10 Best Script Fonts for Logo Design

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Script fonts combine the elegance of classical calligraphy and handwriting. Their decorative nature will enhance your logo & branding designs.

Logo designing is an intricate task—you must find the right typography, colors and shapes to represent the company well.

If you are looking for a more natural feel with casual touch, a good script font is your choice.

They're also known as cursive fonts and they simply mimic formal handwriting to give an authentic look to your designs.

What's the best script font for logo design?

There are plenty of script fonts out there that are great for logos, branding and graphic design in general.

However, just as with other design assets, some are better than others.

That's why I thought it would be a great idea to highlight my top 10 best script fonts for logo design to get you inspired.

Top 10 Script Fonts for Logos

  1. Turbinado
  2. Hanley Pro
  3. Northwell
  4. La Luxes
  5. Palmer Lake
  6. Better Times
  7. Madina script
  8. Letteria Pro
  9. Intro Rust
  10. Bon Vivant

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What is a Script Font?

Script fonts are simply artistic typefaces that resemble calligraphic or handwritten lettering styles.

Script fonts capture the artistry of natural handwriting.

They are widely used for invitations, branding, poster designs, advertising, display, and more.

Because of their aesthetic nature, script fonts are more about adorning your designs rather that relying on legibility.

So without further ado—here's my list of top 10 script fonts for logo design.

1. Turbinado

Turbinado is a great script font designed for clarity and ease of use while also conveying a warm personality.

This organic-looking font is ideal for advertising and packaging.

Turbinado creates a fun, yet gracious effect.

You can also turn on the discretionary ligature feature, which seamlessly connects letters in a beautiful way.

Turbinado—script font

Turbinado features OpenType standard ligature, which enables it to differentiate succeeding lowercase letters and numbers.

You can see the similarity with the 16th-century swash glyphs in the alternate characters.

This font contains paramount features, including kerning, alternates, ligatures, and stylistic sets.

The prominence makes Turbinado ideal for desktop, Webfont, digital ads, ePub, and servers.

Furthermore, you can customize it by manually combining ascenders and crossbars from the table.

Download Turbinado font

2. Hanley Pro

Hanley Pro is a typographic icon created by Megan Tamaccio and Aleksandar Veljasević and District 62 studio published it on 9 October 2018.

A vintage font that is not dated, and not too baseball-y or too formal.

The authors of this typeface were looking for a good script font for logos, but they couldn’t find what we were looking for, so they created Hanley Pro.

Hanley Pro—Script font for logos.

Hanley Pro features super clean woodblock-looking letters with small caps.

The swirls, swashes, and frames of this modern handcrafted font make your design stand out.

It imparts a human touch to the writing, all the while keeping it neat and aligned.

To summarize, Hanley Pro is a perfect blend of mono-line script, slim style, and sans.

Download Hanley Pro font

3. Northwell

This gorgeous handwritten font radiates elegant and rustic energy with 300+ serious, solid, and dependable characters.

An ideal signature font for product packaging, branding, and designing projects.

This picturesque dry strokes typeface offers six different font files; each delivers six different types of ambiance for artists and designers.

Northwell script font

What sets Northwell apart is its support for 18 different languages.

This feature depicts its versatility and functionality.

Script fonts are usually calligraphic in nature.

On the contrary, handwritten fonts manifest the penmanship of the text.

However, this Northwell font intricately bridges the gap between these two, consequently providing a wholesome font.

Different websites also use this font in their design, such as

Download Northwell font

4. La Luxes

La Luxes font was designed by Sam Prett and it's a vintage-inspired duo in 2019.

A combination of an elegant hand-drawn script and a stylish serif font.

The combination fonts in La Luxes font are paired harmoniously to accord you with a luxurious typography duo.

La Luxes script font

The customization offered by La Luxes is stunning.

You can use La Luxes for designing logos and invitations, product packaging, and high-end branding.

It has an extensive range of ligatures and special characters that make the text flow naturally.

Along with adding a unique touch to typographies, these fonts can support up to 17 languages.

Two famous websites that use this font in their design are:

Download La Luxes font

5. Palmer Lake

If you are looking for a font to create logos and design quotes, the creative duo of Palmer Lake font is an ideal choice.

A playful same-stroke thickness font that is perfect for logos and quotes.

It is brushed with a whisk of penmanship and has OpenType features, including kerning, alternates, and stylistic sets.

Palmer Lake script font

When you combine the print and script font of Palmer Lake, you don’t have to adjust the size individually for both of them.

With the same stroke thickness, the process becomes hassle-free.

Besides sizing, users find it hard to line up the duo fonts.

However, the same height of uppercase letters of print font and lower case letters of script fonts make it effortless.

This unique property makes Palmer Lake a breath of fresh air in the sea of fonts.

All of them have different stroke thicknesses and heights for upper and lower case letters.  

Download Palmer Lake font

6. Better Times

Better Times is a charismatic font with fierce outlooks.

Sam Prett composed this handmade brush font, and Set Sails Studio published it.

A freely flowing and bold font to make your designs feel confident.

The bonus set of 20 swashes makes Better Times highly adaptable and versatile.

Better Times script font

Better Times, a combination of script and dingbat fonts, comes with a wide range of layouts to brighten up your day.

It is perfect for:

  • Writing meaningful quotes
  • Product packaging
  • Branding projects
  • Promotional taglines  

Apart from three fonts and ease of customization, Better Times becomes further versatile by offering support for 15 different languages.

Download Better Times

7. Madina Script

Madina script font is an elegant script to help you create handmade typography in a short time.

A fabulous font that radiates a lot of playful and warm energy.

Madina script font derives its authenticity from the set of lowercase alternates.

Madina script font

Bonus ornaments in the Madina script allow you to embellish this font by the addition of elegant finishing touches.

Madina is one of the best script fonts for branding, as it makes your script texts more highlighted and unique.

Its loops and extraordinarily bouncy curves make it perfect for invitation cards, logos, and product packaging.

It doesn’t matter for whatever purpose you use it; this beautiful font ensures that your text stands out from the rest.

You can do this by switching styles between a textured brush version and a smooth version.

Download Madina Script font

8. Letteria Pro

Letteria Pro font is a typographic trio.

It comes with many OpenType features, including kerning, alternates, ligatures, additional numbers, stylistic sets, and many more.

A script font that combines decency of a broad pen & grace of a brush.

Letteria Pro font features five weights and a lot of style options.

Letteria Pro script font

When it comes to ligatures and swashes, Letteria Pro font inhabits a lot of them.

For Example, thin, bold, regular, light, black, etc.

Latteria pro is sure to grab the attention of consumers by its logical composition of the text.

The Latinotype team designed and published this powerful font on 26 May 2021.

Download Letteria Pro font

9. Intro Rust

Intro Rust comprises 214 fonts, which makes it the biggest package on the market.

A perfect script font to induce liveliness in your text (intricate details).

With four subfamilies, you can use Intro Rust in different types of design projects, such as web design and print materials.

Intro Rust script font

Intro Rust has multiple patterns, shapes, scripts, and cool designs.

You can use these to give a rustic appearance.

Whether you are designing a package, a greeting card, or a brand identity, using this enigmatic font will lead you to a successful project.

Svetoslav Simov, Ani Petrova, and Radomir Tinkov designed this font.

It was published by Fontfabric on 7 July 2015.

This grunge script and display sans collection carry the potential to create an impact.

Download Intro Rust font

10. Bon Vivant

Bon Vivant Family font can be described using two simple words, luxury, and style!

A luxurious script font to add some style to your designs.

To avoid a monotonous, plain, and boring look, Bon Vivant font adds flair and elegance.

Bon Vivant Family script font

Moreover, it makes overall look similar to natural handwriting.

This Bon Vivant Family font adds a touch of luxury to your text by its mere presence.

Nicky Laatz designed and published this beautiful script font on 13 June 2019.

If you want your wedding invites to have a casual contemporary font with realistic handwriting, Bon Vivant is perfect for you.  

Download Bon Vivant font

What's the best script font?

The answer to this question is complex, as beauty is subjective.

The script offers a wide variety of moods and characteristics, ranging from formal to casual.

When they pair with other modern script fonts, the resulting combinations are usually bewildering.

Due to their resemblance to handwritten versions, they became popular quickly.

That is why today we see a tremendous increase in these types of fonts.


The intricate touch of elegance and class offered by script font cannot be found in other fonts.

Script font helps you add unique and artisan feel to your logos and graphic designs.

They might portray a resemblance to handwritten text, yet their beauty and versatility are unmatched.

There are a number of script fonts available in the market, but I tried to present you with my top 10 best script fonts.

This guide will save your time and efforts to find the next typeface to add to your collection.

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