Brand Strategy Guide

The Most Practical Guide to Brand Strategy.

Define, align, and design with confidence. Run effective brand strategy workshops to land on the same vision as your clients.



Start with strategy

Do clients force their ideas onto you?

  • Stop wasting time hoping that your clients will "get it".
  • Make more money and be able to charge for thinking.
  • Avoid revisions later on, engage the client & nail it at first.
  • Gain prestige and get recognized by clients as a true expert.
  • Stop feeling guilty about not knowing how to sell the idea.
  • Rest easy knowing you're equipped with proven framework.
Become a strategist

Master the art of Strategy

Hi! My name is Arek.

I’m the author of this guide and I went from working at top branding agencies to launching my own studio.

Now I share some of the top frameworks to help you succeed.

This is my story.

Arek Dvornechuk
How it works

Branding exercises to align your client on the vision.

Work together with your client to devise a solution.
Draw insights and design relevant concepts.
Present ideas and get your client's approval fast.

Why do I need it?

When you onboard a new client and jump straight into design, you often find yourself in endless rounds of revisions and loss of control in your process.

  • Turn yourself into valued strategic designer.
  • Attract better clients with bigger budget.
  • Feel safe & confident about your process.
In this guide

What's Included

80+ Page Guidebook

Practical guide packed with tips, tools and techniques to give you tactical direction and clarity.

12 Video Tutorials

Watch my step-by-step video tutorials. Real client strategy session videos included.
* Watch preview on my YouTube

Worksheets & Templates

Use fillable PDFs to run workshops online, or print and fill them out in person. Examples included!

Example Strategy Brief

Use our templates to create yours & be able to deliver the insights to your clients fast.
Build brands faster

For anyone working on branding projects.

Don't be just a designer. Level up today!

Use a proven framework to help you and your clients work together towards a plan that achieves their business goals.



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"A really great resource if you're looking to take a strategic approach towards brand building. Since we started using it, there's 0 pushback and minimum revisions."
Akshay R, Creative Director
"The way Arek put this guide together, makes it so easy to use and extremely practical. Arek takes no BS approach — very impressed."
Akemi M., Strategist
"In just 3hrs I was able to align the client's team. I engaged them in the process, so later on they felt like my design concepts came actually from them. They loved it!"
Paul K., Designer