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Jessica Cervellon

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In today's digital marketing landscape, brands are constantly looking for innovative ways to engage with their customers. While email marketing and social media advertising have been popular channels, SMS marketing is emerging as a powerful tool to connect with customers on a more personal level. In this blog post, we will explore the strategies that Jessica Cervellon, VP of customer experience at Feastables by MrBeast, has successfully implemented in SMS marketing. By creating two-way conversations, Jessica's team has not only built brand loyalty but also transformed the SMS marketing scene with engaging conversations that are changing the game.

Engaging Customers Beyond Sales:

One common mistake brands make in SMS marketing is focusing solely on sales promotions. However, Jessica highlights the importance of diversifying SMS content by asking customers questions and initiating conversations. For example, even without a predefined flow, brands can engage customers by sending messages like, "Hey, how are you today? Do you like this shirt in blue or black?" By including simple questions, brands can gather valuable insights while fostering a sense of personal connection with their customers.

Creating Two-Way Conversations:

To pioneer engaging SMS marketing, Jessica and her team at Feastables had to find a way to create two-way conversations on a large scale. Initially, they faced the challenge of manually responding to thousands of conversations from customers. To automate this process, they integrated a chatbot from their website into their SMS channel. This allowed them to engage customers in conversations that reflected the brand's personality and also provide an enjoyable user experience. By leveraging tools like Sienna AI and creating interactive chat flows with brands, customers can have meaningful conversations that feel human-like.

The Importance of Brand Voice:

When incorporating AI into SMS marketing, it is crucial to maintain a consistent brand voice. While AI can be a useful tool for automating responses and generating copy, it is vital to train AI models to align with the brand's tone and personality. Jessica underlines the significance of being protective of the brand voice and ensuring that AI responses are empathetic and engaging. Tools such as Sienna AI, Postscript, Sendlane, and Yopo offer features to help brands build flow pathways and craft engaging conversations with customers while maintaining brand authenticity.

Key Metrics in SMS Marketing:

Measuring success in SMS marketing involves monitoring key metrics such as click-through rates, response rates, and conversion rates. Click-through rates help understand the engagement level of customers with links shared in SMS messages. Response rates indicate the effectiveness of engaging customers in a two-way conversation. Conversion rates provide insights into the revenue generated from SMS marketing campaigns. By analyzing these metrics, brands can adjust their strategies and continuously improve their SMS marketing efforts.

Leveraging Customer Feedback:

To optimize SMS marketing campaigns, brands must continually learn about their customers' wants and needs. Gathering customer feedback through surveys, post-purchase surveys, or customer support interactions allows brands to understand consumer behavior on a much deeper level. By incorporating this valuable feedback, brands can tailor their SMS content to meet customer expectations and create personalized experiences. Understanding the customer journey and applying real-time feedback can significantly enhance SMS marketing effectiveness.

The Power of SMS Marketing in a Changing Landscape:

With recent changes in email marketing, such as Google's updates and GDPR regulations, brands must explore alternative ways to reach and engage with their customers. Incorporating SMS marketing in addition to email campaigns can provide a reliable channel for communicating with customers. SMS messages allow for direct and immediate contact while providing a higher chance of engagement compared to traditional email marketing. As industry trends evolve, SMS marketing continues to be a valuable tool for building customer relationships.


In an era where personalization and customer engagement are driving marketing success, SMS marketing offers a unique opportunity for brands to connect with their customers on a more personal level. By incorporating two-way conversations, leveraging AI tools, maintaining brand voice consistency, and continuously learning from customer feedback, brands can establish meaningful connections with their audience. As the digital marketing landscape evolves, SMS marketing has proven to be a powerful tool, and brands that embrace it will undoubtedly set themselves apart from the competition. If you're looking for innovative ways to engage your customers, consider incorporating SMS marketing into your strategies and start meaningful conversations today. Learn more about Jessica Cervellon's innovative strategies in SMS marketing by visiting her website.

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