The Creative Suite Bundle

Elevate your creative business with ease.

Get the edge in every presentation! Elevate your projects with our trio of sleek, professional templates. Craft winning proposals, write better creative briefs, and showcase your designs like a pro.



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The Design Proposal Template — The Easiest Way To Write Design Proposals
Organize your process

Everything you need to grow your branding biz

  • Stop guessing—Know how to sell your branding services.
  • Set the standard—Buy once, use them with every client.
  • Win more jobs—Don't loose clients to your competitors.
  • Save time—Have a clear way of presenting your creative work.
  • Raise prices—Attract bigger clients with high paying jobs.
  • Rest easy—Ensure that your creative business looks good.

Create winning proposals

A designer's worst nightmare is to hear crickets after sending a proposal. Use our proven template to make your clients see you as an expert who's qualified for the job.

  • Stylize the template to your liking.
  • Propose design services like a pro.
  • Respond to RFPs & win new business.

Write better creative briefs

The next step to a memorable client engagement is a clear and concise creative brief. Our template ensures your ideas resonate and your direction is understood.

  • Tailor the brief to your project’s unique flair.
  • Make clients take you more seriously.
  • Fast-track your process from brief to approval.

Present designs like a pro

Ease the stress of presentations with our expert template. Ensure your concepts are understood and make every design shine. Present like a pro, every time.

  • Present your projects in a way that sells.
  • Ensure clear understanding of concepts.
  • Secure client engagement and approval.
How it works

Set yourself up for success!

Download and open the templates in InDesign or Illustrator.
Swap the logo, fonts and colors to match your brand.
Streamline your process and make yourself look professional.
In this bundle

What's Included

Project Proposal Template

Start your projects on the right foot with a template that clearly outlines objectives and timelines, making your pitch professional and persuasive. Elevate your pitch, and captivate clients from the get go.

Creative Brief Template

Clarify your creative vision with a concise brief that enhances client communication. Dive into each project with a clear direction, ensuring a smooth path from concept to completion.

Brand Presentation Template

Present your logo concepts with elegance. Our layout highlights three designs, ensuring clarity and impact. Impress your clients with a professional and engaging display of your creative work.

"The Creative Suite Bundle is the result of nearly 20 years experience and hundreds of clients I won as a designer, from working at top agencies to freelancing at Ebaqdesign."

— Arek Dvornechuck, Branding Expert
Who this is for

For anyone aiming to captivate clients.

Elevate your creative career.

Advance your creative career with our expert templates. The same templates are being used with real clients at Ebaqdesign. Save with our essential trio bundle. Get yours now!



* You're buying downloadable PDFs.
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