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A Professional Logo Design Service

A well-designed logo and brand identity are essential for business success. Using a goal-based design process, Arek Dvornechuck will work with you to create a high-quality, professional logo that meets your strategic goals.

Poor Designer, Rich Designer—How to make a living designing logos.
How I work

The Art of Logo Design

I'm a professional logo designer based in Brooklyn, NY, freelancing under the name Ebaq Design.

With nearly 20 years of experience as a graphic designer...

I've went from working at top design agencies to launching my own studio—now serving clients worldwide.

My mission is to craft awe-inspiring logos that not only capture your brand's essence but also align with your strategic goals.

The process begins with a unique idea, then each concept is meticulously crafted before being skillfully digitized.

This approach ensures a bespoke, authentic, and professionally polished design.

I'm fully committed to excellence in logo design.

This is how I work.

Arek Dvornechuck
How it works

A smooth and seamless process


Tell me about your project

Start with an intro call for insight, followed by a strategy session to align our goals.

Pick the option you like

From day one, we begin crafting three unique directions with meticulous attention to detail.

Build a beautiful brand

Refine the designs and get your style guide, or pay for another week to get a custom website as well.
Logo Design Deliverables

What do you get?

Get three logo concepts

Embark on a journey of creativity where you're presented with three distinct logo concepts, each uniquely designed to reflect your brand's identity. This diversity allows you to visualize a range of possibilities and choose the direction that resonates most strongly with your vision and objectives.

All revisions are included

Your satisfaction is paramount. That's why the logo design process includes revisions. This ensures the final design perfectly aligns with your expectations, allowing for adjustments and refinements to capture the essence of your brand accurately.

Get logo files & style guide

Upon completion, you'll receive a comprehensive logo package that equips you with everything you need for branding consistency across all platforms. This package includes your finalized logo in various formats (vector, PNG, JPEG) for web and print use, to ensure your brand's visual identity is cohesive and impactful.
Hire a real expert

Work with a professional logo designer, who:

  • Listens to your goals & objectives.
  • Always delivers on the promise.
  • Does't charge extra for revisions.
  • Executes your ideas skillfully.
  • Completes projects promptly.
  • Provides great value for the money.
Introducing Brand Sprints

Need a high-quality logo, fast?

Logo designer, Arek Dvornechuck, follows an optimized process for efficiency and agility.

Our 'Brand Sprints' product delivers a unique and consistent brand identity in just seven days.

We offer three design options for a flat rate of $6k, with revisions included at no additional cost.

I use a goal-based design process to ensure your logo accurately represents your business and attracts the right audience.

We start by setting clear goals, then explore various directions, selecting the best ideas for presentation.

A presentation document showcases each design, helping you visualize the identity in real-life settings.

Once the logo is finalized, you'll receive a logo package with files for use across web and print, plus a simple style guide.

Need a custom website too? Extend to a second week for a beautiful online presence.

'Brand Sprints' reimagines your business look—quickly, strategically, and creatively.

Arek Dvornechuck
"After struggling to find a creative designer on Upwork and facing daunting quotes from agencies, we discovered Arek at Ebaqdesign. He skillfully managed our opinionated team and delivered an iconic brand transformation that exceeded all expectations."
Chris Nixon, Owner, Airport Executive
"I liked the overall approach Arek brings on the table. He run a workshop, to align my vision to the desired outcome. And most importantly, he has so much clarity on the subject, and he guided me so well as to how the brand should be perceived and portrayed."
Dhruv Patel, Founder, AMI Corp
"Arek has done fabulous work, he took our initial ideas and has executed them beyond our wildest imagination. We love the final logo, identity & website and I couldn't image our brand look any better than this! Arek is a true expert."
Jane de Abreu, Art Director, SweetGrass
"Arek took the time to fully understand our company, its culture and future goals, so that his design work was ultimately a reflection of our brand's true essence."
Pavel Bulkiewicz, Co-Founder, Medihuanna
"Arek perfectly orchestrated our sessions, harnessing my highly opinionated team, and doing so across multiple time zones.
Our brand already looks iconic!"
Geoffrey Mobisson, Founder, Periti Digital
"Arek held with us meetings weekly, letting us see the progress firsthand, at each step of the way. We're very happy with our new branding, and how smooth and fast it came to be!"
Rebecca Balzer, Marketing Director, Lyntics