19 Iconic Logo Designers To Follow

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Ever wandered who designed some of the famous logos?

Who are the designers behind famous logos?

Whether you’re a design student or a practicing designer, it’s helpful to occasionally look at the work of the iconic logo designers and learn from them.

19 Iconic Logo Designers:

  1. Paul Rand - IBM
  2. Ivan Chermayeff - Showtime
  3. Tom Geismar - Mobile
  4. Sagi Haviv - Library of Congress
  5. Paula Scher - Citi
  6. Steff Geissbuhler - Time warner Cable
  7. Milton Glaser - I Love NY
  8. Rob Janoff - Apple
  9. Lindon Leader - FedEx
  10. Tinker Hatfield - Air Jordan
  11. Otto Firle - Lufthansa
  12. James Modarelli - NASA
  13. Henri Kay Henrion - KLM
  14. Frank Mason Robinson - Coca-Cola
  15. Alan Fletcher - V&A
  16. Anton Stankowski - Deautsche Bank
  17. Carolyn Davidson - Nike
  18. Raymond Loewy - Shell
  19. Salvador Dalí - Chupa Chups

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1. Paul Rand

Paul Rand was an American art director and graphic designer, best known for his corporate logo designs, including the logos for IBM, UPS, Enron, Morningstar, Inc., Westinghouse, ABC, and NeXT.

Eight horizontal stripes suggest speed and dynamism. They also work as a mnemonic device.
Paul Rand, IBM logo
Paul Rand—IBM logo designer

2. Ivan Chermayeff

Ivan was one of the founders of Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv (formerly Chermayeff & Geismar), a New York-based branding and graphic design firm.

The logotype puts a spotlight on the SHO within the Showtime name, cleverly highlighting the network's abbreviation.
Ivan Chermayeff, Showtime logo
Ivan Chermayeff—Showtime logo designer

3. Tom Geismar

Tom and Ivan were original founders of CGH studio.

His designs for Xerox, Chase Manhattan Bank, Best Products, Gemini Consulting, PBS, Univision, Rockefeller Center and, most notably, Mobil (1964) have received worldwide acclaim.

The red "o" is there to facilitate pronunciation (mobil not mobile) and it makes it memorable in an instant.
Tom Geismar, Mobil logo
Tom Geismar—Mobil logo designer

4. Sagi Haviv

Sagi is a New York-based graphic designer and a partner in the design firm Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv who joined Chermayeff & Geismar in 2003.

The logo is a simple depiction of a book that takes the form of a waving flag.
Sagi Haviv, Library of Congress logo
Sagi Haviv—Library of Congress logo designer

5. Paula Scher

Paula is is an American graphic designer, and the first female principal at Pentagram. Her graphic identities for Citibank and Tiffany & Co. have become case studies for the contemporary regeneration of American brands.

It took me a few seconds to draw it, but it took me 34 years to learn how to draw it in a few seconds.
Paula Scher, Citi Bank logo
Paula Scher—Citi Bank logo designer

Paula drew the Citi bank logo on a napkin while interviewing the executives. Check the Citibank logo sketch here.

6. Steff Geissbuhler

Steff was the former partner and principal at Chermayeff & Geismar Inc. for 30 years and designer of some of the most memorable posters and definitive corporate-identity programs like: NBC, Time Warner Cable.

The new logo is a pictograph combination of an eye and ear, the essence of communication.
Steff Geissbuhler, Time Warner Cable logo
Steff Geissbuhler—Time Warner Cable logo designer

7. Milton Glaser

Milton is an American graphic designer.

His designs include the psychedelic Bob Dylan poster, the Brooklyn Brewery logo and the I ❤ NY logo.

He is the first graphic designer to receive National Medal of the Arts award from President Barack Obama in 2009.

I did the logo in 1975 and I thought it would last a couple of months as a promotion and disappear.
Milton Glaser, I Love NY logo
Milton Glaser—I Love NY logo designer

Want to see the rough sketch of the I love NY logo?

8. Rob Janoff

Rob is a graphic designer of corporate logos and identities, printed advertisements and television commercials.

He is best known for his creation of the colorful Apple logo.

The bite in the Apple logo was simply introduced so it couldn’t be confused with a cherry.
Rob Janoff, Apple logo
Rob Janoff—Apple logo designer

9. Lindon Leader

Lindon Leader is the designer who created the FedEx mark in 1994 while working as senior design director in the San Francisco office of Landor Associates.

The arrow connote forward direction, speed, and precision, and it remains hidden.
Lindon Leader, FedEx logo
Lindon Leader—FedEx logo

10. Tinker Hatfield

Tinker, is an American designer of numerous Nike athletic shoe models, including the Air Jordan 3 through Air Jordan 15 and the famous jumpman Air Jordan logo.

Michael Jordan did a photoshoot what would later be known as the Jumpman pose.
Tinker Hatfield, Air Jordan logo
Tinker Hatfield—Air Jordan logo designer

11. Otto Firle

Otto was the Werbeleiter – literally "advertising leader", today probably a Chief Marketing Officer – of the Deutsche Luft-Reederei (Today Lufthansa) and he's the one who designed the Lufthansa logo.

The name “Lufthansa” comes from two German words; “Luft” meaning air and “Hansa” - crane.

[caption id="attachment_52390" align="aligncenter" width="750"]

Otto Firle, Lufthansa logo
Otto Firle—Lufthansa logo designer

12. James Modarelli

James “Jim” Modarelli began his career as an artist-designer at the laboratory that would become the NASA Glenn Research Center, and he designed the NASA logo in 1959.

The sphere represents a planet, the stars represent space, the red chevron is a wing representing aeronautics plus there is an orbiting spacecraft going around the wing.
James Modarelli, NASA logo
James Modarelli—NASA logo designer

13. Henri Kay Henrion

Henri was a German graphic designer—a celebrated poster and exhibition designer.

Henrion was also the founding father of modern European corporate identity and designer of KLM airlines logo.

The new crown adds a regal glamor to the emblem by “crowning” the company’s initials.
Henri Kay Henrion, KLM logo
Henri Kay Henrion—KLM logo designer

14. Frank Mason Robinson

Frank, was an important early marketer and advertiser of what became known as Coca-Cola.

He also designed the Coca-Cola iconic script logo.

Frank suggests the name Coca-Cola set in a Spencerian script font in 1887.
Frank Mason, Coca-Cola logo
Frank Mason—Coca-Cola logo designer

15. Alan Fletcher

Alan Gerard Fletcher was a British graphic designer.

In his obituary, he was described by The Daily Telegraph as "the most highly regarded graphic designer of his generation, and probably one of the most prolific".

By removing a leg of the A and tucking it up to the ampersand, the mark achieves a unique configuration without loss of legibility.
Alan Fletcher, V&A logo
Alan Fletcher—V&A logo designer

16. Anton Stankowski

Anton Stankowski was a German graphic designer, photographer and painter.

He developed an original Theory of Design and pioneered Constructive Graphic Art.

Slash in a square stands for consistent growth and dynamic development.
Anton Stankowski, Deutsche Bank logo
Anton Stankowski—Deutsche Bank logo designer

17. Carolyn Davidson

Carolyn Davidson is a graphic designer best known for designing the Nike "swoosh" logo.

Carolyn was student at the time when the founder of Nike asked her to design a logo.

I remember when he picked The Swoosh, he said, I don't love it but it'll grow on me.
Carolyn Davidson, Nike logo
Carolyn Davidson—Nike logo designer

Also check the initial sketches of the Nike logo.

18. Raymond Loewy

Raymond Loewy was a French-born American industrial designer who achieved fame for the magnitude of his design efforts across a variety of industries, especially the Shell logo.

Scallop shell or pecten emblem had been introduced to give a visual representation of the corporate and brand name.
Raymond Loewy, Shell logo
Raymond Loewy—Shell logo designer

Raymond also designed the Exxon logo.

Check the initial logo sketches here.

19. Salvador Dalí

Salvador Dalí, was a prominent Spanish surrealist artist born in Figueres, Catalonia, Spain. He is probably best known for his surrealistic paintings, but he happened to design the famous Chupa Chups logo.

Dali incorporated the Chupa Chups (meaning "to suck") name into a brightly coloured daisy shape and suggested that the logo be placed on top of the lollipop.

[caption id="attachment_52396" align="aligncenter" width="750"]

Salvador Dalí, Chupa Chups logo
Salvador Dalí—Chupa Chups logo designer

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