: Unidirectional
Type: Condenser
Inclusions: Microphone, pop filter, foam windscreen, shock mount


  1. Great build
  2. One-touch mute button
  3. Mic gain knob


  1. Not effective shock mount
  2. Poor boom arm

Buy MAONO Professional Microphone on Amazon

4. Razer Seiren X USB Microphone

If you’re just a beginner podcaster or YouTuber and cannot afford to buy those high-end professional microphones, here’s the alternative choice for you.

The best podcast microphone for beginners.

Not only is this microphone very affordable, but it can allow you to record your content with great sound.

Price: $59.99

Razer Seiren X USB Microphone

Razer Seiren X is designed and tested by professional streamers to provide good quality sound on your recordings.

You can actually start your career as a podcaster or YouTuber without spending a lot of money upfront.

Professional-grade stream audio may be achieved with the use of this podcast microphone, which has built-in background noise reduction.

It also has a built-in shock mount which reduces vibrations to provide you with smooth and uninterrupted audio.

So if you’re a potential content creator or you have a passion for creating podcasts or YouTube content, you must not hesitate to go for the Razer Seiren X.


Connection: USB
Polar Pattern: Super-cardioid
Type: Condenser
Inclusions: Microphone, stand


  1. Affordable
  2. High end build
  3. Compact


  1. poor noise reduction
  2. Subtle cranking

Buy Razer Seiren X USB Microphone on Amazon

5. Blue Snowball ICE USB Microphone

If you’re looking for the best-budget microphone for podcasting with a great performance microphone to suit your needs, this Blue Snowball microphone is the best choice for you.

The most affordable microphone for content creators.

When doing podcasting and YouTube content, you are not required to spend money that is out of your budget.

Price: $38.49

You just have to choose wisely because there are a lot of options on the market today, like this Blue Snowball.

It contains a unique condenser capsule that can help you get crystal-clear audio quality that's light-years ahead of your computer's built-in microphone.

This microphone can record your voice in a clear, concentrated manner for streaming, podcasting, broadcasting, and YouTube recording.

The Blue Snowball’s adjustable desktop stand allows you to place the condenser microphone in relation to the sound source, boosting sound quality while preserving desktop space for the best broadcast configuration.

It also has a trendy retro appearance that looks excellent on both your desktop and camera.


Connection: USB
Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Type: Condenser
Inclusions: Microphone, stand


  1. Affordable
  2. High quality
  3. Continent


  1. Poor noise reduction
  2. Not adjustable

Buy Blue Snowball ICE USB Microphone on Amazon

6. Audio-Technica AT2035PK Microphone

If you’re aiming for the best quality microphone for podcasts, streams, and YouTube—the Audio-Technica is the perfect mic for you.

The best quality podcast microphones for creatives.

This microphone is intended for streamers, podcasters, and other content creators who want a versatile, simple-to-install, and simple-to-adjust microphone system.

Price: $199.00

Audio-Technica AT2035PK Microphone

It has an advanced build quality which is perfect for long-term use.

Additionally, the Audio-Technica has a custom shock mount that provides higher isolation for a better recording experience.

This mic has been tuned for improved low-frequency performance and is ideal for usage with podcasts and streams.

It also incorporates noise-cancelling curves around the ears for superior sound isolation in noisy conditions.

It is great for any content producer since it has adjustable, spring-stabilized joints with thumbscrews for quick microphone repositioning.


Connection: USB, XLR
Polar Pattern: Unidirectional
Type: Condenser
Inclusions: Microphone, stand, wires


  1. Great quality
  2. Kit adds value
  3. Outstanding audio quality


  1. Poor stand
  2. Expensive

Buy Audio-Technica AT2035PK Microphone on Amazon

7. Rode NT-USB Versatile Microphone

If you’re looking for the best multi-functioning microphone available today, the Rode NT-USB is the perfect option for you.

The best all-in-one mic for podcast and YouTube.

This microphone is a highly adaptable side-address microphone that may be used to record any type of vocal with any major recording application

Price: $169.00

Rode NT-USB Versatile Microphone

A high-quality pop-filter is provided, which attaches to the base of the mic and positions the filter at the appropriate distance from the capsule to reduce plosives while recording.

It works with Rode Rec, Garage Band, and any other recording tool that takes an external microphone on Windows and Mac OS PCs, as well as the Apple iPad.

The Rode NT-USB  also comes with a high-quality stand mount, a desktop tripod stand, and a pouch for storing the microphone when not in use.

This microphone has a high level of sensitivity. so you can prevent throat pain by speaking loudly while recording.

It’s the perfect microphone for podcasters and YouTubers especially for those artists that are doing song covers, since it can record your audio in the best quality possible.


Connection: USB
Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Type: Condenser
Inclusions: Microphone, pop shield, ring mount, tripod desk stand


  1. Affordable
  2. Great build
  3. Good audio quality
  4. Great compatibility


  1. Poor cable quality
  2. Only USB connection

Buy Rode NT-USB Versatile Microphone on Amazon

8. Samson G-Track Pro SAGM1UPRO

The G-Track Pro is a USB microphone built for podcasters, streamers, singers, and content makers who require exceptional audio quality.

The best value podcast microphone for content creators.

Its two condenser capsules capture every nuance and detail of your voice, improving the quality of any recording, live stream, or broadcast.

Price: $128.00

It combines 24-bit digital recording resolution with the versatility of three mic pickup patterns and a 1/4" audio input for professional-sounding recordings in any application.

Artists can easily record voice and instrument performances at the same time, while podcasters can use a sub-mixer to record extra hosts or guests.

If you're at your home studio or on the road, G-Track Pro allows you to concentrate on your recording rather than the process.

It is an excellent choice for artists, podcasters, and streamers because of its simple design and plug-and-play connectivity.

So if you’re looking for the best microphone that is worth its price, the Samson G-Track Pro is the one for you.


Connection: USB
Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional, Cardioid, Bidirectional|
Type: Condenser
Inclusions: Microphone, stand


  1. With stand
  2. 3 selectable pattern
  3. Great signal


  1. No adapter
  2. Poor quality

Buy Samson G-Track Pro SAGM1UPRO on Amazon

9. HyperX QuadCast

The HyperX QuadCast is a full-featured portable microphone designed for podcasters, live streamers, and other content creators.

The best portable microphone to buy in 2021.

It includes an anti-vibration shock mount built in to separate the microphone microphone from the body and decrease the sound of inadvertent rumbles and bumps.

Price: $128.00

HyperX QuadCast

You may also use its easy tap-to-mute functionality, as well as the LED mic status indicator, to prevent an audio mistake.

If the light is turned on, the microphone is active; if the light is turned off, the microphone is muted.

The HyperX QuadCast features four configurable polar patterns for optimizing your broadcast configuration and focusing on the sounds you want to hear.

You can also easily modify the sensitivity of this microphone by rotating the dial at the bottom.

Furthermore, its integrated pop filter will help level out some of those annoying percussive noises that occasionally interrupt your speech.


Connection: USB
Polar Pattern: Cardioid, Bidirectional, Omnidirectional and Stereo
Type: Condenser


  1. With RGB lighting
  2. Great features
  3. Durable


  1. Low resolution
  2. Little bit expensive

Buy HyperX QuadCast on Amazon

10. HEiL PR-40 Dynamic Microphone

The Heil PR 40 is a new dynamic microphone technology developed for a variety of professional uses, such as advanced recording, live sound, and commercial broadcast.

The best podcast microphone for professionals.

If you enjoy listening to podcasts, you'll notice that many of the most popular podcasts utilize the same microphone.

Price: $329.00

HEiL PR-40 Dynamic Microphone

The mic's quality is one-of-a-kind, thanks to its exceptional sound quality and professional design.

Even though this microphone is a lot more expensive than any other mic on the list, you can be sure of the quality that it will provide you.

Especially if you’re doing podcasting, streaming, and YouTube content creation for a living—it will be a great investment to buy this high-end microphone.

It can provide you with exceptional recording experience, and you can sound natural to your target audience.

The Heil PR 40 is also made with high-quality and durable materials, so you can be sure that you can use this mic for your professional career for a long period of time.


Connection: XLR
Polar Pattern: Unidirectional
Type: Dynamic
Inclusions: Microphone, mount, carrying case


  1. Wider range
  2. Versatile design
  3. Quality sound


  1. Expensive
  2. Poor noise reduction

Buy HEiL PR-40 Dynamic Microphone on Amazon


As a podcast artist myself, I understand the true importance of choosing the best microphone.

And since there are a lot of podcast mics available on Amazon today, we end up being confused about which of them will suit our specific needs.

How do I choose a microphone for my podcast?

In this article, I discussed what a podcaster, streamer, or YouTuber must consider when buying a microphone.

I highlighted the most suitable podcast mics for content creators.

Whether you’re just a beginner that wants to start investing in the essential tools of podcasting, or you’re a professional that wants to upgrade your current mic—I’ve got you all covered.

As a conclusion, the Rode Podmic is still the best overall microphone for every content creator.

However, if you can’t afford to buy a high-end mic yet, I also included the best budget-friendly podcast microphones, which are the Blue Snowball and the Razer Seiren X.

You can get a high-quality recording mic without going over your budget.

Now that I've finished reviewing my favorite podcast and YouTube microphones, which do you think is the best fit for you?—Leave a comment below.

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