The One-Page Style Guide Template

An Easy & Fast Way To Create Brand Guidelines.

A streamlined, one-page style guide template designed for efficiency and clarity, complete with a real-life example to elevate your branding projects.



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The Brands Guidelines Kit — The Easiest Way To Create Brand Guidelines
Organize your process

Essentials for delivering branding projects.

  • Save Time—Craft a comprehensive style guide in hours.
  • Set the standard—A one-pager that speaks volumes.
  • Show expertise—Deliver your design work like a pro.
  • Gain prestige—Provide more value to your clients.
  • Raise prices—Attract bigger project & high paying jobs.
  • Rest easy—Get a guarantee that your work looks good.

Black & white version

Every project is different, that's why the product comes with two versions: black and white. Ensure consistency across all touch-points with this clean stylesheet.

  • Ensure your work is being used correctly.
  • Build a great portfolio & gain prestige.
  • Be proud of your logo design work.

Ready-to-use structure

Don't waste time on mundane work. Use our modern brand identity poster that clearly lays out how your design work should be used.

  • Set yourself apart from cheap designers.
  • Make clients see the value of your work.
  • Streamline your process for efficiency.

Minimalist layout

Our minimalist layout allows for various use cases. Simply add your logo, change the colors, typography, and mockups—and you are ready to go!

  • Present branding projects like a pro.
  • Feel confident about your work.
  • Get approvals fast, with less revisions.
How it works

Set yourself and your clients up for success!

Download and open the style guide template.
Freely customize the template in InDesign or Illustrator.
Present it to your client and get approval fast!

"The One-Page Style Guide is my template that allows me deliver brand identity projects...."

— Arek Dvornechuck, Branding Expert
Deliver outstanding work

For anyone working with, for, or on brands.

Buy it once, use it for every project.

The same style guide template is being used with real clients at Ebaqdesign. See an example of a $25k identity project I've delivered recently for Airport Executive.



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