The Rich Designer Book

Transform Your Dreams Into Reality

This book is your roadmap to success; it's an inspiring journey from creative struggle to career success. It covers everything from the basics of client acquisition to mastering the art of identity design.




* You're buying downloadable PDF book.
* Comes with a 60-min long video course.
* Expected launch by Valentines Day (Feb 14th 2024).
* Discounted price for the first 100 pre-orders only.
Poor Designer, Rich Designer—How to make a living designing logos.
Navigate to success

Struggling to navigate the branding industry?

  • Irregular Work: Learn how to get a steady inflow of clients.
  • Creative Block: Get endless ideas & thrive under pressure.
  • Critical Feedback: Learn how to handle client criticism.
  • Lack of Skill: Get technical skills, tips, tricks and frameworks.
  • Endless Revisions: Learn how to sell your clients on the idea.
  • Restless nights: Sleep well knowing you've got a proven guide.
From rags to riches

A Designer's Path to Prosperity

I went from struggling with no clients and eviction threats looming over my head...

To moving to a luxurious apt. and living the life of my sweetest dreams.

I used to skate to co-working spaces when my internet was cut off, worrying about just getting by.

Now, I run my own studio with a beautiful view of the NYC skyline, where clients seek me out daily.

Along the way, I juggled multiple 9-5 jobs, freelanced for top branding firms, and gained wisdom from countless books and over 100 expert interviews on my podcast.

It's been 5 years since I came to America (I'm from Poland), but I have been designing for nearly 20 years!

In my new book I share all the tools and tricks I learned along the way, so that you can excel as a creative much much faster.

This is my story.

Arek Dvornechuck

Poor designer

Rich designer

How it works

Your three-step journey to design excellence.

Reflect on career-changing ideas and insights from the book.
Enhance your skills and craft an impressive portfolio.
Enjoy a transformed, successful design career.

Unlock your full potential

Delve into advanced technical skills and design secrets. This guide is your key to unlocking industry tips and robust frameworks, transforming you from a good designer to a standout branding expert.

  • Elevate your technical prowess in design.
  • Discover industry frameworks and tricks.
  • Go from mediocrity to excellence.

Design the life you deserve

Step into a journey of success and fulfillment. Establish your expertise, attract bigger clients, and build a career you deserve. Designers often focus on crafting for others, but forget to craft their own life too.

  • Stand out and attract top clients.
  • Turn your professional goals into reality.
  • Craft an authentic personal brand.
In this book

What's inside

The book is in development.

Currently, I'm working on the book's content, which is expected to be available in PDF format by Valentine's Day. Ultimately, it will be accompanied by a video course. Both the book and the course will be offered in four languages: English, Spanish, German, and French. Pre-order now to save 50%.
Who is this for

A vital guide for the journey of every branding expert.

For aspiring logo designers.

Begin your journey with confidence. This book is a beacon for those starting out in the branding world.

For transitioning creatives.

For designers at a career crossroads, seeking to advance or pivot, this book is your roadmap to success.

Your guide from struggle to success.

Get access key insights for transforming your design career into a success story. Pre-order now to save 50%

* You're buying downloadable PDF book.
* Comes with a 60-min long video course.
* Expected launch by Valentines Day (Feb 14th 2024).
* Discounted price for the first 100 pre-orders only.