10 Best Stencil Fonts for Graphic Design

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If you’re looking for vintage fonts to use to create your designs—Check this list of the top 10 best stencil fonts for graphic design.

Stencils were popular back then because they were used by official groups, like the military, utility companies, and governments, to quickly label things, vehicles, and places.

It can be made to look the way you want, or you can buy each letter, number, and symbol separately.

This allows you to make words, phrases, and other labels from one set of templates.

What are the best stencil fonts for graphic design?

Back then, people used stencilling by means of a thin sheet of material, such as paper, plastic, wood, or metal, with letters or a design cut from it.

10 Best Stencil Fonts for Graphic Design

It is used to produce the letters or design on an underlying surface by applying pigment through the cut-out holes in the material.

However, since designers are continuously finding ways to make everything available online, stencil fonts are created.

These amazing fonts are a kind of typography that aims to imitate the traditional stencil style.

And because of that, the use of stencil styles is no longer limited to official organizations but can now be widely used by everyone, especially creatives.

Unlike before that stencilling is only used to label properties or locations, it can now also be used for creating logo designs, signage, infographics, and etc.

Regardless of whether you’re just a hobbyist or a professional designer, this article will surely help you with your creative needs.

Just check out this list of the top 10 best stencil fonts online if you want your designs to be remarkable and eye-catching to the eyes of your audience.

10 Best Stencil Display Fonts

  1. USAAF Air Force
  2. Mind the Gap
  3. Autobahn SVG
  4. Grunge Stencil
  5. Maritime Champion
  6. Midfield
  7. Farofa
  8. Gabriela
  9. Virgo
  10. Ravensara

1. USAAF Stencil Font

As the first one on my list, I’ll be featuring the USAAF Stencil Font, which were actually created from artifacts from the chronicles of various real aircraft.

A stencil font inspired by aircraft stencilling back in WWII.

This typeface is based on the letters used by the United States Air Force during World War II.

The range of stencilling observed in various USAAF units is made possible by the inclusion of alternate characters in the font.

As you can see, this font has clean and even cuts, and some of the letters have an abstract symbol of the tail of an aircraft.

The stencilling in the USAAF serial stencil is exaggerated so that the details will remain legible even at the small type sizes needed for aircraft serial numbers.

Download USAAF Stencil Font now

2. Mind the Gap Stencil Font

As opposed to the USAAF Stencil Font that have very clean cuts, Mind The Gap, on the other hand, has these uneven characters cut into it.

Mind The Gap font imitates the traditional method of stencilling.

This typeface is a modern type of stencil font that was born out of the frustration of the love-hate relationship that the designer witnessed in his life.

Mind the Gap Stencil Font

It is made to imitate the traditional way of handcutting letter stencils and spraying them with spray paint.

Mind The Gap gives an industrial and virtually similar military appearance and feel.

This font is intentionally created to look imperfect and uneven to make it look more real and to add a bit of personality.

Download Mind the Gap Stencil Font now

3. Autobahn Stencil Font

Featuring a great number of spray paint details, Autobahn is a powerful display stencil typeface that is sure to turn heads.

A spray paint-inspired font perfect for conveying boldness.

The Autobahn has a distinctive design, and as you can see, the letters are not equally colored throughout.

A more detailed and realistic stencil spray paint font will not be found anywhere else, and this is owing to the new OpenType-SVG Bitmap font format, which was introduced recently.

It features a realistic spray paint appearance as well as a dripping paint effect in this typeface.

Autobahn also include a bold and sloppy style of writing to portray strong emotions as well as a distinct personality.

Download Autobahn Stencil Font now

4. Stencil Grunge Font

Stencil Grudge is one of the best stencil fonts available today and consists of uppercase bold characters that are great for portraying strong personalities.

Stencil Grudge is a vintage font used for military-inspired designs.

Its characteristics make it suitable for a wide range of urban, post-apocalyptic, and striking headlines.

Design professionals who wish to add a powerful effect to any logo, poster, headline, or other design project may find it useful.

Stencil Grudge also has noticeably unique and faded letters, which is intentionally designed to make it look more realistic.

This typeface is inspired by the classic vintage military stencil, and it can be a solid base for any military-inspired designs.

Download Stencil Grunge Font now

5. Maritime Champion Stencil Font

And to give you a different style of stencil font, I want to highlight the Maritime Champion, which is inspired by the sea and ocean theme.

A maritime-inspired font that has wave-like ligatures.

It is made up of exclusively capital characters and features a distinctive wave-like ligature pattern on the top and bottom.

This typeface has clean and even cuts, and it’s ideal for creating logos, especially if they are related to the maritime industry.

Maritime Champion is consists of six weights and a shoreline style, which makes it suitable for different types of designs.

And because this kind of typography is unusual, it can capture your audience's attention and leave a remarkable impression by just using this font.

Download Maritime Champion Stencil Font now

6. Midfield Stencil Font

Midfield is a display stencil typeface with a strong and manly appearance that is completely in capitals.

Midfield is a masculine-looking font, great for men’s apparel prints.

Its urban and athletic motif makes it ideal for usage on men's garment prints, and it is available in a variety of weights and sizes.

This font features more than 390 glyphs in various styles, each with multilanguage support and contextual alternatives, making it suited for a diverse variety of applications.

Additionally, each glyph is perfectly suited to creating an interesting quote, headline, or eye-catching poster design.

Midfield is also excellent for creating logos, badges, signs, posters, and a variety of other graphics.

Download Midfield Stencil Font now

7. Farofa Stencil Typeface

Now that I’m done featuring traditional looking stencil fonts, I want to proceed now to enumerating the best modern and classy typefaces.

A combination of traditional and modern stencilling styles.

Beautiful photos in the backdrop will look stunning when used in conjunction with Farofa, which has a really light and calming tone.

Farofa Stencil Typeface

In terms of combining old and modern stencilling styles, this typeface is one of the greatest fonts available.

It has a combination of uppercase and lowercase characters that when you first see it, you will know that it portrays simplicity and classics.

Additionally, this Farofa also has clean and even cuts, which makes it a more attractive and feminine-looking font.

Download Farofa Stencil Typeface now

8. Gabriela Stencil Font

Another modern and classy stencil font on my list is Gabriela, which was designed by Antonio Meja Lechuga, a professional graphic designer.

Gabriela is ideal for logos, branding, and publishing projects.

Because of its features that emphasize elegance and luxury personality, it is well suited for headlines, photography captions, logos, and etc.

This typeface is a classic font style with a unique character designed in collaboration with the Latinotype Team.

It is inspired by the style of the 19th century Didone typefaces, which are highly readable and pleasing to the eyes.

Gabriela stencil display font comes with six different styles, from thin to black, plus matching italics, and contains a 433-character set that supports 206 different languages.

Download Gabriela Stencil Font now

9. Virgo Serif Stencil Font

This brand new serif stencil typeface is both universal and modern at the same time, and it is called Virgo.

An elegant stencil font that coveys feminism and minimalism.

It is the appropriate typeface for designers that want to make a strong first impression on their clients and their clients' customers.

This font has bold and straightforward characters yet an attractive font type that is ideal for feminine and minimalist design projects alike.

Virgo is a typeface that is great for magazine publishing, fashion, and art.

It works great in blogs, posters, flyers, logos, headlines, packaging, advertising, branding, and so much more.

It has uppercase and lowercase letters, 25 opentype ligatures, numbers and basic punctuation, and multilingual support, which makes it flexible to use in a wide range of designs.

Download Virgo Serif Stencil Font now

10. Ravensara Stencil Font

As the last stencil font on my list, I don’t want you to miss Ravensara, which is the perfect font for elegant logos and product labels.

Ravensara has unique characters, making it ideal for editorial titles.

This typeface is a display stencil font with 9 different weights ranging from Thin to Extrablack with the highest contrast.

It is inspired by old-style classic typefaces such as Didone and Baskerville, and it got a modern feel by getting rid of unnecessary details and adding stencil elements to it.

Ravensara has a unique character, as if some lines are intended to be left out to achieve the elegant and minimalist vibe.

This is a great choice for graphic designers because it is ideal for branding, packaging, headlines, posters, presentations, and short texts.

Download Ravensara Stencil Font now


As a graphic designer, I understand that it is not easy to decide which of the fonts available online will suit our needs as creatives.

Since different websites like CreativeMarket, MyFonts, and DesignCuts  have a lot of amazing typefaces to offer, it makes it difficult for us to choose which is the best.

However, if you’re a creative that wants to add a vintage and stencil-inspired look to your designs, this article is for you.

For you to not have a hard time finding the suitable typeface for you, I have already listed the top 10 best stencil modern fonts to use for your creative work.

All of them are available online, and it is very convenient to download and use.

These fonts are a must-have for every designer that aims to level-up their designs, including logos, headers, posters, editorials, and many more.

Now that I’m done highlighting my best picks, which do you think is the best stencil font for graphic designers?—Leave a comment below.

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