Hire a real expert

Are you frustrated by web designers who:

  • Don't communicate with you?
  • Make big promises, but can't deliver?
  • Waste your time on endless revisions?
  • Lack the skill to execute your great idea?
  • Take forever to get the job done?
  • Cost you money and don't bring results?

BRanding done
in one week

BRanding done
in one week

Introducing 'Brand Sprints'

BRanding done

BRanding done

in one week

in one week

The new way to design your brand

We partner with visionary CEOs and teams to help them design their brand. From strategy, to logo, identity, web and beyond.

— Arek Dvornechuck, Branding Expert, Ebaqdesign
Launch brands faster

Ideal for startups wanting to make the change fast.

Three design options in just one week.

  • Logo
  • Color palette
  • Typography
  • Photography
  • Homepage Design
  • Detailed Mockups

And a custom website, next week.

After identity in just one week, why stop there?—Opt for an additional week to get a custom website tailored to your new brand.

* A 3-page company website built with Webflow.
How it works

A smooth and seamless process


Tell me about your project

Start with an intro call for insight, followed by a strategy session to align our goals.

Pick the option you like

From day one, we begin crafting three unique directions with meticulous attention to detail.

Build a beautiful brand

Refine the designs and get your style guide, or pay for another week to get a custom website as well.
Introducing Brand Sprints

Need a high-quality brand, fast?

Are you tired of designers who make big promises, but can't deliver? Are you sick of agencies that cost you money, but take forever to get the job done?

I'm Arek Dvornechuck, the founder of Ebaqdesign. I went from working at top design agencies, to launching my own studio in Brooklyn, NY—serving clients worldwide.

My extensive experience allowed me to optimize my process for efficiency and agility. With over a decade of expertise, I deliver what usually takes months in just one week.

'Brand Sprints' is my new product that zeroes in on the core visual elements of your brand, ensuring you get a unique and consistent identity in just seven days.

Our promise is to deliver three design options for a flat rate of $6k. Plus, we'll make revisions at no additional cost. That's how confident we are in our initial presentation.

Need a custom website too? Extend to a second week, and get a beautiful online presence as well.

With 'Brand Sprint' you can totally reimagine how your business looks.

It's not just quick—it's strategic, creative, and impactful.

Arek Dvornechuck

Start a brand sprint.

Schedule an intro call to get your branding done right next week. Our limited slots fill fast.