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Are you looking for the best branding agencies in NYC to provide your brand with best-in-class research, strategy, and identity services?

We can all agree that for a business to stand out and distinguish itself from its competitors, it must establish a strong brand right from the start.

However, having no brand experts to help you properly position your brand could just put your business at risk.

What are the best branding agencies in New York?

A branding agency helps businesses stay updated and relevant—they raise opportunities to a great extent.

10 Best Branding Agencies in New York

This is why most of the world’s businesses, from startups to established ones, are still partnering with branding agencies to improve their brand visibility and to maintain their relevancy in the market.

With hundreds of game-changing branding agencies all over New York, it must be quite challenging for you to find the one that best suits your business needs.

So, to help you choose and distinguish which firm is capable of providing your needs, check out this top 10 best branding agencies in New York.

10 Best Branding Agencies in NY

  1. DeSantis Breindel
  2. WANT Branding
  3. GreyBox Creative
  4. Digital Silk
  5. BrandTuitive
  6. C42D
  7. Beacon Branding
  8. River + Wolf
  9. StarfishT
  10. Ebaqdesign

1. DeSantis Breindel

The first agency on my list is considered the leading B2B branding agency in New York City, which is DeSantis Breindel.

DeSantis Breindel builds brands that inspire meaningful change.

They empower B2B brand builders in a variety of industries, including technology, healthcare, financial services, and professional services.

DeSantis Breindel agency

DeSantis Breindel works with companies to engage customers, influence prospects, motivate workers, and excite investors through research and brand strategy, design, and brand experiences.

Its expanding B2B branding and marketing skills demonstrate its commitment to transforming brands into compelling drivers of long-term value.

Their team is made up of creative strategists and strategic creatives who are collaborative changemakers, passionate about empowering their clients to maximize the value of their brands.

Because they understand the client's business so well, the team does excellent work by deliberating on strategic approaches, allowing them to build good collaboration.

Additionally, DeSantis Breindel has a solid 5-star rating, which puts them in the first position in the Clutch listing of the best branding agencies in NYC.

Contact: 212-994-7680
Minimum Project Size: $75,000+
Average Hourly Rate: $200-$300 / hr
Employees: 10-49
Founded: 2003
Location: 30 West 21st Street, New York, NY 10010

Visit DeSantis Breindel now

2. WANT Branding

WANT Branding has been in the industry for 30 years, helping businesses from all over the world achieve the utmost success with their brands.

WANT has a passion for providing branding and naming services for their clients.

The firm consists of professionals and creative minds that handle all aspects of branding, from brand strategy to brand naming to in-depth brand research.

WANT Branding agency

We all know that branding has complexity in its overall process, but WANT departs from what is expected by making their branding ways much simpler and straightforward.

They have established a unique approach to positioning a brand and have successfully communicated their creative ideas with simplicity.

The way WANT works demonstrates to the clients that they have handled everything from small to the world’s greatest brands.

Receiving the highest number of good reviews and the highest rate among its top branding competitors could back up the reason why they should be in this spot.

So, if you want to collaborate with an experienced team of global branding specialists capable of building high-performance brands at breakneck speed, WANT Branding is an excellent choice.

Contact: 1-212-352-2100
Minimum Project Size: $25,000+
Average Hourly Rate: $200-$300 / hr
Employees: 2-9
Founded: 1999
Location: 1216 Broadway, Second floor, New York, NY 10001

Visit WANT Branding now

3. GreyBox Creative

Greybox's creative team has established itself as one of the best branding firms in New York City by providing high-quality branded solutions across all touchpoints.

GreyBox Creative believes that a well-built brand can become a company’s greatest asset.

They provide clients and their sales teams with the tools they need to consistently attract their ideal customers through a comprehensive brand strategy that focuses on the sales process.

GreyBox Creative agency

It is a boutique branding agency that delivers world-class design solutions for companies ready to elevate their brand.

Its creative team has been working together for three decades and is still passionate about delivering strategic solutions for small businesses and multinational enterprises.

GreyBox Creative also provide branding and graphic design services for nonprofit organizations.

In fact, they have managed a comprehensive rebranding project, established a new logo, and designed brochures for them.

GreyBox Creative also maintains regular communication and runs a seamless process, and their work is distinguished by attentiveness and response.

Contact: 646 354 7770
Minimum Project Size: $10,000+
Average Hourly Rate: $150-$199 / hr
Employees: 2-9
Founded: 1996
Location: 1345 Avenue of Americas, Suite 33-060 New York, NY 10005

Visit GreyBox Creative now

4. Digital Silk

With efficient brand strategies, cutting-edge site designs, app development, and results-driven marketing campaigns, Digital Silk fosters business success.

Digital Silk works with their clients to help them build their brand online.

They offer web design services for any type of business and have upgraded the platform's UI/UX design to differentiate it from the competition.

Digital Silk agency

The team of Digital Silk consists of 50-259 employees who can meet and surpass the company's requirements.

Their designs received excellent comments from their clients, and the company's business benefited as a result of their efforts.

What impressed their clients the most was how fast Digital Silk resolved the client's difficulties, which resulted in a fruitful collaboration.

You will be assured that the team has broad knowledge of the industry as well as how the strategy will fit your company’s needs.

They are also very professional in their approach to each step of project development, with a strong emphasis on details, which impressed most of the clients that they worked with.

Contact: (800) 856-5417
Minimum Project Size: $10,000+
Average Hourly Rate: $100-$149 / hr
Employees: 50-249
Founded: 2017
Location: 18 West 18th Street New York, NY 10011

Visit Digital Silk now

5. BrandTuitive

Whether you’re a well-established company or a start-up in the industry, BrandTuitive believes that you have something that the world deserves to witness.

BrandTuitive reveals the genuine power of your brand in your clients' lives.

BrandTuitive's unique ability to listen to and comprehend the emotions of its customers is what makes its brand work so effective.

BrandTuitive agency

They are able to build a strong message that will attract clients by knowing the truth about who they are, what they do, and how they make their clients' lives better.

Through an in-depth session with your key management, BrandTuitive will identify your strategic advantages.

They will concentrate on your company's strengths, ambitions, and the distinct value you bring to your customers.

BrandTuitive’s team also conducted a brand positioning audit to identify exploitable competitor weaknesses.

This research reveals where your competitors fall short in delivering on the movie in the minds of prospective clients.

Contact: 646 790 5707
Minimum Project Size: $75,000+
Average Hourly Rate: $200-$300 / hr
Employees: 10-49
Founded: 2010
Location: 275 Madison Avenue Suite 1700 New York, NY 10016

Visit BrandTuitive now

6. C42D

The C42D branding agency creates a compelling and clear brand story that connects with customers and then applies it across the board.

C42D is a top New York branding agency for forward-thinking businesses.

They will provide you with whatever you require, including research and strategy, as well as positioning, design, and development.

C42D agency

C42D aims to bring out the best in your brand and increase its market presence.

Based on their years of experience, this agency claims to have effectively established a flawless strategy process.

They will walk you through the full process of discovering and implementing your one-of-a-kind magic.

C42D's branding work has earned overwhelmingly positive comments from previous clients.

Their clients praised their good project management approach and communication skills.

In fact, the team was eager to go above and beyond to meet the client's demands long after the project was completed.

Contact: 6467654477
Minimum Project Size: $10,000+
Average Hourly Rate: $150-$199 / hr
Employees: 2-9
Founded: 2010
Location: 315 W 36th St, New York, NY 10018

Visit C42D now

7. Beacon Branding

Beacon Branding’s team is consist of employees who are global strategists, creative thinkers, and precision builders.

Beacon is a branding firm that works with companies to develop their brand.

Additionally, because of their smart and imaginative designs, the agency assists customers in being recognized by their target market.

Beacon Branding agency

Beacon’s team is open to constructive criticism while also bringing creative ideas to the table.

They are a useful partner because of their consistent communication, responsiveness, and flexibility.

Beacon Branding has been designing labels for various items and assisting with branding while working alongside an in-house staff.

They are also courteous, patient, and communicative, and they are capable of completing the job on time and on budget.

Contact: 845-348-0102
Minimum Project Size: $5,000+
Average Hourly Rate: $150-$199 / hr
Employees: 2-9
Founded: 1992
Location: 142 W 57th Street New York, NY 10019

Visit Beacon Branding now

8. River + Wolf

River + Wolf works across a wide range of industries, including food, fashion, technology, finance, education, media, medtech, and healthcare.

River + Wolf is a popular naming and branding firm in New York.

They provide branding strategy, naming services, visual materials, and messaging assistance to their clients.

River + Wolf agency

River + Wolf is recognized as a top naming and branding agency by various award platforms.

It is because of the firm's continuously strong customer feedback, media attention, distinctive brand naming strategy, and international reach.

Their brand naming experts design names that are unique, legally defensible, and easy to speak and spell for organizations, products, and services.

As a thought leader in brand names, the media routinely seeks River + Wolf's opinion on or writes on brand naming themes ranging from naming a firm to branding.

Aside from strategy and name development, River + Wolf also provides trademarking, global linguistic checks, design, and taglines as needed for their clients' best potential names and service experience.

Contact: 347 350 4888
Minimum Project Size: Undisclosed
Average Hourly Rate: Undisclosed
Employees: 2-9
Founded: 2014
Location: 605 West 113 Suite 2, New York, NY 10025

Visit River + Wolf now

9. Starfish

Starfish offers all of the services that marketing consultants, advertising agencies, and branding firms offer under one roof.

Starfish is an independent branding agency in NYC with a non-traditional perspective.

They will work directly with you to define your brand, bring it to life, and drive your business, from brand strategy to customer journey to creative development to tactical implementation.

Starfish agency

Everything you need to design, deliver, and sustain your brand experience is included in this branding agency.

The honesty, attention to detail, and professionalism of the Starfish team were critical in building the level of trust in the relationship necessary for their clients to be successful.

The services provided by the Starfish team routinely exceed the expectations of all their clients.

They are addressing granular project requirements while also advising corporate leadership on larger-picture brand decisions.

Starfish is also offering rebranding services which enable their clients to successfully convert their logo and brand positioning to one they believe is more effective for modern-day problems.

Contact: 212 219 3330
Minimum Project Size: $25,000+
Average Hourly Rate: $150-$199 / hr
Employees: 10-49
Founded: 2002
Location: 15 West 26th St., 4th Floor New York, NY 10010

Visit Starfish now

10. Ebaqdesign

As the last branding agency on my list, let me flex our own branding firm, which is also based in New York— Ebaqdesign.

Ebaqdesign offers brand strategy, logo & identity design, web design services and more.

In our branding firm, we create attractive brands and experiences in collaboration with forward-thinking CEOs and their teams.

Ebaqdesign agency

Brands are strategically built at Ebaqdesign in order to help our clients realize their goals better.

As a company, we're dedicated to helping our clients achieve their business goals by creating distinctive brands.

Founded by Arek Dvornechuck, we are a boutique brand strategy and design agency with a global reach

So, if you're looking to hire a low-cost brand strategy agency to help your startup business establish a strong brand, look no further, because we got you in Ebaqdesign.

Contact: 929-245-9811
Minimum Project Size: $10,000+
Average Hourly Rate: $250
Employees: 5
Founded: 2014
Location: 200 Broadway, New York, NY 10038

Visit Ebaqdesign now


Branding is critical for any business since people will perceive your company based on how you present it.

It is tough to demonstrate how your firm has grown or started when your brand does not represent this.

While it is important to stick to your products and services, enhancing the way you promote them can help you develop your business.

With good branding, your company may drive new business and enhance brand awareness to a large level.

Any business must invest appropriate time and resources to branding their product or service.
Hiring a branding agency will generate new opportunities, which will grow the business and generate more income.

That’s why having the best branding agency to work with will be a great investment if you want your brand to level up.

This article aims to inform you about the importance of branding agencies in the business industry, as well as introduce you to some of the branding firms specifically located in New York.

So if you’re interested in hiring one of the best and most reliable branding agencies in NYC—start a project here.

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