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In today's digital age, earning media coverage is a crucial aspect of marketing and building brand visibility. However, many businesses struggle to create press releases that grab the attention of journalists and get published. To shed light on this topic, we spoke with Mickie Kennedy, the founder of e-releases, a company that helps small businesses, authors, and startups increase their visibility and credibility through strategic press releases. In this blog post, we will delve into the insights shared by Mickie Kennedy, offering valuable tips and strategies to help you earn media coverage for your business.

The Power of Strategic Press Releases:

Mickie Kennedy emphasizes the importance of starting with a strategic approach when crafting press releases. By deviating from the standard templates and focusing on building a story, businesses can create unique press releases that resonate with journalists. Kennedy highlights that journalists are gatekeepers whose primary aim is to provide valuable content to their audience. By considering the journalist's perspective and interests, businesses can increase their chances of getting picked up.

Types of Releases that Grab Journalist's Attention:

Kennedy suggests several types of press releases that tend to perform well in getting media coverage. One effective approach is to focus on storytelling. Instead of simply announcing a new product or hire, Kennedy advises adding a use case study or a client's experience with the product. Including real-world examples and quotes enriches the content and provides journalists with elements to build a compelling story.

Another approach is to incorporate data and numbers into press releases. Kennedy recommends finding publicly available data or conducting surveys within your industry to add credibility to your press release. By backing your product or service with relevant statistics, journalists are more likely to view your press release as newsworthy.

Working with e-releases:

Kennedy explains that e-releases is a pay-as-you-go distribution platform that offers writing services and distribution. Through e-releases, businesses can schedule and send their press releases to a database of over 10,000 journalists. Kennedy assures businesses that e-releases is open to reviewing their press releases and providing guidance if needed. Additionally, e-releases offers a free masterclass that covers various strategic types of press releases, helping businesses generate ideas and formulate effective press releases.

Common Misconceptions About Press Releases:

One common misconception Kennedy addresses is the belief that press releases no longer work in today's media landscape. He asserts that consolidation and the emergence of new players in the industry have kept press releases relevant. Journalists still rely on news wires like PR Newswire to find story ideas, making press releases a valuable source. As the media landscape evolves, press releases continue to be an effective way to get a message out to a wider audience.


Earning media coverage is an attainable goal for businesses of all sizes. By adopting a strategic approach to press releases and considering the needs of journalists, businesses can increase their chances of getting published and reaching a broader audience. Mickie Kennedy's insights and tips shared in this blog post provide a solid foundation for businesses looking to utilize press releases as a marketing tool. Remember, journalists are storytellers, and by crafting compelling stories and providing relevant data, you can capture their attention and earn valuable media coverage.

Are you ready to unlock the power of press releases and elevate your brand's visibility? Check out Mickie Kennedy's free masterclass at for more in-depth guidance on creating effective press releases. And remember, size doesn't matter in the eyes of journalists. They crave unique and compelling stories, so don't hesitate to share your company's message with the world.

So go ahead! Craft your strategic press release, connect with journalists, and watch your business gain the recognition it deserves.

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