10 Best Wedding Fonts for Your Invitations

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If you’re looking for lovely fonts to design your wedding invitations—this list of top 10 best wedding fonts is for you.

A wedding is one of the most important events in a person’s life, that’s why everything should be the best, including invitations.

Wedding invitations are a great way to give your guests a sense of what to expect on the wedding day.

What are the best fonts for wedding invitations?

The choice of fonts in wedding invitations plays an important role in making your invitations look more elegant.

10 Best Wedding Fonts for Your Invitations

For wedding fonts, there are various styles of typeface that you can choose from.

For most couples that want a traditional and formal look for their wedding invitations are most likely to use script typography.

On the other hand, calligraphy fonts are the most popular and widely used fonts for those who want their invitations to look more customized.

Additionally, choosing the right fonts for your wedding invitations will affect how your guests see you as a couple.

In this article, I’ll be featuring the best wedding fonts to use for your invitations.

I include different styles including wedding fonts with heart ligatures which is perfect for portraying your love as a couple.

Check this list of the top 10 best wedding invitation fonts from MyFonts, and I hope you can get an idea on which of those suits your preferences.

10 Best Wedding Fonts for Invitations

  1. Tuberosa
  2. Lovely Wedding
  3. Wonderfebia
  4. Wedding Dress
  5. The Wedding Script
  6. Raffadyn
  7. Pinkalova
  8. Daysha
  9. Aubrielle
  10. Amarithe

1. Tuberosa Font

If you’re looking for a beautiful font that is inspired with modern calligraphy, Tuberosa is definitely perfect for you.

A stunning wedding font to make your invitations stand out.

This typography is a fun style perfect for valentine theme, logotypes, and especially wedding occasions.

Tuberosa Font

It is one of the most gorgeous and flowing handwritten font that you can use for your invitations.

Tuberosa’s lovely and well-balanced characters make it suitable for a wide range of designs.

Try this font and witness how it enhances your wedding invitations.

Download Tuberosa Font on MyFonts

2. Lovely Wedding Font

If you’re looking for a wedding font with heart ligatures to use for your invitations—Lovely Wedding is the best option for you.

A beautiful wedding font with ligatures in the form of heart.

This font will also make your wedding invitations look classy, customized, and stylish.

Lovely Wedding Font

Lovely Wedding’s minimalist clip art can make it look even simpler and cuter.

It is also a fun and springy type of font, which can make your invitations look more customized.

So if you’re looking for a great font that can bring good harmony when letters are paired with each other—Lovely Wedding is for you.

Download Lovely Wedding Font on MyFonts

3. Wonderfebia Font

Wonderfebia is the perfect font to use if you want your invitations to look more casual and elegant.

A great font when paired with beautiful photography in the background.

This font has a wonderful flowing style with heart shapes in it, which is great for representing your love as a couple.

It is a script wedding font with so many OpenType features—allow fonts to specify alternate letterforms, and rules for how they should be inserted into the text.

Wonderfebia is a unique font that also has heart ligatures just like Lovely Wedding.

It is a versatile script typography that comes with tons of alternatives for truly lovely wedding invitation designs.

Download Wonderfebia Font on MyFonts

4. Wedding Dress Font

Wedding Dress is a pleasing handwritten font to use for wedding invitations.

Wedding Dress is the best font for garden weddings.

It has a unique feel and looks stunning when paired with your wedding theme.

This font provides a gentle and gorgeous look to a variety of design ideas.

The Wedding Dress also has amazing glyphs and swashes which are easily accessible.

It has great features, including alternative glyphs and nature-inspired ligatures, which makes it suitable for wedding invitations.

Download Wedding Dress Font on MyFonts

5. The Wedding Script Font

If you want your invitations to look like a professional calligrapher has handwritten them, just simply use The Wedding Script font.

An elegant font to make your wedding invitations luxurious.

This font has swirls and swashes that are used to imitate the original professional style.

You can now have an access on professional handwritten typography without having to hire an actual calligrapher.

The Wedding Script has a slant and thin strokes which can make your wedding invitations look simple and elegant.

It also has gorgeous end-swashes that can appear to be luxurious and classy when used on invitations.

Download The Wedding Script Font on MyFonts

6. Raffadyn Font

If you’re looking for a wedding script font with incredible versatile styleRaffadyn is exactly what you are looking for.

The best typography to use for beach wedding invitations.

This typeface includes stylistic set of characters which is perfect for your wedding dream.

This font has a fresh and pleasing look, which makes it suitable for wedding occasions, especially beach weddings.

Raffadyn also has a fancy and unique swash which can make your wedding invitations look amazing.

It is definitely perfect when paired with white or light-colored wedding themes.

Download Raffadyn Font on MyFonts

7. Pinkalova Font

Pinkalove is a handwritten script font with a romantic and one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

A perfect font if you want your invitation to look romantic.

It's a stunning typography that can add a lot of personality to your wedding invitations.

This typeface has a unique cursive style that is ideal for one-time events like weddings.

It can add a pop of color and sophistication to your invitations, elevating their overall aesthetic appeal.

You can also get a modern and classy look for your wedding invitations by using Pinkalove.

Download Pinkalova Font on MyFonts

8. Daysha Font

If you're looking for the best modern calligraphy wedding font, Daysha is the perfect choice for you.

A feminine font for your invitations to look stylish.

This font is feminine, elegant, and classy, making it ideal for special occasions.

It will undoubtedly add a luxurious appearance to your desired wedding invitations.

Daysha is a great font to use for an anniversary or any other event that couples celebrate.

This is also a charming typeface with endearing swashes and ligatures.

Download Daysha Font on MyFonts

9. Aubrielle Font

The Aubrielle script font allows you to quickly create stunning and simple hand-lettered invitations.

A font that can make your invitations look fashionable.

This elegant typeface can give your wedding invitations a classy and fashionable look.

Aubrielle Font

It is also extremely adaptable typography that can be used in a variety of designs.

Aubrielle is a set of lowercase cursive letters that allows you to create a lovely invitation design.

It is a one-of-a-kind font that can enhance the appearance of your invitations at all costs.

Download Aubrielle Font on MyFonts

10. Amarithe Font

Amarithe is a lovely modern calligraphy wedding font that offers you an elegant and modern look.

The best font to design your invitations to add exceptional elegance.

It is perfect for wedding events, especially if you want your invitations to look more luxurious.

This typeface comes with OpenType features and a lot of alternatives to choose from.

It can help you to use great letters style for your ideal wedding invitations.

The best thing about Amarithe is that it supports multi-language characters, so you can definitely use this to customize the best wedding invitation possible.

Download Amarithe Font on MyFonts


Choosing a font is one of the most important aspects of designing such an invitation.

The overall appearance of your wedding invitation will be determined by the font style and design you select.

Fonts such as the default ones on your computer should be avoided at all costs in this situation.

Look for a more elegant and unique font with a better design instead.

Fortunately, MyFonts offers you a variety of wedding fonts to use for your wedding invitations.

In this article I featured the best wedding fonts to use for your invitations.

I include those that look luxurious and elegant, as well as those that look minimalist but lovely.

I hope that I can help you decide on which of those wedding fonts is suitable for your preferences.

Now that I’m done highlighting wedding fonts from MyFonts, which do you think is the best font for wedding invitations?—Leave a comment below.

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