Naming Guide

A proven step-by-step process to brand naming.

Create powerful names that attract customers and boost sales.



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Naming is hard

Do you struggle with naming your brand?

  • Stop wasting time trying to find a name out of thin air.
  • Save money by doing it yourself, naming is fundamental.
  • Avoid renaming later on, and get it right the first time.
  • Take the first step toward starting your dream business
  • Brainstorm unique company names with our guided process
  • Rest easy knowing that your name is protected and secure
Become a naming expert

Master the art of

Hi! My name is Arek.

I’m the author of this guide and I went from working at top branding agencies to launching my own studio.

Now I share some of the top frameworks to help you succeed.

This is my story.

Arek Dvornechuck
How it works

Best practices of naming for brands.

Run a workshop for yourself or your client.
Draw insights and brainstorm relevant names.
Evaluate and test ideas to pick the right name.

Why do I need it?

The main reasons why naming is so hard is that we don't have the right tools or processes.

  • Proven process to naming strategy.
  • Lucrative brainstorming exercises.
  • Effective tools to evaluate names.
In this guide

What's Included

70+ Page Guidebook

Practical guide packed with tips, tools and techniques to give you tactical direction and clarity.

Book of Prompts (NEW!)

Use our new set of ChatGPT prompts to help you take your raw ideas and expand on them and polish them up to get better outcomes. Turn AI chatbots like ChatGPT into your personal
naming expert!

14 Video Tutorials

Watch my step-by-step video tutorials. Real client strategy session videos included.

Worksheets & Templates

Use fillable PDFs to run workshops online, or print and fill them out in person. Examples included!
Build brands faster

For anyone working on naming projects.

Grab our proven framework to naming a brand.

Get clarity and confidence with the ideal approach to naming a brand.



* You're buying downloadable PDF with video tutorials.
* Buy once, get FREE updates for life!
* 30-day Money Back Guarantee.
"The way Arek put this guide together, makes it so easy to use and extremely practical. Very impressed."
Akemi Mustafa, Marketer
"A really great resource if you're looking to take a strategic approach towards naming your brand."
Akshay R, CEO
"In just three hours we were able to align the team and make meaningful decisions. The workshop was fun and easy."
Paul K., Founder