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Discover the most lovely fonts to use for logo design, branding, wedding invitations, and more, with this list of 10 best romantic fonts in 2022.

If you’re a professional designer, then you most likely know that each design project requires suitable typefaces that will make your design stand out.

And if you’re looking to design wedding invitations, lovely logos, and others, using romantic fonts will be the best choice for you.

What are the best romantic fonts for logo design?

As a logo designer myself, I can say that the Boiller typeface is definitely the best romantic font to use for logos.

But since I understand that we creatives have different preferences, I included a total of 10 ideal romantic typefaces so you can have options to choose from.

What are the best romantic fonts for logo design?

Most of these fonts on my list are designed to have heart ligatures, which makes them look even more lovely and sweet.

I also highlighted typefaces that work best for specific uses, like Love Story, which is the best romantic font for wedding invitations.

nd if you’re a business owner or a designer that is working with an entrepreneur, the Shineblue will be a great choice since it is the most suitable font for product labels.

The Alocasia is a perfect option too, especially if you’re a social media marketer or a hobbyist that is looking to have the best romantic font for Instagram posts.

Regardless of which you choose, I can guarantee you one thing—they are worthy of being in your font collection.

So without further ado, here’s my list of the best romantic fonts for logo design, branding, and more.

10 Best Romantic Fonts for Designers

  1. Boiller
  2. Alocasia
  3. Yussan
  4. Shineblue
  5. Black Love Pink
  6. Love Prilly
  7. Aliyah
  8. Kanaya
  9. Valentijn
  10. Love Story

If you’re working for a film company, you can also check out my other article where I featured the best movie fonts for designers.

1. Boiller

As the first font in this list, I want to include Boiller, which is a sans-serif romantic typeface that has an elegant and lovely concept.

Boiller is the best romantic font for logo design.

It has a lot of alternative characters, from swashes to ligatures, and, of course, it is also supported by multilingualism.


In addition, this font also has 14 families from thin to heavy, so it can be used for body text and header text.

But most especially, this romantic font is best used for logo design, especially when paired with a pink color theme.

Moreover, Boiller is very suitable for design concepts that are elegant, simple, minimalist, and romantic.

So if you want to add a lovely vibe to any of your logo design projects, then this typeface is highly-recommended.

Download Boiller Font now

2. Alocasia

For designers and social media marketers that are looking for a great romantic font for social media, then Alocasia is a must-have.

Alocasia is the best romantic font for Instagram posts.

The idea of using the name "Alocasia" is to bring a perfect vibe of tropical, natural beauty.


Alocasia has 3 subtle styles; each style brings a different feel, but when they are joined together, they bring a perfect look.

Brush script makes it appear traditional and natural, sans makes it appear simple, and serif style makes it appear more elegant.

Each style features full Western Latin character support, is formatted in OpenType (OTF & TTF) format, and will work on your Macintosh or PC.

Its swashes and illustrations make it easy to make frames and edges that look like they were drawn by the best artists of the past.

Overall, I can say that Alocasia is the best romantic font to use for infographics and any other social media posts.

Download Alocasia Font now

3. Yussan

If you’re looking for a suitable font that you can use in designing books about love stories, look no further than the Yussan.

Yussan is the best romantic font for book covers.

This romantic font design looks simple without losing its elegance and warmth.


The purpose of the Yussan typeface is to attract and impress the target audience, which is mostly women.

It is designed with OpenType features to give it an artistic touch, and it’s also applicable for numbers, punctuation, and other languages.

It is also considered a multi-function font that you can use for a business logo, branding, wedding invitations, and anything else you want, especially for book covers.

Lastly, I can say that Yussan is the most lovely font to use for book covers.

Download Yussan Font now

4. Shineblue

Shineblue is a beautiful light handwritten romantic font with a unique feel and a stunning impact.

Shineblue is the best romantic font for labels.

This typeface will add a luxury spark to any design project that you wish to create as designers.


This font was particularly crafted for those who need a beautiful and refreshing look to their designs.

Moreover, this typeface is accessible in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and can even work on Microsoft Word.

Overall, Shineblue is an ideal romantic font to use for product packaging and design.

Download Shineblue Font now

5. Black Love Pink

For those creatives that are looking for the most suitable romantic font for titles and captions, then Black Love Pink is for you.

Black Love Pink is the best romantic font for titles.

This romantic typeface is carefully designed to be a stunning and beautiful handwritten font with a light feel.

Black Love Pink

Fall in love with its delicate and sophisticated characters, and use it for any design project that requires a romantic twist.

This font is easy to use and it requires only adding symbols in front, middle, and back to reveal the features.

Moreover, Black Love Pink is PUA encoded, which means you can access all of the glyphs and swashes with ease.

It features a varied baseline, gorgeous glyphs, stunning alternates, and eye-catching ligatures.

As a designer, I can say that Black Love Pink is a great choice for anyone who’s looking for the best lovely font for titles and captions.

Download Black Love Pink Font now

6. Love Prilly

Love Prilly is a romantic handwritten font that comes with characters that dance along with the baseline and cursive handwritten font.

Love Prilly is the best romantic font for Valentines.

It has beautiful and well-balanced characters, and as a result, it matches a wide range of designs.

Love Prilly

This font is one of the best modern script fonts and it is definitely a must-have font for designers.

It is easily accessible in most creative software, such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and even Microsoft Word.

This romantic font’s features include stylistic modern handwritten script design, beautiful swashes, stunning titling, special ligatures, and multilingual support.

Lastly, Love Prilly is definitely a perfect option for creatives that are looking for the best romantic typeface to use for Valentine’s Day.

Download Love Prilly Font now

7. Aliyah

As for the next romantic typeface on my list, I want to introduce to you an elegant, casual, and lovely calligraphy font with a modern touch, which is Aliyah.

Aliyah is the best romantic font for posters.

It comes with an open type feature with a lot of alternates which helps you make great lettering.


Aliyah's best uses are invitations, signatures, typography letterings, branding, labels, quotes, product packaging, headers, and merchandise.

It is also great for social media, greeting cards, and most especially for logos and posters.

Moreover, it is designed to have extended beginning ligatures, which makes it look even more elegant and customized.

Download Aliyah Font now

8. Kanaya

If you're a designer or a creative person looking for a beautiful modern romantic script font, look no further than Kanaya.

Kanaya is the best romantic font for love letters.

This lovely typeface has a very beautiful alternate characters because it has a modern, elegant, and luxurious swash in each lowercase character.


Kanaya is perfect for wedding events, anniversaries, birthdays, greeting cards, logotypes, branding, posters, packaging, stationery, websites, and many more.

It comes with an open type feature with a lot of alternates that are great to use for making lettering.

And since it is designed to have an appealing design with fancy extended ligatures, Kanaya is definitely a great font to use for designing love letters.

Download Kanaya Font now

9. Valentijn

Another romantic typeface on this list is Valentijn, a new royal script font that has a lovely and sweet swirly letter design.

Valentijn is the best romantic font for signage.

It comes with an open type feature with a lot of alternates and an end swash, which makes it an ideal choice for designing signages.


Actually, Valentijn is one of the most suitable fonts to use if you want to add a touch of love to any of your design projects.

It can be used for a variety of design and branding purposes, such as headings, covers, posters, banners, product labels, apparel design, logos, and more.

Valentijn is a must-have if you are a designer or a small business owner looking for the best romantic font to use for signages.

Download Valentijn Font now

10. Love Story

The last typeface on my list is this Love Story, a font that includes unique flourishes and swirl letters that give romantic and love appearance.

Love Story is the most romantic font for weddings.

This romantic font’s thin and elegant calligraphic lines can give freshness to your handmade design.

Love Story

In this Love Story font, the upper curls are in capital letters and the lower curls are in lowercase letters.

Therefore, you can choose pairs for monograms, for example, Ab, Lo, Bj, or probably to try other variants.

Also, the choice of alternative letters is possible in Photoshop, Illustrator CC, and other programs that support alternatives.

So if you’re a designer that wants to impress your client by providing them with beautifully designed invitations for their wedding, look no further than the Love Story.

Download Love Story Font now


Whether you’re designing lovely-looking logos, wedding invitations, or other design projects, using romantic fonts is definitely the best thing to do.

What are the most romantic fonts for logo design?

As I have mentioned earlier, Boiller still stands as the best romantic font for logos.

However, if you have an online store and you want the most suitable romantic typeface for product design, then Shineblue is definitely a must-have.

Aliyah will be a great choice too, especially if you’re designing lovely posters and banners.

Lastly, for those creatives that are working with publishing companies, Yussan and Black Love Pink must be added to your font collection.

They are both ideal for designing romance book covers, titles, and headings.

I hope that this article helped you choose the most suitable romantic font for your specific needs.

And now that I’m done featuring my top picks, which do you think is the best romantic font? —Leave a comment below.

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