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August 16, 2022

If you’re looking for a great athletic typeface to use for logo design and branding materials, here’s my list of top 10 sports fonts in 2022.

As a logo designer, I know that the right choice of fonts in creating a logo is one of the most important things to consider.

That’s why if you’re working with an athlete team or an esports company, sports fonts are the best typeface to use.

What is the best sports font for logo design?

Since there are a lot of athlete fonts that are available today, it might be hard for you to choose which of them will best suit your needs as a creative.

That’s why in this article, I will be highlighting the most popular sports fonts that many professional designers use in creating logos.

What is the best sports font for logo design?

I started my list with the best sports font family, Houston, which is the perfect athletic typeface bundle to use for a variety of design purposes.

It can be used to make jerseys, posters, signs, apparel, headlines, and most of all, sports-themed logos.

I also included the best sports font for electronic sports (esports) design, which is the Drift Typeface.

This font, on the other hand, is the perfect typeface to use for designing games like car racing, etc.

There are other amazing sports fonts in this list that can surely cater to your needs as a designer and creative in general.

So without keeping you waiting, here is my list of the 10 best sports fonts for logo design and branding in 2022.

10 Best Sports Fonts in 2022

  1. Houston Sports
  2. Redwing
  3. Ballocs Sport
  4. Varsity Team
  5. Sport Champ
  6. Heisman
  7. Hudson NY
  8. Headline Speed
  9. Drift Typeface
  10. Triton Sports

By the way, if you’re working on sports-related design projects, you can also check out my other article where I featured the best baseball fonts.

1. Houston Sports

As the first thing on my list, I want to introduce to you one of the most famous sports font families, which is Houston.

Houston is the best sports font family for logo design.

It is a modern, modular display font bundle that comes with 3 different, amazing styles of typefaces.

Houston Sports font

This font family is also inspired by American sports graphics, which makes it ideal for creating athletic-themed designs.

The Houston Sports Font Family is based on the compact solid font and combines a variety of styles.

It is suitable for logo sports, greeting cards, quotes, posters, branding, name cards, stationary, design titles, blog headers, and art quotes.

So if you want your logo to look trendy and athletic, then the Houston Sports is the perfect font family for you.

Download Houston Sports Font now

2. Redwing

Redwing is another classic sports typeface that is based on athletic block fonts and industrial typography.

Redwings is an athletic themed font for headlines and titles.

It has a machined look and is built to last, which makes it ideal for headlines and key messages.

Redwing sports font

It has a bold shape and defiant angles that get people's attention and show that they can do well both on and off the field of play.

Classic proportions, restrained stroke contrast, and subtle ink traps make Redwing a modern piece that still has a timeless appeal.

Additionally, it comes in eight different weights, from thin to black, giving you lots of different options for your creations.

Overall, Redwing is the best choice for designers that are looking for the best sports font for headlines and titles.

Download Redwing now

3. Ballocs Sport

If you’re looking for a vintage sports font to use for a variety of design purposes, then you must check out the Ballocs Sport typeface.

Ballocs Sport is the best vintage-vibe athletic font.

It is one of the best athletic fonts that is inspired by font blocks and sports-related characters

Ballocs Sport font

It comes with one weight, uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, symbols, and multilingual support.

Its faded style makes it distinct and unique, and it can give your design a vintage look.

Lastly, Ballocs Sport is one of the best sports fonts suitable for logos, headlines, master signs, scoreboards, and others.

Download Ballocs Sport now

4. Varsity Team

The next font on my list is the Varsity Team, which is an athletic typeface inspired by the school's pride spirit.

Varsity Team is the best sports font for jerseys.

The creation of the font was inspired by the bold and blocky memories that its designer had when he was still in college.

Varsity Team sports font

It comes with straight and clean lines, with bold heads and clunky feet, and captures the never-ending feeling of school life.

Varsity Team is an all-caps font that comes with numerals, punctuation, and well over 200 glyphs

This is an excellent sports font to have in your collection because it’s incredibly beneficial for lots of sports-related designs.

Download Varsity Team now

5. Sport Champ

If you’re looking for a flexible typeface that can be used with different sports-themed designs, then the Sport Champ is a must-have font for you.

Sport Champ is the best sports font for baseball.

This typeface is frequently used by designers working with an athlete team or a sports-loving entrepreneur.

Sport Champ sports font

As I have said earlier, it is a very versatile sports font and can be used for designing various logos and posters.

Although it is obviously more of a baseball font look, it is also great to use for designing basketball and soccer jerseys.

Additionally, Sport Champ is also an ideal sports font for designing t-shirts or other souvenirs related to sports.

Download Sport Champ now

6. Heisman

For those creatives that are looking for an all-caps font with unique small and large cap characters, the Heisman is a great choice for you.

Heisman is the best sports font for football.

This font is one of the most sophisticated fonts that is ready to be used for your sports-related projects.

Heisman sports font

It is designed to be perfect for headlines, jerseys, logos, branding, posters, packaging, advertising, and much more.

Moreover, Heisman is geometrically perfect, which means it's aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

This sports typeface is fully-kernered and is effortless to use, and you can always play around with the characters and spacing.

Download Heisman now

7. Hudson NY

Hudson NY is the perfect font for you if you want a sports typeface that can give your design a strong and bold appearance.

Hudson NY is the best slab sports font for posters.

It is an adaptation and progression of Roper Font, and it comes in regular and press versions, giving the user some cool options when creating artwork.

Hudson NY

The golden thread that ties the Hudson, NY family together is its American sports and college styling

It gives Hudson, NY an authentic look, but at the same time, there is a modern approach to the character set.

Overall, this typeface is the best sports font to use for a variety of design purposes, such as posters and clothing prints.

Download Hudson NY now

8. Headline Speed

As the name of this font states, this athletic typeface is ideal for use in creating designs related to sports that require speed to win the game.

Headline speed is the best sports font for racing.

It is designed to be bold with sharp corners and some slope for dynamic effect.

Headline Speed

Headline Speed font has a unique charm and easy visual readability, so it's perfect for headlines, titles, and logos

Whether you’re designing for sports events, automotive posters, logos, or monograms, this sports font is an ideal choice for you.

Since it has accelerating-look characters, this font is perfect if you’re a designer that is working with a racing team.

Download Headline Speed now

9. Drift Typeface

The next sports font on my list is inspired by drift racing, an originating sport in Japan that displays speed, angle, and showmanship.

Drift is the best sports typeface for Esports.

Drift Typeface is a futuristic, unique, and bold sports font that comes with 350 glyphs.

Drift Typeface

This font is versatile and perfect for any creative work, such as logo design, sports design, team brand identities, video editing, and jersey design.

It is also perfect to use for designing flyers, posters, headlines, performance products, and many more.

In particular, the Drift Typeface is the best sports font to use for esports, such as racing games.

Download Drift Typeface now

10. Triton Sports

And for the last typeface on my list, I want to include Triton Sports, which is the best sports font for swimming, biking, and running.

Triton Sports is the best athletic font for triathlon.

This font was created with inspiration from sports logo design and Nike's recent NCAA and NFL type systems.

Triton Sports

Triton is the perfect athletic font to use for sports, apparel, promos, and large headlines.

It is made with jersey placement in mind, so you could use it on each sport's jersey to really tie everything together!

It's more than just A-Z/0-9 now that punctuation has been introduced, so it may be used for a wider range of applications, including social media, advertisements, game programs, and so forth.

Download Triton Sports now


A sports font is a type of font that was designed to be used for designing sports-related projects.

It is the best typeface to use if you’re working for a sports team or even designing sports games.

What is a good font for sports?

Actually, there are a lot of good fonts to use for different kinds of sports.

For example, if you’re designing football jerseys, then the Heisman is the best sports font to use.

On the other hand, if you’re working with athletes that are into swimming, biking, and running, the Triton is a great choice since it is the best sports font for triathlon.

All of the sports fonts on my list can be used for a variety of design purposes, so you just have to choose which one you think is the right one for your needs.

Now that I have already given you my top recommendations, which do you think is the best sports font for logo design and branding?—Leave a comment below.

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