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Podcast interviews have emerged as an effective marketing tool in recent years, allowing thought leaders to tap into existing audiences and establish their authority in a specific domain. In this blog post, we discuss the power of podcast interviews as a marketing strategy and share insights from Tom Schwab, the founder of Interview Valet and a pioneer in podcast interview marketing. Schwab has helped numerous authors, coaches, speakers, and consultants get featured on leading podcasts and has authored two books on podcast guesting. Join us as we uncover the key takeaways and strategies for leveraging podcast interviews to grow your brand and business.

The Importance of Starting Conversations:

According to Tom Schwab, the essence of marketing lies in starting conversations with potential clients. By engaging in meaningful discussions through podcast interviews, you have the opportunity to foster connections, build trust, and showcase your expertise. Such conversations, when approached strategically, can effectively elevate your marketing efforts and establish your brand as an industry leader.

Leveraging Other People's Platforms:

Schwab emphasizes the value of leveraging other people's audiences and platforms, stating that they are often more valuable than money itself. By tapping into established podcasts, you can gain immediate access to a targeted audience and generate valuable leads. Schwab cites examples of business leaders who have successfully built billion-dollar companies by leveraging other people's audiences. The key lies in identifying relevant platforms and audiences that align with your target market and industry.

The Evolution of Podcast Interviews:

Schwab's own journey into podcast interviews was evolutionary, stemming from his experience with guest blogging. Recognizing the power of tapping into existing audiences, Schwab discovered that podcast interviews were even more impactful, offering extended conversations and converting at a higher rate than traditional blog posts. With the rise of podcasts in recent years, this strategy has only become more fruitful, providing a prime opportunity to connect with engaged listeners.

Benefits Over Traditional Guest Posts:

Compared to writing guest blog posts, podcast interviews offer several advantages. The process of writing guest posts can be time-consuming, requiring careful consideration of titles, keywords, and other intricacies. On the other hand, podcast interviews allow you to engage in meaningful conversations around topics you are already knowledgeable about. This not only ensures a more dynamic and engaging experience for the audience but also simplifies the process for the guest, making it a more efficient marketing tactic.

Exploring Tom Schwab's Books:

Tom Schwab has authored two books that provide valuable insights into the world of podcast guesting and its impact on business growth. His first book, "Podcast Guest Profits: How to Grow Your Business with the Targeted Interview Strategy," serves as a playbook for effectively leveraging podcast interviews to drive business growth. Schwab's second book, "One Conversation Away," delves deeper into the power of conversations and their significance in relationship sales and higher ticket transactions. Both books offer valuable strategies and perspectives for maximizing the benefits of podcast interviews.

Avoiding Marketing Tactics that Harm Your Brand:

While digital marketing can be immensely powerful, Schwab cautions against adopting strategies that might inadvertently harm your brand. Not every marketing tactic is suitable for every business, and it is crucial to assess the potential impact on your reputation. Schwab emphasizes that the strategy should align with the target audience and industry, avoiding tactics that might undermine the perceived value and professionalism of high-level consultants and brands.

A Strategic Approach to Podcast Guesting:

Schwab advises taking a step back and understanding the ultimate goal behind podcast guesting. It is not merely about getting interviewed on podcasts but rather about leveraging this opportunity to grow your brand and business. This encompasses various objectives such as SEO backlinks, repurposable content, and partnerships with thought leaders who already have your target audience. A strategic approach involves identifying the right podcasts and pitching value-driven collaborations that align with your overall goals.

Quality over Quantity:

Quality trumps quantity when it comes to podcast guesting. Schwab highlights the importance of being selective and strategic in choosing relevant podcasts that resonate with your target audience. Merely appearing on numerous podcasts without a well-defined strategy will not yield significant results. A focused approach allows for stronger relationships, more impactful interviews, and better promotional opportunities.

Connect with Tom Schwab:

To learn more about Tom Schwab and his insights on podcast interview marketing, you can visit his website, Interview Valet. To access a wealth of resources, including a free copy of his book, a self-assessment questionnaire, and links to his social media profiles, navigate to interviewvalet.com/onbranding.


Podcast interviews have emerged as a powerful marketing tool, allowing thought leaders to start conversations with targeted audiences and establish their authority in their respective fields. Through strategic guest appearances, leveraging other people's platforms, and engaging in meaningful conversations, individuals and brands can expand their reach, generate leads, and drive business growth. By adopting a strategic approach and focusing on quality rather than quantity, podcast interviews can play a vital role in elevating your brand and establishing your expertise. Take inspiration from Tom Schwab's valuable insights and start leveraging podcast interviews as a key component of your marketing strategy.

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