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If you are looking for ideas for your law firm logo, check out my list of the best branding examples.

A law firm logo is a powerful marketing tool that can help you stand out in the crowd.

Creating the best law firm logo design requires considerable research, consideration, and understanding of how to make it unique.

What are the best law firm logos?

Your law firm's logos are symbols of your legal practices and it should ideally represent your dedication to delivering justice to your clients

To leave a lasting impression on clients, the logo must be a unique, simple, and memorable design.

I've chosen the best law firm logos that individually represent each law firm's identity to inspire you.

best law firm logos

Let’s take a look at my collection of the best law firm logos.

Best Law Firm Logos

  1. Nielsons Lawyers
  2. Vesha Law
  3. Grindal Legal
  4. Lobo Vasques
  5. Lexelis
  6. Legalspace
  7. Judit Gyolcs
  8. Von Wobeser
  9. King & Collins
  10. Walless
  11. Superia

How do you create the best law firm logo?

Creating a great legal logo design is not an easy task.

You have to make it unique and an accurate reflection of your brand and firm.

These law firm logos should reflect your firm's dedication, polish, and professionalism.


Blue now makes up the majority of law company logos because it's a neutral color that can inspire a sense of peace.

Consider adding a secondary color to your organization's brand.

This will make your logo stand out, regardless of what color you chose for your firm.


Stick to a web-safe typeface for your logo because it will be seen largely online.

A web-safe typeface is one that looks the same across all devices and browsers.

This ensures that your font and logo match across your website and marketing materials, ensuring brand consistency.

Symbol and Wordmarks

Creating both wordmarks and glyphs for your lawyer logo is a fantastic idea.

Wordmarks are logos that include your legal firm's name, whereas glyphs are symbols that represent the name.

You'll have acceptable logos for many uses if you have both wordmarks and glyphs.

I will describe some of the top law firms and their logos.—These are the best examples of law firm logos.

1. Nielsons Lawyers

Neilsons Lawyers is a property law business in Auckland, New Zealand that assists people in getting the legal results they need.

The blue calligraphic emblem promotes a sense of peace.

This is the project designed by Ryan Romanes Studio of Melbourne Australia.

Nielsons Lawyers

Ryan Romanes Studio collaborated with Matt Zwartz, a writer and strategist, to improve Neilson’s existing brand.

The old design which is a black letter 'N' with navy and royal red accents has been replaced with an electric cobalt blue.

A comprehensive suite of brand assets, as well as a new website, have been modified to reflect the new identity.

I think the law firm logo creator did an excellent job of modernizing the previous design because of this calligraphic.

Like most law firms, Nielsons Lawyers choose the blue color because it can inspire a sense of peace.

The calligraphic symbol makes this logo more professional-looking.

Learn more about Nielsons Lawyers logo.

2. Vesha Law

Vesha Law is a law firm based in the United States that specializes in business and family law.

The copper and silver color with the VL initial is undeniably elegant and professional.

This project was done in collaboration with For Brands and Marzin Kaczmarek, fantastic brand creators.

Vesha Law

For Brands and Marzin Kaczimarek created a logotype as well as a flexible symbol with the VL initials.

Then grabbed a grey piece of paper and added copper and silver hot foil to give it a finished look.

I appreciate the geometric approach; the rectangle between the two “L's“ adds a lot of visual interest.

I think the Vesha Law logo is perfectly designed because the brand is created simple and elegant-looking.

The great color combination of copper and silver, makes the logo look more classic but professional-looking.

This, in my opinion, is an excellent setup for the branding system to work.

Learn more about the Vesha Law logo.

3. Grindal Legal

Grindal Legal is a property and estate planning law firm that helps clients navigate their most important transactions and challenges.

A minimalist logo and identity for a law firm.

Grindal’s approached Both Studio looking for a new identity that expresses their position within the legal space as a youthful and contemporary firm.

Grindal Legal

Both Studio created an identity that speaks to the key features that set Grindal Legal apart—a brand that combines personality with a commitment to consistency and clarity

The resulting visual language attempts to communicate a sense of openness and honesty.

This results in a confident and sophisticated aesthetic that reflects the company's philosophy and ethos.

I featured this law firm logo on my list because I believe that the identity is simplistic yet very impressive.

I really love this brand identity work because it looks clean and the colors are pretty unique and professional.

For its remarkable concept and colors, I believe this is one of the best legal office logos.

Learn more about the Grindal Legal logo.

4. Lobo Vasques

Lobo Vasques is a tax law boutique in Portugal that aims to build long-term relationships with clients who are looking for effective answers to their most difficult tax difficulties.

Simple and clean, and yet an effective and solid branding solution.

This branding is created by Another Collective of Porto, Portugal with inspiration from Josef Müller-Brockmann.

Lobo Vasques

The photographic direction takes advantage of the shadow and contrast

The brand has a battling attitude that is as unwavering in its graphic confidence as it is in its harmony.

The Lobo Vasques logo has a basic and clear branding solution that is also functional and solid.

I completely agree with Another Collective‘s approach, and the branding is both simple and beautiful.

The typography and color palette are both excellent, and I really enjoy the type composition.

I think this law firm logo has a powerful and eye-catching visual impression.

Learn more about Lobo Vasques logo.

5. Lexelis

Lexelis is a fresh new legal firm in Antwerp with a lot of expertise.

A fantastic branding design that utilizes a traditional, old-school approach.

This branding is designed and created by Eskader of Belgium.


The logo is a combination of a traditional serif-based monogram logo and a bold contemporary letter.

I like the color scheme—an old-school copper hot foil stamp on classic black and white Colorplan paper.

I think the overall logo detailing provided by the hot foil press is fantastic.

This law firm logo design appears to be both professional and opulent, thanks to Eskader.

In my opinion, the Lexelis logo is a fantastic brand identity, the one who made it really did a great job.

If you are looking for a great branding design project, this is definitely a logo to check out for.

Learn more about the Lexelis logo.

6. Legalspace

Legalspace is an electronic platform for the exchange of data between financial market participants and legal firms.

A unique monogram logo for a firm in law space.

This brand identity is made possible with the joint creative efforts of Uniforma Studio of Poznan, Poland, and Małgorzata Józefczak from Deryneia, Cyprus.


Uniforma Studio and Małgorzata Józefczak did a great job in creating an impressive project.

Legalspace has really nice layouts, and I like how the colors complement one another.

The color typography is flawless, and the symbols are fantastic.

I think it is an amazing project, with a clear and colorful user interface.

Learn more about the Legalspace logo.

7. Judit Gyolcs

Judit Gyolcs Law Firm is a boutique legal firm situated in Budapest known for providing high-quality legal advice in a sensitive, individualized manner.

This grid system logo is a modern and unique branding identity concept.

This firm’s logo is created by de_form studio, Eniko Deri, and Nora Demeczky from Budapest, Hungary.

Judit Gyolcs

The firm logo looks clean and sophisticatedly created, thanks to the impressive collaborations of the owners of this project.

It has a superb usage of the grid system, and I adore that symbol as well.

Judit  Gyolc’s logo is simple and straightforward, just the way it should be.

This is the best example of a unique modern law firm logo.

Learn more about the Judit Gyolcs logo.

8. Von Wobeser

Von Wobeser is a full-service Mexican law firm that has successfully combined elite corporate and conflict resolution work.

This logo is a fantastic blend of modern and elegance, as it is simple yet full of personality.

The firm’s logo is created by the branding people/design studio from Mexico City, Mexico.

Von Wobeser

Overall, the brand conveys a sense of trustworthiness, sophistication, and tradition.

The logotype is built on the same ideas as the typography.

A color palette based on red tones was developed to set Von Wobeser apart from the competitors.

This is to avoid the industry's traditional blues, which contrast beautifully with the neutral colors that complement the palette.

To elevate the brand, the branding people/design studio embellished  the stationery items with foil and embossing elements.

I think the branding appears to be both motivating and unusual.

Learn more about the Von Wobeser logo.

9. King & Collins

King & Collins is a law firm that assists clients in avoiding lawsuits and disputes.

An extremely elegant brand identity that embodies power, authority and reputation.

This branding solution is created by Pop & Pac Studio, a graphic and design company from Melbourne, Australia.

King & Collins

Pop & Pac Studio‘s goal is to create a brand identity that embodies power, authority, and reputation.

Through logical design and fine execution and finishing, the logo has the potential to boost the firm's perception.

A high-powered and well-credentialed law company like this needs a name like this.

The tone of the brand identity was created by dualism and confluence.

The whole vibe encapsulates the calm confidence that each and every customer gains from working with King & Collins.

I love the typography and logo design; it's so simple, smart, and appealing.

Learn more about King & Collins logo.

10. Walless

Walless was founded as a new law practice with the greatest lawyers and legal elite forces in the industry.

A color-perfect branding for a distinctive law firm logo.

The firm’s branding identity was created with the collaborations of these creatives from Vilnius, Lithuania—Folk Design Agency, Regina Terekė, Ignas Kozlovas, and Evaldas Bubinas.


The team decided to create a corporate brand that breaks the walls and focuses on the parts that keep structures solid.

Each column represents a person, an attorney-at-law, behind your serious legal matters.

When the Walles logo was viewed from above, they appear like dots.

This is the best example of a perfect color palette; all the colors work very well together.

I love the brilliant design and execution. and I also like the clean and sleek design.

I like how they use the brand mark which creates this distinctive logo.

Learn more about the Walles logo.

11. Superia

Superia is an exceptional financial organization that provides advice and solutions to clients on their financial journey.

This stylish and classic logo symbolizes wisdom and strength.

An agency from Monterrey, Mexico called Firmalt Agency is behind this excellent and stylish brand identity.


Firmalt Agency designed a brand that represents Superia as the organization that clears the way for you to reach your financial objectives.

Various components, such as pictures, icons, and a guiding voice, are used to portray strength.

This branding also conveys a welcoming and warm approach.

They come up with the Owl symbol as they wanted to find a logo that could serve as a worldwide guide.

It had to be a symbol of strength and wisdom, and there was no better guide than the Owl.

The Owl is frequently shown as a sign of wisdom, and it's a fitting match because it can see in the dark when others can't.

Learn more about the Superia logo.


An eye-catching logo will help you establish your law firm's identity and trust in the marketplace.

What distinguishes law firm logos?

Your law firm logo is frequently the first piece of your brand that a customer sees.

The best colors for law firm logos are those that make a professional look like a very sophisticated black and beige rather than childish colors like orange.

Not only will you be happy to use your law firm logo everywhere—from your website to advertising and social media—but it will also speak volumes about your business.

I hope this article was able to inspire you to find the best law firm logo for your business.

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