10 Best Psychedelic Fonts for Designers

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10 Best Psychedelic Fonts

  1. Art-Nuvo—Rough
  2. Funkydori—Groovy
  3. Spicy Rice—Subtle
  4. Mustardo—Old School
  5. Euphoria Party—New Retro
  6. Psyche Lover—Retro Style
  7. Dreamland—Fun and Funky
  8. Ginchiest—Vintage Script
  9. Peculiar People—Bold Font
  10. California—Surf-Inspired
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August 11, 2022

If you are looking for one of the most famous fonts that have become popular recently.—Here's my list of the best psychedelic fonts for designers.

A Psychedelic font is a type of font that has a distinct psychological and visual appeal to the viewer.

Such fonts provide designers the creative flexibility to be experimental and push the boundaries of their visual creativity in graphic design.

What are the best psychedelic fonts for designers?

Psychedelic display fonts, which were formerly only used for print ads and posters, now bring a novel touch to modern design.

These typefaces are being used by a number of current designers to produce vibrant designs, logos, company identities, and much more.

These famous styles are now not just associated with the hippie counterculture and classic rock music, but they also offer opportunities for innovation.

Choose the display font that will best suit your needs and preferences as well as your project requirements.

Here are some of the best psychedelic typefaces that are sure to bring back some fond memories.

10 Best Psychedelic Fonts for Designers

  1. Art-Nuvo—Rough Psychedelic Font
  2. Funkydori—Groovy Retro Typeface
  3. Spicy Rice—Subtle Psychedelic Font
  4. Mustardo—Old School Script Typeface
  5. Euphoria Party—New Retro Bold Font
  6. Psyche Lover—Retro Style Typeface
  7. Dreamland—Fun and Funky Typeface
  8. Ginchiest—Retro Vintage Script Font
  9. Peculiar People—Bold Psychedelic Font
  10. California Sunshine—Surf and Psyche-Inspired Font

1. Art-Nuvo

Art-Nuvo is a hand-drawn psychedelic typeface family with six variations to choose from.

Art-Nuvo is a rough psychedelic font for vintage design.

It's perfect for your music artwork and projects with psychedelic/experimental themes.


The Art-Nuvo fonts work well with the vintage theme design.

This font is great for your creative works such as  posters and logos.

Its rougher, organic lines give it a carefree mood appearance.

If you want to add a psychedelic vibe to your creative work, try using Art-Nuvo.

Download Art-Nuvo Now

2. Funkydori

Funkydori is a typographic homage to the 1970s that has been modernized for 21st-century designs.

Funkydori is a groovy and retro-type psychedelic typeface.

This typeface comes in two forms and was published by Laura Worthington.


The Funkydori is assertive, flamboyant, and cheerful, with thick swashes and tails.

You can use this font in your designs to catch people's attention.

This font is ideal for the title of your website or marketing headline.

If you want to add typeface vibes influenced by the 1960s and 1970s style, Funkydori is the best option.

Download Funkydori Now

3. Spicy Rice

Spicy Rice has a cheerful flavor that works well for everything.

Spicy Rice is a subtle psychedelic/experimental typeface.

The font’s extra heavy letterforms are imbued with a bit of exotic flair.

Spicy Rice

The Spicy Rice is both casual and joyous, making it a fantastic choice for  celebrations and gatherings.

It works well for headers as well as medium-sized prose.

This adds flavor to spice up your creative design to make it more casual and interesting.

Spicy Rice can be a good choice if you're seeking a more subtle psychedelic font.

Download Spicy Rice Now

4. Mustardo

Mustardo is a script typeface with bold strokes and a vintage feel.

Mustardo is an old-school and funky script type of fonts.

This is similar to what you can find on an old mustard bottle.


The Mustardo ranges from retro to funky thanks to flaring slashes and whimsical, rounded strokes.

A large number of variant letters and contextual ligatures are included in the full commercial version.

This allows you to experiment with the lettering and develop your own personal style.

If you are looking for seventies-inspired smooth and round script font, you should give Mustardo font a try.

Download Mustardo Now

5. Euphoria Party

Vintage records and posters from 1960s rock artists are inspired by Euphoria Party font.

Euphoria Party is a new retro bold psychedelic style font.

The effect is incredibly traditional, lively, and funky.

Euphoria Party

Euphoria Party can be used for a variety of purposes, including album covers, posters, labels, etc.

One more good thing about this typeface is, that it can also be used in multiple languages.

It is ideal for any children's activity or school work because it emphasizes playfulness and honesty.

If you are looking for a psychedelic font with modern and retro vibes, include Euphoria Party in your list.

Download Euphoria Party Now

6. Psyche Lover

Psyche Lover is a serif-based retro font with gorgeous variations.

Psyche Lover is a retro style psychedelic typeface.

It is a stylish display typeface with a nostalgic feel.

Psyche Lover

With Psyche Lover fonts, you may create distinctive branding retro and psychedelic designs.

This typeface is great for posters, branding, merchandising, and anything else with a retro vibe.

Sarid Ezra created and designed Broggitto, a beautiful and very adaptable retro serif typeface.

Psyche Lover is great at creating digital cards, presentations, and other creative designs.

Download Psyche Lover Now

7. Dreamland

Dreamland font evolved from the top-heavy lettering of early to mid-century showcards.

Dreamland is a fun and funky psychedelic display font.

This typeface was created by Jim Parkinson.


Dreamland is definitely retro, with four parallel lines forming each stroke.

The rounded lowercase letters give the typeface a relaxed and easygoing vibe.

This typeface is a perfect match to compliment your photographs.

If you are planning to create a sleek and modern old school design, Dreamland is one of the best options you have

Download Dreamland Now

8. Ginchiest

The Ginchiest is a retro vintage script typeface with a bold look.

Ginchiest is a vintage and bold script psychedelic type of display font.

This typeface is ideal for lettering enthusiasts.


Ginchiest is ideal for making logos and logotypes.

Your product will appear more confident in the general market if you use a bold style.

This font has a large number of eye-catching alternatives and ligatures.

If you want to create a fantastic logo for your designs, Ginchiest is the perfect font for you.

Download Grinchiest Now

9. Peculiar People

Peculiar People can provide you with cleverly crafted designs using its hand-drawn typeface.

Peculiar People is a bold, psychedelic experimental display font.

This font may be simply suited to a huge number of different projects.

Peculiar People

Peculiar People is a bold experiment that is ideal for typography that necessitates a powerful but subtle identity.

The font is PUA encoded, that is why you can easily access all of the glyphs and swashes.

This is an ideal design for your music artwork, psychedelic themes, and streetwear.

If you want to create a one-of-a-kind, sophisticated ambiance with a playful aesthetic design, Peculiar People is a good font to experiment with.

Download Peculiar Now

10. California Sunshine

California Sunshine is a fascinating psychedelic logotype that works well for classic surf, skate, and music firms.

California Sunshine is a surf and psyche-inspired typeface.

This psychedelic typeface was inspired by California's culture in the 1960s and 1970s.

California Sunshine

California Sunshine is a typeface that will elevate your graphics, logos, branding, and posters to greater heights.

The wavy lines of the font appear to undulate on their own, giving the impression of movement.

This is not just strange, but it also looks like Pacific waves or wavy water reflections.

California Sunshine comes in three styles for the best design combinations: California Sunshine, California Sunshine Alternate, and California Sunshine Basic.

Download California Sunshine Now


Psychedelic typefaces are all around us, you can see marketing advertisements and website titles using these retro and modern type fonts.

I guess not all of us have known that psychedelic typography could be so adaptable, right?

What are psychedelic display fonts?

With the widespread experimentation of all kinds in the 1960s and 1970s, psychedelic forms of expression came.

Many of these fonts have a rustic, handwritten feel to them such as Ginchiest and Dreamland.

The psychedelic fonts on this list will help you develop your creativity and create perfect psychedelic designs.

For you to develop typography that will bend the minds of your audience and clients, mix and match colors with curvilinear strokes and shapes.

Great professional font choices can make your brand seem more established and trustworthy.

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