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Carlos Williams

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In the ever-evolving world of design and branding, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. No one understands this better than Carlos Williams, the founder of DBC, a New York-based creative agency. In a fascinating conversation on the On Branding Podcast with Arek Dvornechuck, Carlos unveils his unique approach to branding and design, highlighting the value of data and the importance of equity. In this blog post, we will dive deeper into Carlos' insights and explore how his journey has shaped the way DBC creates impactful designs.

The Power of Data-Infused Design:

Carlos Williams believes that creativity and design should be driven by data and tied to specific business outcomes. According to Carlos, understanding the impact of design and branding is crucial for delivering tangible results. He emphasizes that designers are not just artists but strategic thinkers who can contribute to revenue growth and cost reduction.

One of the examples Carlos provides is the DBC's work with Spotify. They created a brand called Notable to highlight the songwriters and creators behind the music. To further enhance this initiative, DBC helped Spotify develop personalized statistics for songwriters called "Songwriter Wrapped." By leveraging the available data and employing design, DBC provided songwriters with a unique experience that increased engagement and showcased their contribution.

Equity in Design:

Another aspect that sets DBC apart is their commitment to equity in design. Carlos believes in creating inclusive and equitable design solutions. He emphasizes the need to identify underrepresented audiences and tailor marketing efforts to resonate authentically with them. By considering different demographics and creating marketing materials that genuinely connect, brands can tap into unrecognized markets and drive growth.

Carlos cites an example of how DBC developed a brand strategy that specifically targeted black women, a highly educated and influential consumer group. By acknowledging their value and providing personalized marketing experiences, brands can capitalize on untapped potential and foster meaningful connections.

The Importance of a Portfolio with Impact:

For aspiring designers, Carlos underlines the significance of having a portfolio that showcases the impact of projects. He encourages designers to go beyond aesthetics and provide comprehensive case studies that demonstrate strategic thinking, research, and tangible results. Carlos suggests that it's better to have a focused portfolio with a few well-documented projects than a large collection of mediocre ones.

The Role of AI in Design:

Carlos welcomes the advent of AI in design as a powerful tool. He compares it to a calculator, stating that it can enhance efficiency and expand creative possibilities. While acknowledging concerns about AI replacing designers, Carlos believes that AI should be seen as a tool that complements human creativity rather than a threat. AI can automate menial tasks, allowing designers to focus on higher-value activities and increasing overall output.


Carlos Williams and his team at DBC are trailblazers in the design and branding industry. Their data-infused approach, coupled with a commitment to equity, has helped them create meaningful and impactful designs for renowned clients. By harnessing the power of data, designers can unlock new avenues for growth and deliver results that align with business objectives.

As the creative landscape continues to evolve, Carlos Williams reminds us that designers must adapt and embrace new technologies like AI. By combining strategic thinking, data-driven insights, and human creativity, designers can reimagine the possibilities and drive impactful design solutions.

To learn more about Carlos Williams and DBC, visit their website at studiodbc.com and follow them on Instagram.

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