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September 12, 2023

The Best Monitors for Graphic Design (September 2023)

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The Best Monitors for Graphic Design (September 2023)

Discover the top 9 monitors for graphic design in 2023! Elevate your creativity with stunning displays, vibrant colors, and sleek designs. Your masterpiece awaits!

If you are a graphic designer like me, you know how essential it is to have a monitor with a large screen, that provides high resolution and accurately displays colors.

Choosing the right monitor can make a huge difference in terms of your creative workflow, productivity, and overall satisfaction with your work.

What's the best monitor for graphic design in 2023?

You should definitely look for a monitor that can give you the best combination of great performance, high resolution, and broad color coverage.

Best monitors for graphic design

Fortunately for us designers, the improvement in technology has made 4K monitors better and more affordable than ever.

As years pass by, there are so many options available on the market that it is hard to decide which one is best for your graphic design needs.

That's why I came up with a decision to write this article to suggest the 9 best graphic design monitors that will surely help you decide which one is right for you and your creative needs.

Some of these monitors will come equipped with better features than others, which can improve a designer's overall performance.

In his article, I will also go over some of those features and talk about what they really mean from the perspective of a graphic designer.‍

So, hopefully, you can make an informed choice when it comes to buying your next monitor.

What to look for in monitors for graphic design

If you're looking to choose the best monitor for designers—check out my quick guide to help you make up your mind.

When you work on the right monitor, with a large bright screen, accurate colors, and great resolution, you can do better work as a designer.

Getting the right monitor for your graphic design business is as important as the job itself.

First, you need to think about what kind of graphic design work you will use this monitor for.

The monitor you choose needs to have certain features to be considered the right choice for handling your specific graphic design tasks.

How to choose the best monitors for graphic design

I advise all designers to consider these 5 important factors when choosing the right monitor:

  1. Screen size
  2. Resolution
  3. Color accuracy
  4. Connections
  5. Price

Now let's briefly talk about each of them and how they relate to your job as a graphic designer.

1. Screen size

Screen size may not be the number one factor for some designers, but believe me, it actually matters.

The screen size really matters, especially when you work on big, complex artworks with lots of details.

Generally, I'd advise most designers to get a screen size of between 27 and 32”, but if you're a pro who multitasks a lot, you might want to get something around 40”.

2. Resolution

As with screen size, the higher the pixel resolution, the better, and I wouldn't recommend buying a monitor below 4k resolution.

As a designer, you need the highest resolution possible to see the tiniest details clearly without any pixelation.

Preferably, you should opt for 4k (3,840 by 2,160 pixels), but of course, you can go even higher.

3. Color accuracy

Another very important factor to consider for designers is how well a monitor can reproduce colors, often referred to as “color gamut”.

Accurate color reproduction is important to every designer, whether it be for print or digital—you need the widest gamut possible.

Choose a monitor that allows you to make frequent calibrations and one that also covers at least 99% of the Adobe RGB color space.

4. I/O Connections

It is recommended to get a monitor with multiple connections or ports so that you can plug in all your devices.

Make sure your monitor has I/O connections compatible with your workstation, either your laptop or computer.

The monitor you choose should have at least HDMI, dual-link DVI ports, and DisplayPort to be able to plug into most computers and laptops.

5. Price

And of course, the price can be an important factor when it comes to choosing the right monitor, because who likes to overspend?

Price will often reflect the quality you get, but not always—so it's your job to choose wisely.

Pay close attention to price in relation to expected performance and features to get the best monitor possible for your graphic design needs and budget.

Just a reminder, a High price doesn't always equal better quality.

So let's dive right into it.

Here's my list of the top 9 best monitors for designers to buy in 2023.

1. Asus ProArt Display PA32DC

The Asus ProArt Display PA32DC is number one on my list due to its exceptional features perfect for professionals striving for precise color reproduction.

Best OLED monitor with perfect blacks and extremely accurate color reproduction.

This monitor offers wide-color-gamut performance, automatic calibration, and OLED technology.

Asus ProArt Display OLED PA32DC

Buy on Amazon

First off, as mentioned above, Asus ProArt Display PA32DC is built with OLED technology, boasts a 10-bit color depth, and supports 99% AdobeRGB...

This means that you will get highly accurate colors.

It is a 4K HDR monitor that offers a wide color gamut performance, crucial for accurate color representation in both graphic design and 4K HDR video reproduction.

It also showcases its automatic calibration which ensures consistent color accuracy over time.

For connectivity options, this monitor is equipped with 3x USB-C, 2x HDMI, and DisplayPort.

Its rapid 1ms response time also makes this a great monitor for video editing.

Lastly, Its adjustable stand and portable design offer versatility in positioning and setup, catering to the ergonomic needs of designers.


  • Brand: Asus
  • Display: 32" OLED Dispaly
  • Resolution: 4K (3840 x 2160)
  • Color Gamut: 100% DCI-P3
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Connections: 2x HDMI, DisplayPort, 3x USB


  • Perfect blacks and infinite contrast of OLED panel
  • Extremely accurate colors
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Super fast response time
  • HDR support


  • Potential for permanent burn-in
  • lower peak brightness than LED monitors

Buy Asus ProArt Display OLED PA32DC on Amazon

2. Philips 288E2E

The Philips 288E2E is a go-to monitor for creatives for its ability to deliver an immersive and vibrant visual environment.

The Best affordable 4K monitor with sharp details and good color reproduction

This monitor offers crystal clear resolution, phenomenal color accuracy, smooth frame transitions, eye-care features, and a sleek, user-friendly design.

Philips 288E2E

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Philips 288E2E boasts a 4K UHD resolution or 840 x 2160 pixels, allowing you to work on the tiniest details of an image.

It covers 119% of the sRGB and 106% of the NTSC color gamut, which means it will show you vibrant colors, and every hue in between will be as it should be.

This monitor has a 60Hz refresh rate, offering smooth transitions between frames.

It comes with flicker-free technology and a blue light filter, which makes it a little less harmful to your eyes, even with long hours of work.

When it comes to connectivity, It is built with HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, and it even has built-in speakers.

Last but not least, in terms of the design, it has slim bezels and an elegant stand, plus it is tilt and swivel adjustable.


  • Brand: Philips
  • Display: 28" IPS LED
  • Resolution: 4K (3840 x 2160)
  • Color Gamut: 119 sRGB
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Connections: HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA


  • Affordable 4K resolution for sharp image detail
  • Good color accuracy
  • Thin bezels
  • plenty of features including built-in speakers


  • Mediocre response time
  • Only standard sRGB gamut
  • No HDR support

Buy Philips 288E2E on Amazon

3. LG Ultrafine 5K Display 27"

The 27" LG Ultrafine 5K Display is a top choice monitor for professional creatives with its combination of high resolution, color accuracy, and multimedia capabilities.

Best 5K monitor with immense resolution for retina-quality image sharpness and detail

This monitor offers photographers and graphic designers incredible image detail.

LG Ultrafine 5K Display 27

Buy on Amazon

27" LG Ultrafine 5K Display features 5120 x 2880 pixels and 99% coverage of the P3 color gamut, which means the colors are accurate and vibrant.

If you want convenience in your creative space, this monitor is perfect for you with its one-cable feature that handles power, data, and display all at the same time.

This monitor also features a sleek, slim, and stylish design, plus its height and tilt adjustable feature to make your work more comfortable.

For extra features, it has a built-in camera and speakers, so there's no need to clutter your desk with extra gadgets.

Lastly, if you still want the touch of Apple in your workspace, this monitor is in sync with macOS - All the controls you need are right there in your Mac's settings.


  • Brand: LG
  • Display: 27" IPS LED
  • Resolution: 5K (5120 x 2880)
  • Color Gamut: P3 wide color
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Connections: Thunderbolt 3


  • Immense 5K resolution and pixel density for retina-quality image sharpness
  • Excellent color accuracy
  • Thunderbolt 3 connectivity


  • Expensive
  • Lower response time
  • Only 60Hz refresh rate

Buy 27" LG Ultrafine 5K Display on Aamzon

4. Apple Studio Display

Apple Astudio Display is perfect for creative professionals who demand high-quality displays with precise color representation.

The top-tier 5K Apple-designed monitor with seamless connectivity and integration for Mac users.

This monitor excels in delivering the best visual experience whether it's photo editing, graphic design, or video production.

Apple Studio Display

Buy on Amazon

First off, Apple Studio Display features its P3 wide color gamut and 600 nits of brightness, showing colors as they are meant to be seen.

It has 5K resolution or 5120 x 2880 pixels, giving you great visuals for those intricate designs and not losing any detail.

If you are an all-around Apple user, connecting your MacBook or iPad is very easy and it also lets you use your iPad as a secondary display.

When it comes to its design, this monitor gives you comfort even with long hours of work with its ergonomic stand that lets you tilt and adjust the height like a breeze.

Making it better, the Apple Studio Display is equipped with a 12MP FaceTime HD camera, studio-quality mics, and a six-speaker sound system.

Lastly, This monitor is made with a sleek aluminum design, making it aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


  • Brand: Apple
  • Display: 27" IPS LED
  • Resolution: 5K (5120 x 2880 pixels)
  • Color Gamut: P3 wide color
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Connections: Thunderbolt 3


  • Stunning 5K resolution
  • Excellent color accuracy
  • Thunderbolt 3 connectivity
  • Built-in Webcam, mics, and speakers


  • Expensive
  • Limited compatibility with Windows PCs
  • Can't remove stand to wall mount it

Buy Apple Studio Display on Amazon

5. LG 27UL850

Many quality 4K monitors can be quite expensive, but the LG 27UL850 gives you great performance for a good price.

The budget option 4k monitor with high DCI-P3 colors.

This 27" monitor offers good color quality and performance suitable for graphic design workflows.

LG 27UL850

Buy on Amazon

The 27-inch LG 27UL850 provides superior color control, covering 99% of the RGB color gamut.

This monitor is also compatible with VESA DisplayHDR 400 high dynamic range (up to 400-nit peak luminance).

What it means, in reality, is that it supports specific levels of color and brightness that exceed the capabilities of ordinary monitors.

‍This LG 27UL850 is a great choice for photographers, graphic designers, or anyone looking for quality color reproduction at a decent price point.

I've presented you with other more expensive options, but if you don't do super advanced CGI, this monitor will definitely do the job.

If you're looking for affordable monitors for graphic design, you won't find a better deal than ‍LG 27UL850.


  • Brand: LG
  • Display: 27" IPS LED
  • Resolution: 4K (3840 x 2160)
  • Color Gamut: 99% DCI-P3
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Connections: HDMI, DisplayPort, USB


  • Very affordable
  • Good color gamut


  • Bad speakers
  • No camera

Buy LG 27UL850 on Amazon

6. BenQ PD3200U

The BenQ PD3200U is a go-to choice for professionals who prioritize quality and efficiency in their design work.

Best 32" 4K monitor with expansive workspace and highly accurate colors.

This monitor highlights its impressive display capabilities, color accuracy, and dedicated features intended especially for creative professionals.

BenQ PD3200U

Buy on Amazon

BenQ PD3200U offers 100% sRGB and Rec. 709 color spaces, which means that you're getting a screen that shows colors as they are meant to be seen.

It is built with 4K UHD resolution or 3840 x 2160 pixels, allowing you to see every detail of your sketches and designs.

It also showcases its DualView feature, giving you the option to split your screen and view files side-by-side in different color modes.

In terms of connectivity, this monitor provides HDMI, DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, and USB-C ports.

If you are into aesthetic device design, it will not disappoint you with its sleek, minimalistic build, making it a perfect addition to any workspace.

To provide you with comfortable long working hours, BenQ PD3200U offers you extensive ergonomic adjustments.

Plus it is also built with flicker-free technology and a blue light filter, making it a little less harmful to your eyes.


  • Brand: BenQ
  • Display: 32" IPS LED
  • Resolution: 4K (3840 x 2160)
  • Color Gamut: 100% sRGB
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Connections: HDMI, DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, USB


  • Large 4K display with great detail
  • Excellent color accuracy
  • Fully adjustable stand
  • Plenty of ports


  • Pricey
  • Standard sRGB coverage
  • no HDR

Buy BenQ PD3200U on Amazon

7. Dell UltraSharp UP3218K

The Dell UltraSharp UP3218K's exceptional resolution is a game-changer for professionals who demand precision and realism in their work.

Best 8K monitor with four times the resolution of 4K for maximum detail

This monitor's high display is complemented by a sleek design, making it an aesthetic addition to any workspace.

Dell UltraSharp UP3218K

Buy on Amazon

Let's start with the highlight - Dell UltraSharp UP3218K's biggest flex is its 8K resolution or 7680 x 4320 pixels...

This means you will get crisp visuals and you can zoom in and out your designs without losing an ounce of detail.

Not only that, but this monitor also offers 100% AdobeRGB, sRGB, and Rec. 709 color coverage, plus it supports HDR.

Giving you the perfect color representation every single time.

When it comes to its physical build, the stand is sturdy and it allows a whole range of motion with its tilt, swivel, and height adjustment features.

Connectivity speaking, this monitor is built with enough ports, including HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB 3.0.

Making it better, this monitor has Dell Display Manager, allowing you to just drag and drop your applications into your desired zones and it will instantly organize them.


  • Brand: Dell
  • Display: 32" IPS LED
  • Resolution: 8K (7680 x 4320)
  • Color Gamut: 100% sRGB
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Connections: HDMI, DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, USB 3.0


  • Incredibly sharp resolution
  • Excellent color accuracy
  • Built-in colorimeter for calibration


  • Very Expensive
  • Requires multiple DP cables
  • Needs powerful hardware
  • Gets hot

Buy Dell UltraSharp UP3218K on Amazon

8. BenQ PD3420Q

The BenQ PD3420Q is highly recommended for designers seeking a broader canvas for their creativity.

Best curved ultrawide monitor with immersive design and specialized modes for graphics work

This monitor showcases excellent color accuracy, ergonomic comfort, and a spacious display that empowers designers to bring their visions to life.

BenQ PD3420Q

Buy on Amazon

First things first, the visuals - The BenQ PD3420Q features a 21:9 ultrawide 34" QHD (3440x1440) display...

Allowing you to view your palettes, menus, and projects open all at the same time without flipping through tabs.

This monitor offers 98% P3, 100% sRGB, and 100% Rec. 709 color spaces, ensuring that what you see is what you get, whether it's for web or print.

It comes with specialized modes like CAD/CAM, Animation, and Darkroom to suit various graphic works like 3D models, lively animation, or retouching photos.

As graphic designers, we all spend hours glaring at our screens, thankfully BenQ PD3420Q has flicker-free technology and a blue light filter that makes it less harmful to our eyes.

Lastly, connecting your phones, tablets, or even extra monitors is not a problem because this monitor is built with HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB-C.


  • Brand: BenQ
  • Display: 34"
  • Resolution: Ultrawide QHD (3440x1440)
  • Color Gamut: 100% sRGB
  • Aspect Ratio: 21:9
  • Connections: DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, HDMI, USB-C


  • Immersive curved ultrawide design
  • High resolution provides sharp details
  • Great ergonomic adjustability


  • Expensive compared to similar spec products
  • no HDR support

Buy BenQ PD3420Q on Amazon

9. Samsung Odyssey G9

Samsung Odyssey G9 is perfect for graphic designers seeking accuracy, vibrancy, and a seamless workflow.

Best curved super ultrawide monitor with fast refresh rate and smooth performance for animation.

This monitor's combination of a large, high-resolution screen, fast refresh rate, and OLED technology helps designers bring their creative visions to life.

Samsung Odyssey G9

Let's start with the main highlight of this monitor - It boasts its 49" super ultrawide curved display...

Allowing you to have multiple windows open and letting you multitask like a pro.

It also offers a QLED panel with a wide color gamut, making the colors vibrant, true-to-life, and eye-pleasing.

Samsung Odyssey G9 is made with 5120 x 1440 pixels, making sure that you see every detail, whether you're zooming in or out.

It also showcases its 240Hz refresh rate, which makes fast-paced actions, like dragging elements or switching between apps easy.

This monitor is built with user comfort in mind with its eye comfort technology that reduces blue light and flickers, so you can work longer without causing eye strain.

Let's not forget its ergonomics - The stand is adjustable, allowing you to find the perfect viewing angle.

Last but not the list, Its sleek, modern look adds a touch of sophistication to any workspace.


  • Brand: Samsung
  • Display: 49" VA LED
  • Resolution: 5120 x 1440 QHD
  • Color Gamut: 125% sRGB
  • Aspect Ratio: 32:9
  • Connections: DisplayPort, HDMI


  • Massive super ultrawide screen
  • Extremely fast response time and refresh rate
  • HDR600 support with high brightness


  • Expensive
  • Lower color accuracy compared to IPS panels
  • Aggressive 1000R curve may cause distortions

Buy Samsung Odyssey G9 on Amazon


There you have it, the 9 top best graphic design monitors based on a creative expert's viewpoint.

To wrap it up, 4K monitors are a bit more expensive than 1080p ones, but designers get the most out of them due to the improved resolution.

There are a lot of different brands that offer affordable 4K monitors, so depending on your budget, you can get a monitor for as low as $300 or as much as $5,000.

And of course, the bigger the budget, the more vibrant and alive your images will get.

‍For any graphic designer, a professionally calibrated monitor that covers most of the AdobeRGB or DCI-P3 color space would be recommended.

As a designer, you need to invest in a good monitor, computer, and software because this will definitely pay off in the long run.

So while you don't have to spend a fortune, I strongly recommend you go for the most expensive monitor you can afford.

Bigger and better screens are undoubtedly a priority when it comes to graphic design.

Have some recommendations?—Leave a comment below.

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