20 Best Tech Startup Logos in 2019

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I’ve examined hundreds of tech startup logos in terms of their aesthetics and selected top 20 for your inspiration.

Keep in mind that I examine these tech startup logos purely from the visual standpoint.

If you're curious about the logo design process or how much logo design cost check my other articles.

How do I judge these tech brand logos? - learn what makes a logo professional.

The goal of this blog post is to simply to inspire you're logo design by showing you some good startup logo designs.

Also, to see the contrast, check my article where I show some of the worst logo design examples and explain why they're so bad.

This list of 20 best tech startup logo designs - will give you an example of what to focus on when searching for your logo inspiration.

This logo inspiration list consist not necessarily of the best startups founded in 2017 - but they're surely among the successful ones.

I strongly believe that the quality of your logo substantially contribute to your startup success (or failure).

Since we’re talking about tech logos specifically, these logos need to be flexible.

Why flexible?

When the room is limited (say on a smartphone) you can use the icon as an abbreviated logo.

An icon (app icon) will need to be seen easily and read clearly.

So without further ado, let’s jump right into the logo inspiration list and see some of the best tech logo examples:

Best Tech Company Logos

Here’s the list of 100 tech startups from 2017, which, in my opinion, have their logos on point.

Sorted accidentally.

1. Iterate

iterate startup 2017 logo

Iterate is a platform for getting the customer feedback (in the form of surveys) to empower teams to make better decision and build better products.

The bars illustrate the company’s name in a simples possible way. This allows us to make an instant association with the company’s name. It’s simple, it’s memorable and it’s appropriate.

2. Elevatr

elevatr logo

Elevatr is redefining support for those affected by mental health issues and the people who care about them. Their slogan “Lift Me Up”

Another example, where a logo illustrates the brand’s name perfectly. This balanced logo gets our attention by the clever usage of symmetry. Reflected middle “v” to creates a symbol seen often by the elevators.

3. AskNed

AskNed is an NLP engine that allows Enterprises to gain more insights into their data and build platforms that operate much more efficiently.

Another example, where a logo illustrates the brand’s name perfectly. This balanced logo gets our attention by the clever usage of symmetry. Reflected middle “v” to creates a symbol seen often by the elevators.

4. All set

Allset was created to make lunch for our team easier and faster at nearby restaurants. How it works: you book a table and order your meal before you arrive at the restaurant.

There’s something magical about this logo. Almost every smiling logo will looks good (Amazon, IHOP etc.), but this one has the third eye! It’s catchy, it’s simple, and it works. BTW I love this app.

5. EverCharg

All buildings have limited electrical capacity preventing installation of chargers to support EV growth and electric vehicles usage. EverCharge makes widespread EV adoption possible in apartments, condominiums, and fleets.

Moving forward, road, and connectivity. Not so much charging in it, but a logo doesn’t always have to literally illustrate what company does. It’s important that the logo is unique and easy for us to make quick associations.

6. Flash

The app lets you find exciting adventures near you in a minute or less, no plans, or dates required. On the flash you can also create events to celebrate, assemble, get down to business, and more.

It’s a common treatment to use first letter of the name and stylize it in order to make it distinctive. Flash app it’s all about “finding that adventure”, and this is perfectly captured in the maze-like F for Flash. Simplicity rules!

7. BottleUp

BottleUp is a mobile nightlife reservation platform allowing customers to seamlessly book VIP tables and bottle service to exclusive nightclubs and lounges anywhere in the United States.

What a beautiful usage of the negative space! At the same time, the logo is also the second part of the name - UP of course, stands for BootleUp. Simple, clever, and it just burns into your mind!

8. TeamSync Bookmarks

TeamSync Bookmarks makes sharing bookmarks, online resources, and other tools easy by syncing bookmarks across computers in real-time.

They use cloud-based technology to ensure that you have access to all bookmarks anytime and anywhere.

The logo consist of 2 people top view, connected & sharing a negative space square between them. The rotation adds some dynamism to it & makes it look more interesting. An iconic and instantly memorable logo

9. Green Spork

Green Spork is a new type of meal planner that works to reduce leftover perishable ingredients by intelligently pairing recipes.

The average American household of 4 will throw out between $1,350 to $2,275 of food annually.

Yet another logo with a beautiful usage of the negative space to draw a spork into the “g” letter. The green color is directly tied to the name as well. Meaningful, simple & unique.

10. SmartAssist

SmartAssist is an artificial intelligence company in the customer support space.

SmartAssist enables a business to intelligently classify and automatically respond to simple known issues.

Since the company uses AI to generate response automation — a macaw seems like a perfect embodiment. Well-executed logo w/ basic shapes and bright colors. Bold and vibrant. Easy to remember.

11. Chorus

Chorus is a place to swap podcast recommendations with friends, fans, and podcasters.

Discover (and listen to) amazing new episodes, and recommend your favorites to your followers.

The logo uses 3 dots connected on a path to create a “C” letter. Circular composition and connected things. The logo beautifully captures the concept of swapping.

12. Veeps

Influencers receive millions of messages per day across their various social media channels and many go unanswered (lost deals).

VEEPS has solved this problem with a scalable AI (Artificial Intelligence) solution.

The V stands out because of the curl that get our attention. The icon is simple and easy to reproduce. Creating a flexible design like this works well across a variety of devices, even on the tiniest screens.

13. Holla

HOLLA offers a unique and exciting way to meet fun people all over the world in seconds. We empower users to express themselves, discover the world, enjoy the moment, and have fun together.

The mascot looks cute and evokes positive feelings. The logo is well-executed and leaves the door open to emoji development (like Snapchat) Flexible. Fun. Unique.

14. ClassCode

Learning tech online is almost impossible.

Less than 3% of people that start online courses finish them.

ClassCode lets you learn tech from onsite classes taught by independent instructors nearby.

The brackets are directly related to coding. The blue color symbolizes wisdom, confidence and intelligence. Together it makes the logo simple and allows for flexible use.

15. Kick Health

A more confident you. Kick is the first mobile app that helps people overcome shyness through actionable daily Kicks and a supportive community.

Daily Confidence Exercises for Introverts & Shy Extroverts.

Kangaroo has a strong kick that’s for sure. After all, how many kangaroo logos are there? Unique & nicely shaped by using one-weight line goes well with the chosen typography.

16. Moozicore

Moozicore is revolutionary music streaming service that transforms background music in venues into an interactive customer-sourced playlists.

Customers can control music in venues directly from their smartphones.

The bars shape M letter in an interesting way. It’s not so obvious until you see the logo together with name. Interesting way. It’s not so obvious until you see the logo together with name.

17. Air Labs

Air is an early-stage startup from Brooklyn building a camera for your home movies.

As a native iOS, Android, and web application, Air Labs aims to help users capture, re-watch, and share their life’s memories.

The word Air shaped in the form of a camera looks interesting and is simple enough to work as an app icon on mobile devices. The color is also distinctive, to be easily recognizable among many apps we already use on a daily.

18. Unveil

Unveil is a web app that helps couples manage and research their wedding vendors with ease.

They’re pulling the veil back on the process of hiring wedding vendors.

The logo is nicely executed with the U inside the hart, and 45 degree rotation gives it a character. The color selected is pretty original, which makes it stand out among other heart-like symbols, dating apps etc.

19. Mirror That Look

Mirror That Look is an Image & video recognition API designed specifically for fashion merchandising, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, and digital advertising.

Company uses AI to generate recommended response and response automation — a macaw seems like a perfect embodiment. The logo is well-executed with basic shapes and bright colors.

20. Tipit

TIPIT is a platform that helps creators monetize their content by giving followers fun and meaningful ways to show support.

From subscribing to your private feed to tipping your posts, users can show their love with a click of a button.

When a name is short and easy to remember, the icon doesn’t have to necessarily be illustrative. It’s just a shorthand and an app icon. This is a perfect example of a stylized, distinctive letter.

In general, a logo needs to be simple, memorable and appropriate in order to thrive.

Those logos look simple, but the logo design process isn't easy.

It requires an enormous amount of patience and an obsession with getting it right.

Before getting down to designing your logo, get some logo design tips from pros.

What do you think about these Startup logos? Leave a comment below.

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