The Brand Guidelines Kit

A Comprehensive Brand Guidelines Template.

An easy-to-use, yet very comprehensive brand guidelines template with a real example included, to help you deliver your branding projects like a pro!



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The Brands Guidelines Kit — The Easiest Way To Create Brand Guidelines
Organize your process

Everything you need to deliver branding work.

  • Don't waste time—It takes weeks to create a style guide.
  • Set the standard—Buy it once, use it in every project.
  • Show expertise—Deliver your design work like a pro.
  • Gain prestige—Provide more value to your clients.
  • Raise prices—Attract bigger project & high paying jobs.
  • Rest easy—Get a guarantee that your work looks good.

Present work professionally

Clients often don't understand the “design work” that you do, but they will evaluate the quality of your services based on your presentation.

  • Present branding projects like a pro.
  • Feel confident about your work.
  • Get approvals faster.

Make more money

Make your clients see the value of your work. Rather than just sending logo files, create more impact with a complete style guide.

  • Set yourself apart from other designers.
  • Make clients see the value of design.
  • Attract better paid jobs.

Build a great portfolio

Every designer's worst nightmare is to see their work in the wild, poorly executed. Ensure consistency across all touch-points with a professional style guide. Get three real examples for your inspiration.

  • Ensure your work is being used correctly.
  • Build a great portfolio & gain prestige.
  • Be proud of your work.
How it works

Set yourself and your clients up for success!

Download and open the brand guidelines kit.
Freely customize the template in InDesign.
Present it to your client and get approval fast!
In this kit

What's Included

70+ Page Template

A proven structure to introduce the new brand, from brand strategy and architecture, to logo, colors, typography, patterns, icons, imagery, illustrations, composition and much more!

Example Brand Guidelines x3

See a real example of how we used this exact template to create a brand guidelines for one of our clients. With master pages, character styles and color swatches you will be able to create yours fast & easy!

"The Brand Guidelines Kit is the result of my 15+ years of experience as an identity designer, from being a freelancer to running projects here at Ebaqdesign."

— Arek Dvornechuck, Branding Expert
Deliver outstanding work

For anyone working with, for, or on brands.

Buy it once, use it for every project.

The same style guide is being used with real clients at Ebaqdesign. It is all you need in order to deliver high quality work.



* You're buying downloadable PDF.
* Buy once, get FREE updates for life!
* By clicking "Buy Now" you accept our Fulfillment Policy.