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Professional Logo Design Services

Arek Dvornechuck is Brooklyn-based branding expert, who offers professional logo design services to clients worldwide. Get a bespoke design that suits your needs.

Poor Designer, Rich Designer—How to make a living designing logos.
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Are you frustrated by designers who:

  • Don't communicate with you?
  • Make big promises, but can't deliver?
  • Waste your time on endless revisions?
  • Lack the skill to execute your great idea?
  • Take forever to get the job done?
  • Cost you money and don't bring results?
How I work

The Art of Logo Design

I'm a professional logo designer based in Brooklyn, NY, freelancing under the name Ebaq Design.

With nearly 20 years of experience as a graphic designer...

I've went from working at top design agencies to launching my own studio—now serving clients worldwide.

My mission is to craft awe-inspiring logos that not only capture your brand's essence but also align with your strategic goals.

The process begins with a unique idea, then each concept is meticulously crafted before being skillfully digitized.

This approach ensures a bespoke, authentic, and professionally polished design.

I'm fully committed to excellence in logo design.

This is how I work.

Arek Dvornechuck
How it works

A smooth and seamless process


Tell me about your project

Start with an intro call for insight, followed by a strategy session to align our goals.

Pick the option you like

From day one, we begin crafting three unique directions with meticulous attention to detail.

Build a beautiful brand

Refine the designs and get your style guide, or pay for another week to get a custom website as well.
Logo Design Deliverables

What do you get?

Three logo concepts

Embark on a journey of creativity where you're presented with three distinct logo concepts, each uniquely designed to reflect your brand's identity. This diversity allows you to visualize a range of possibilities and choose the direction that resonates most strongly with your vision and objectives.

Revisions are included

Your satisfaction is paramount. That's why the logo design process includes revisions. This ensures the final design perfectly aligns with your expectations, allowing for adjustments and refinements to capture the essence of your brand accurately.

Comprehensive logo package

Upon completion, you'll receive a comprehensive logo package that equips you with everything you need for branding consistency across all platforms. This package includes your finalized logo in various formats (vector, PNG, JPEG) for web and print use, to ensure your brand's visual identity is cohesive and impactful.

Logo design
case studies

Explore our logo design case studies to see how we blend creativity with strategy to transform brands. Each study showcases the journey from concept to final design, highlighting our approach to meeting each client's unique needs. Gain insights into our design process and the impactful results we achieve.
"I couldn't recommend this team enough. They took our brief and produced magic."
Marquay Baul, CEO
"We are so pleased with the results. The team knocked it out of the park."
Joel Vengo, CEO
"Our company has gone from $250k to $6 million dollars in a year with a huge credit to Arek"
Brian Boisjoli, CEO
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