10 Best Shopify Themes for Jewelry

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Top 10 Shopify Themes for Jewelry

  1. Impulse—best for all
  2. Expressionfor crafted jewelry
  3. Broadcast—for artistic jewelry
  4. Story—for luxurious watches
  5. Editions—for women’s jewelry
  6. Envy—for fashion earrings
  7. Atlantic—for stylish jewelry
  8. Fashionopolism—for watches
  9. Cascade—for fashion accessories
  10. Supply—best free alternative
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August 12, 2022

If you are looking for the best Shopify themes for your jewelry website—Continue reading and check out this compilation.

Developing and creating the goods you are selling can takes more of your time.

But setting up your neat, sophisticated, and impactful jewelry store online only takes a few minutes, thanks to Shopify.

What are the best Shopify themes for your online jewelry stores?

You will need the best website theme to showcase your jewelry products and gain more customers.

The best Shopify theme for your online jewelry store will depend on what approach you want to use in dealing with your customers.

Best Shopify Themes for Jewelry

All Shopify themes comply with Shopify's quality standards, so you are sure that your products are in good hands.

Expression, Broadcast, and Atlantic are some of the best themes to showcase your jewelry on your online platform.

Let's get started with my list of the 10 best Shopify themes for jewelry.

10 Best Shopify Themes for Jewelry

  1. Impulse—best theme for jewelry stores
  2. Expressionbest for hand-made jewelry
  3. Broadcast—best for artistic jewelry
  4. Story—best for luxurious watches
  5. Editions—best for women’s jewelry
  6. Envy—best for fashion earrings
  7. Atlantic—best for sophisticated jewelry
  8. Fashionopolism—best for men's and women’s watches
  9. Cascade—best for fashionable accessories
  10. Supply—best free alternative

1. Impulse

If you are looking for a flexible, trendy, and tried-and-true design with a strong marketing approach, Impulse is the perfect theme for you.

Impulse is the best Shopify theme for jewelry and other accessories.

This is, without a doubt, the best Shopify template on my list.

Price: $320.00


With Impulse's custom promotion designer, you can keep your consumers engaged and increase product awareness.

Because of its exclusive and premium features, I consider this design to be one of the greatest eCommerce themes.

This Shopify theme has all the capabilities you'll need to build a stunning website from a scratch.

People who have purchased Impulse have all given it a perfect 5-star review.

If you want the best Shopify theme for your jewelry website, Impulse is the best choice.

Try Impulse Shopify Theme Now

2. Expression

If you're an eCommerce entrepreneur who sells a variety of accessories like jewelry, the Expression is a must-try theme for you.

Expression is the best Shopify theme for hand-made jewelries.

This theme is without a doubt the perfect template for your hand-made jewelry online store.

Price: $240.00


Expression provides a shopping shortcut button that allows your customers to place orders quickly.

It also offers a lovely photo collage where you may show off your favorite accessories.

The Expression also includes built-in buttons for categorizing your products in a more appealing manner.

The theme is perfectly astonishing when paired with great and high-quality images.

If you want the best Shopify theme for your crafted jewelry, here's the Expression theme for you.

Try Expression Shopify Theme Now

3. Broadcast

Broadcast is designed to help you expand your audience and sell more effectively.

Broadcast is the best Shopify theme for jewelries made with finesse and delicacy.

It is indeed ideal for increasing your audience and sales with finesse.

Price: $280.00


The Broadcast is a Shopify theme with large image blocks that focuses on products.

This theme has a homepage video section where you may provide further information about your unique products.

It comes in three different styles and also includes a large range of color options and is simple to customize.

Broadcast was created using best-in-class performance methodologies and is geared to convert mobile traffic.

If you want the best Shopify theme for your jewelry online store, Broadcast is a must-try theme for you.

Try Broadcast Shopify Theme Now

4. Story

If you are searching for a storytelling theme for your noteworthy brands, search no more because Story is the perfect theme for you.

Story is the best Shopify theme for luxurious watch store.

This is an excellent template for selling your product through storytelling.

Price: $280.00


The Story offers you the tools you need to arrange your catalog with the new filtering features from Online Store 2.0.

It has three styled homepages; Quest, Chronicle, and Heritage, and all of them are equally stunning.

This Shopify theme is perfect for online stores with a small number of products to offer.

With Story, rest assured that your website provides your customers with the greatest mobile experience.

If you want the best Shopify theme for your luxury watches store, Story is a must-try theme for you.

Try Story Shopify Theme Now

5. Editions

Editions is a Shopify theme for women's jewelry that features a configurable layout and retina-ready presentation.

Editions is the best Shopify theme for women’s jewelries.

It is a clean and flexible theme that emphasizes featured products.

Price: $150.00


Editions make your products stand out by using clean lines and an uncomplicated style to highlight your photos.

This fantastic theme stands out due to its product-centric design.

The user-friendly editor and several product page layouts in Editions make setting up your business plan simple.

Remember, when promoting high-end commodities such as jewelry, you must first create an appealing and eye-catching design.

If you want the best Shopify theme for your jewelry store for women, Editions is a must-try theme for you.

Try Editions Shopify Theme Now

6. Envy

If you want to create a clean and feature-rich eCommerce website for your jewelry products, you should choose Envy.

Envy is the best Shopify theme for fashionable and luxurious earrings.

It is a simple design that's perfect for recurring promotions and featured products.

Price: $350.00


Envy's unique design and high-definition display are sure to catch the attention of potential purchasers.

This template is also highly acceptable due to its SEO-friendly and mobile-optimized layout.

Because of its multifunctional features and aspects, Envy is one of the best Shopify themes.

This Shopify jewelry stores theme provides you with a lot of options and functions.

If you want the best Shopify theme for your luxurious jewelry store, Envy is a must-try theme for you.

Try the Envy Shopify Theme Now

7. Atlantic

Atlantic has developed Shopify themes just for luxurious and sophisticated women's jewelry and accessories.

Atlantic is the best Shopify theme for simple and sophisticated jewelry products.

You may increase your sales with this eye-catching and conversion-focused Shopify template.

Price: $240.00


Atlantic has assisted countless merchants in growing their online operations by handling medium to large product catalogs.

This multipurpose eCommerce theme will help you grow and expand your business.

With Atlantic capabilities like image zoom, live search, multi-column menus, and more, you can showcase your products while also developing trust in your brand.

Shopify is a drag-and-drop platform for non-coders and you won't need any outside assistance to build your store from scratch.

If you want the best Shopify theme for your luxurious jewelry, Atlantic is a must-try theme for you.

Try Atlantic Shopify Theme Now

8. Fashionopolism

Fashionopolism is a stunning premium fashion Shopify template with a product-focused structure.

Fashionopolism is the best Shopify theme to showcase your luxurious watches for men and women.

This theme is for stores with clear, high-impact graphics and content.

Price: $220.00


Fashionopolisms product-focused design aids in increasing sales and interaction.

To enable a speedy launch, the theme setup processes are kept to a minimum.

With Fashionopolism, you can market a variety of niches with its varied layout collections, including clothes and other related products.

If you tend to sell to other countries, this theme is the best option for you as it is designed for stores that sell across multiple regions.

If you want the best Shopify theme for your high-end watches, Fashionopolism is a must-try theme for you.

Try Fashionopolism Shopify Theme Now

9. Cascade

Cascade is one of the best Shopify themes that can enhance your brand and products with a distinctive story.

Cascade is the best Shopify theme for fashionable watches and accessories.

It's a fantastic theme for selling jewelry and other forms of accessories online.

Price: $240.00


Make things work with Cascade if you want to add some extra sparkle to your individual style.

All of your products will be elegantly displayed if you choose this simple approach.

Cascade is a powerful solution that will get the job done whether you're starting from scratch or revamping an existing eCommerce site.

The theme's arrangement will automatically fit images of any size, whether a portrait, landscape, or square.

If you want the best Shopify theme for your fashionable accessories, Cascade is a must-try theme for you.

Try Cascade Shopify Theme Now

10. Supply

Supply is the best option if you're looking for a free Shopify Jewelry theme.

Supply is the best free Shopify theme for jewelry store.

With this theme, a large inventory can be easily displayed and filtered.



Because of its nice and clean interface with sufficient features, Supply is one of the top free Shopify themes on the market.

This fantastic free Shopify theme is available in two alternative styles; blue and light homepage.

It is ideal for showcasing fashion-related items such as watches, cameras, jewelry, and other accessories.

Supply ensures that your online jewelry store runs well on any device, whether it's a desktop or a mobile device.

If you want the best free Shopify theme for your jewelry store, Supply is the best alternative theme for you.

Try Supply Shopify Theme Now


That concludes my top 10 list of the best Shopify jewelry themes.

I hope you can now build a professional and legitimate Shopify jewelry store using my well-selected list.

Are Shopify themes good for your jewelry online stores?

Each Shopify template is suitable for starting a new project and each has its own distinct features and functionalities.

Impulse is number one on my list for it is so far the best Shopify theme to use for your jewelry and accessories website.

If you are eyeing the best but free alternative to a premium Shopify theme, Supply is the best option to recommend.

So don't just sit there and wait, choose your preferred theme and begin your million-dollar quest in the eCommerce industry.

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