10 Best Webflow Templates in 2022

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Best 10 Webflow Templates

  1. SaasBox—Best for startups
  2. ZeroDesign—UI Kit for creatives
  3. Photography X—For portfolio
  4. Realtor X—For realty companies
  5. Bobs—Best for restaurants
  6. Web Folio—Best for designers
  7. Clutch—For fashion brands
  8. Kaka—Great for agencies
  9. Insue—For insurance firms
  10. Blog Ace—Best for bloggers

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Looking for the right Webflow template to use when developing your website?—Check out this list of best Webflow templates to buy in 2022.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a web designer, getting a quality template to serve you as a base for your project is crucial.

You have the option of creating and building your own website from scratch, or instead—getting a ready-to-use template, to save yourself a lot of time and money.

You can always adjust the right template to make it look unique and match your brand.

What are the best Webflow templates to buy in 2022?

Why Webflow templates?— Webflow has efficient and super responsive templates that can help you build your own website with minimum effort.

It is also a no-code website creator and builder that will help you create your own website as you wish—everything is possible!

best webflow templates

You can be overwhelmed with a wide variety of templates available online.

To narrow down your search and to save your time, I have chosen the top 10 best Webflow templates, each one for different use: for startups, bloggers, agencies and so on.

Webflow has all the templates you need that you can choose from across a range of industries.

10 Best Webflow Templates

  1. SaasBox—A super responsive Webflow template for startups
  2. ZeroDesign—A stylish UI Kit for creatives
  3. Photography X—Fast template for photographers
  4. Realtor X—World-class template for realty companies
  5. Bobs—An amazing template for restaurants
  6. Web Folio—All-in-one template for your portfolio
  7. Clutch—Premium template for fashion brands
  8. Kaka—A unique template for agencies
  9. Insue—A simplistic template for insurance firms
  10. Blog Ace—A minimalistic Webflow template for bloggers

Here is the list of the best Webflow templates for different industries that you can use for your business.

1. SaasBox

If you are looking for a great Webflow template for your start-up site, SaasBox is a great premium template for you.

A super responsive Webflow template for Startups.

SaasBox can help you maximize your conversion with compelling designs and great interactions.

Price: $129.00

SaasBox Webflow template

You can customize this website freely with so many different pages.

You have 25 plus pages to keep you building your website easily and make a great impression and grow up your revenue fast.

This Webflow template will help you build a dynamic website that will make your visitors come for more.

A template that lets you edit with ease with just a few clicks.

This benefit will let you make changes to your site fast and effortlessly.

Try SaasBox Webflow Template Now

2. ZeroDesign

If you wanted to give your business a great web design, ZeroDesign is the best solution for you.

A stylish UI Kit for creatives.

This Webflow template allows you to choose the best template that perfectly fits your preferences.

Price: $129.00

ZeroDesign Webflow template

With the touch-friendly slider that ZeroDesign offers, it allows you to have elegant and stylish web images and text.

It displays excellently on any gadget as it automatically collapses as you navigate even on a smaller device.

You have 10 static pages and Webflow CMS-driven pages that you can customize with high-resolution images and background videos.

You can create strong and responsive layouts using this template.

This feature allows you to resize or rearrange items easier, even without codes.

Try ZeroDesign Webflow Template Now

3. Photographer X

If you opt to find a great Webflow template to uplift your brand or your photo studio, Photography X can do the work for you.

Fast template for photographers.

Photography X is the only Webflow template for videography and photography that offers a unique and premium design.

Price: $129.00

Photographer X Webflow template

This Webflow template is well-optimized to make your website and pages load faster.

You will also have smoother and responsive site navigation even on your mobile phones.

You can customize your site any way you like because in this template, editing is made easy and light.

All 20 pages that this Webflow offers have a stunning and attractive interaction and seamless appearance animations.

It was created using up-to-date and modern Webflow features and functionalities and will be automatically and continuously updated.

Try Photographer X Webflow Template Now

4. Realtor X

Realtor X is a superb Webflow template that will help you build  your real estate firm.

World-class template for realty companies.

This template is created for modern real estate companies that want to have an amazing website.

Price: $129.00

Realtor X Webflow template

You will have 28 pages which include 3 variations each of Homepage, blog, and contact page.

This is created for realtors, real estate agents, and realty businesses looking for properties to buy and sell.

Once you purchased this template, it comes with a Figma design source file that will be sent to you.

Realtor X is 100% customizable so you can design your website to your preference without hassles.

You will also have a responsive page template that was speed optimized which every website should be.

Try Realtor X Webflow Template Now

5. Bobs

If you want to have an amazing and unique template for your restaurant, Bobs is here for you.

An amazing template for restaurants.

Your audience will enjoy looking at your site as Bobs offers well-made visual design.

Price: $149.00

Bobs Webflow template

You will find it easier to produce and personalize sections of your site in no time.

The web page is easy to manage and easier to edit as well.

You will have a one of a kind food menus that is fully combined with CMS.

You will have limitless background colors that you can change easily using CMS.

It also has more than 30 ready-to-use and predefined page templates that will be helpful in building your brand.

Try Bobs Webflow Template Now

6. Web Folio

If you are eyeing a  professional-looking Webflow template that will not consume a lot of your time creating, Web Folio is the one you are looking for.

All-in-one template for your portfolio.

This template allows you to create a comprehensive and competitive portfolio website that does not require coding at all.

Price: $79.00

Web Folio Webflow template

You can create a customized portfolio of your works that you can proudly showcase to your clients using the flexible templates.

A responsive template that will give your potential clients a hassle-free browsing experience.

You will have stunning animations that will add up to your portfolio’s overall appearance.

With its multiple content sections, you will be able to have enough space to display all the information that your client might be looking for.

In Web Folio, editing is made easy as well with the use of  Webflow CMS.

Try Web Folio Webflow Template Now

7. Clutch

Give your customers and website visitors an extraordinary online shopping experience with this Clutch Webflow template.

Premium template for fashion brands.

This template is specifically designed for fashion stores regardless of your business capability.

Price: $129.00

Clutch Webflow template

You will have a 25-page website that includes  all the important features of a modern fashion store.

Clutch has a responsive layout and easy to navigate site for your e-commerce site.

This template allows you to personalize your page and design it just the way you like it.

Editing with this template is a lot easier, so you can update your site whenever and wherever you are.

This is all you are looking for as it has all the important factors that a fashion site should have.

Try Clutch Webflow Template Now

8. Kaka

If your agency is looking for an impressive Webflow template, Kaka is definitely the one you should use.

A unique Webflow template for agencies.

This template is 100% tailor-made and you can do changes without needing any codes.

Price: $129.00

Kaka Webflow template

It is flexible that you can use it for any website layout and design for your projects and business sites.

You will have more than 22 pages of customizable website templates.

Just like any other amazing template, Kaka is super responsive and works perfectly in any screen size.

It also has Ultra-High Resolution Graphics, and is Retina Ready as well.

You will also have 3 stunning landing pages prepared  for you so you will not have a hard time looking for other amazing designs.

Try Kaka Webflow Template Now

9. Insue

Looking for an excellent website template for your insurance firm?—here’s Insue for you.

A simplistic template for insurance firms.

With its simple and stylistic design, customers will be hooked to its eye-catching look.

Price: $129.00

Insue Webflow template

A template that is meticulously designed to have a clean and minimalistic look.

Insue offers a super-responsive web template even if your potential clients use different devices.

This template offers you 28 pages of stylish design made specifically for insurance businesses.

It is powered by Webflow CMS and offers pre-made collections such as Agents, Careers, Help Center, etc.

One of its best assets is having a super-fast speed, as we all know, a slow site is a major turn-off to customers.

Try Insue Webflow Template Now

10. Blog Ace

Blog Ace is designed for budding bloggers looking for a template that can showcase their writing abilities.

A minimalistic Webflow template for bloggers.

A fully responsive template that will make you attract more readers.

Price: $79.00

Blog Ace Webflow template

You will have more than 30 simple and yet elegantly designed web pages.

Webflow Editor will you to create and edit your blogs hassle-free.

You can easily add and edit content and publish it with just a single click.

With the top security that Blog Ace offers, hackers and spammers will have a hard time going through your site.

This web template is all you need to flaunt your amazing blog and content.

Try Blog Ace  Webflow Template Now


Webflow templates are perfect for small and budding businesses that want to use web templates for a lesser price.

It is one of the best well-designed templates that allow your website to run fast, smoothly, and efficiently.

Unlike other platforms, Webflow does not require code that allows you to build and design your website in one fluid process.

Whether you’re a business owner, creative designer, photographer,  restaurant owner,  or blogger—whatever industry you belong in, Webflow has the template that will best suit you.

I hope this article gives you insight and ideas of the best Webflow templates you can choose from according to your line of business.

Which of these Webflow templates would you like to try soon?—Share your thoughts and I will be glad to read them all.

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