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Welcome to the On Branding Podcast! Today, we're thrilled to have Kaine Levy, the founder of Venture Agency, a brand strategy agency specializing in helping B2B businesses find market gaps. Kaine combines his expertise in brand strategy with a passion for psychology and human connection. He shares valuable insights on how businesses can build strong brands that resonate with their target audience.

Understanding the Difference Between Business and Brand

Kaine emphasizes the distinction between a business and a brand. A business is a set of systems and processes designed to sell a product or service consistently. In contrast, a brand is the unique packaging of these systems and processes, differentiating a business from its competitors. This understanding is crucial for B2B businesses to effectively appeal to their target audience.

Common Mistakes and Misconceptions in B2B Branding

Kaine points out common mistakes and misconceptions in B2B branding, such as neglecting the importance of branding in service-based businesses. He emphasizes that every client interaction, from visual elements to overall experience, shapes their perception of the brand.

Kaine's Journey into Brand Strategy

Kaine's background includes his time as a heavy metal drummer and filmmaker, where he learned how elements like sound and cinematography can evoke emotions. His journey led him from music to video production and eventually to brand strategy.

The Significance of Taking Risks

Kaine advises not to play it safe in branding, as being too safe can be the most expensive approach. He encourages businesses to take calculated risks and innovate in messaging, communication, and positioning.

The Value of an Outside Perspective

Getting an external viewpoint is crucial, as it helps challenge assumptions and uncover blind spots, which Kaine refers to as the "brand echo chamber."

The Role of AI in Brand Strategy

Kaine discusses the role of AI in brand strategy, using it as a tool for initial validation and to gauge alignment with industry trends and customer preferences.


Building a successful brand for B2B businesses involves understanding the distinction between a business and a brand, avoiding common misconceptions, taking risks, and embracing an outside perspective.

For more on brand strategy and resources, visit Venture Agency's Website for valuable insights and a six-step brand strategy checklist.

Thank you for joining this episode of the On Branding Podcast with Kaine Levy.

Stay tuned for more insightful discussions on branding and marketing strategies.

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