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In today's fast-paced and competitive business landscape, it's essential for companies to stand out and differentiate themselves from the crowd. While marketing efforts play a crucial role, there's another powerful tool that shouldn't be overlooked: public relations (PR). PR not only enhances a brand's visibility but also helps to establish credibility and authority in the industry. In this blog post, we'll explore the key insights shared by Marin Richardson, the CEO and founder of DisruptPR, about leveraging the power of PR to take your brand to new heights.

Connecting with Overall Trends and Society:

When it comes to crafting media messaging, Marin emphasizes the importance of aligning your brand with overall trends and societal issues. Journalists are primarily interested in stories that resonate with their audience and reflect the larger picture. By demonstrating how your company fits into these trends, you provide journalists with compelling reasons to cover your brand. Marin's PR agency, DisruptPR, excels at curating media messaging and creatively identifying angles that capture journalists' attention.

Building Relationships and Speaking the Language:

Arek Dvornechuck, the host of On Branding Podcast, highlights the significance of building relationships with journalists. Marin reveals that her background as a former journalist herself has given her a unique advantage. She understands the language and expectations of journalists, enabling her team to personalize pitches and effectively communicate with media outlets. This level of understanding increases the likelihood of positive responses and media coverage.

The Process of Getting Featured in Publications:

Marin walks us through the process of getting featured in publications, emphasizing that it requires time and patience. The first step is to develop media messaging that goes beyond talking solely about your company. This messaging should tie your brand to larger trends and societal issues. Once the messaging is in place, identifying the right publications and understanding your target demographic becomes crucial. While major outlets have broad reach, sometimes the most impactful coverage can come from niche publications that specifically cater to your target audience. Finally, pitching reporters and building relationships is an ongoing effort that requires adaptability and persistence.

The Role of PR in Branding and Credibility:

One of the key advantages of PR over marketing is its ability to enhance brand credibility and authority. Marin explains that when potential customers search for your brand online, seeing articles and mentions in reputable publications adds a level of legitimacy. PR is all about earning media coverage, and the perception that your brand has been vetted and recognized by the media provides a massive stamp of approval. PR works hand-in-hand with marketing to cultivate a strong brand image that builds trust with both B2B and B2C consumers.

Why PR Matters:

Marin highlights that investing in PR is crucial for maximizing your brand's potential. While marketing helps to reach your audience and generate immediate results, PR establishes your brand's long-term reputation and helps you scale to new heights. Through PR, you can align your brand with current trends, securing placements in relevant publications and gaining credibility. PR provides the extra edge that distinguishes you from competitors and builds a strong foundation for sustainable growth. Therefore, Marin suggests that companies should consider both marketing and PR, but it's essential to prioritize PR when scaling and expanding your brand's visibility.

Upcoming Trends in PR:

Marin dispels the notion that press releases are effective in today's PR landscape. Instead, she predicts that targeted pitching will become the norm. By directly reaching out to journalists and presenting compelling story ideas rather than self-serving press releases, you can establish a more personal connection and increase the chances of coverage. PR agencies like DisruptPR focus on innovative approaches and adaptability, ensuring that brands can navigate the evolving PR landscape effectively.


In the world of business, visibility and credibility are indispensable factors for success. While marketing plays a crucial role in generating immediate results, PR offers a long-term approach to establishing a reputable brand. By connecting your brand with overall trends, speaking the language of journalists, and building relationships, you can secure media coverage in relevant publications and position your brand as an industry authority. If you're ready to take your brand to new heights, it's time to harness the power of PR and unlock doors to limitless opportunities. Reach out to Marin Richardson and her team at DisruptPR to start your PR journey today.

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