Brand Archetypes Course

A comprehensive class on brand archetypes.

Develop an authentic brand personality with a scientific framework based on your audience. Discover how to create a strong and relatable brand with our new course about the 12 core archetypes.




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"I've used the latest AI tools to create a set of virtual avatars that embody the 12 core archetypes. This enabled me to develop this easy-to-understand and enjoyable-to-watch online course.

- Arek Dvornechuck, Founder
Brand with archetypes

Infuse human qualities into your business

  • Establish a deep emotional bond with your audience.
  • Learn how to set yourself apart from competitors.
  • Carve out an identifiable position in the market.
  • Get guidance on how to shape your brand's personality.
  • Create content with a consistent tone, language, and attitude.
  • Design a consistent brand experience across the board.
Brand Archetypes Course

A deep dive into the 12 Core Archetypes

Discover the 12 Jungian archetypes, the universal patterns of behavior that represent distinct personality traits and characteristics. Learn how to use archetypes to help you define and differentiate a brand in the marketplace.

Part 1: Explore Spirituality

In the first part Explore Spirituality, you'll learn how to infuse your brand with profound meaning and purpose, forging a deep spiritual connection with your audience.

  • Evoke nostalgia, optimism, and simplicity with the Innocent archetype.
  • Inspire wisdom, knowledge, and reflection with the Sage archetype.
  • Promote adventure, individuality, and freedom with the Explorer archetype.

Part 2: Leave Legacy

In the 2nd part, Leave Legacy, you'll learn how to create a brand that leaves an indelible mark, provokes change, and leads the way to a brighter future.

  • Provoke rebellion, liberation, and disruption with the Outlaw archetype.
  • Unleash transformation, innovation, and mysticism with the Magician archetype.
  • Ignite courage, determination, and resilience with the Hero archetype.

Part 3: Pursue Connection

In the 3rd part, Pursue Connection, you'll uncover the secrets to creating emotional resonance, fostering deep connections that transcend mere transactions.

  • Reflect authenticity, belonging, and reliability with the Everyman archetype.
  • Promote joy, humor, and lightheartedness with the Jester archetype.
  • Evoke passion, sensuality, and intimacy with the Lover archetype.

Part 4: Provide Structure

In the 4th part, Provide Structure, you'll master the art of building a strong foundation, earning trust, and becoming a beacon of stability and innovation.

  • Inspire compassion, generosity, and nurturing with the Caregiver archetype.
  • Reflect authority, control, and leadership with the Ruler archetype.
  • Unleash imagination, creativity & artistic expression with the Creator archetype.
In this course

What's Included

12 x 35 min Videos (4hrs)

Each course* is 35 min long and includes 9 value-packed modules, covering everything from the basics to specific examples, case studies, advanced strategies, marketing tips, and much much more. Everything you need to be able to leverage the power of archetypes for brand building.
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300+ Page Presentation Decks (x12)

As a bonus, you'll also get the presentation decks that I've prepared for each archetype (also used as video b-rolls). The decks consist of key talking points spelled out on slides, accompanied by visuals like logos, photos, images, and other graphics to aid in illustrating the content.
Build brands smarter

An essential course to help you build a strong & relatable brand.

For brand strategists and consultants.

Learn how to design consistent and creative brand strategies using the archetype-based framework.

For business owners and entrepreneurs.

Identify the archetype(s) that best suits your business and develop a unique brand identity.

Master the power of brand archetypes.

Everything you ever wanted to know about brand archetypes condensed into an easy-to-understand and enjoyable-to-watch online course.



* You're buying a downloadable PDF with videos.
* Buy once, get FREE updates for life!
* 30-day Money Back Guarantee.
* The course comes with a certificate.
* Pre-order & save 50%, use code "AI50"
* Delivery in early June 2023