10 Best Webflow Templates for Startups

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Best 10 Webflow Templates for Startups

  1. Consulting X—for consultancy
  2. Foray—best for creatives
  3. Fidelity—for App developers
  4. Startupos—for eCommerce
  5. Technology—best for SaaS
  6. Sato— for digital marketing
  7. Workflow—for businesses
  8. Keylab—best for newbies
  9. Otto—best for software site
  10. Webcorner—best for software
  11. Startup X—for modern firms
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August 12, 2022

Webflow has a lot to offer if you're looking for the best templates to use for presenting your work—Here's my compilation of the 10 best Webflow templates for startups.

A website is a wonderful place to exhibit your abilities and passion as a creative and to showcase your products and services as entrepreneurs.

Webflow is a great place to get the best template that is ideal for your digital websites.

What are the best Webflow templates for startups?

Each line of business requires a unique template that will perfectly suit your needs and preferences depending on the nature of your business.

This means that the best Webflow templates for you will primarily depend on your profession or on the kind of business you have.

Webflow Templates for Blog

Workflow template will work for any type of business, while Sato, Otto, Technology, and Fidelity will perfectly fit for products related to software and other digital services.

Webflow highly recommends all of the templates on my list for startups, so you can just pick the one that is perfectly right for your needs.

Here's my list of the 10 best Webflow templates for startups if you're looking for a decent template to use for your professional and corporate website.

10 Best Webflow Templates for Startups

  1. Consulting X—best for a consultancy firm
  2. Foray—best for creative agencies
  3. Fidelity—best for App developers
  4. Startupos—best for eCommerce
  5. Technology—best for SaaS companies
  6. Sato—best for digital marketing
  7. Workflow—best for any business
  8. Keylab—best for newbie entrepreneurs
  9. Otto—best for software website
  10. Webcorner—best for software products
  11. Startup X—best for modern companies

1. Consulting X

You've come to the right place if you're looking for the best Webflow template for your consulting firm.—Consulting X is here to help you.

Consulting X is the best Webflow template for startup consulting firms.

It comes with everything your consulting firm needs to impress visitors and begin attracting new clients.

Price: $79.00

Consulting X

The Consulting X was created to provide your company with a fresh, professional, and premium look.

The design has been optimized to allow users to surf your website without interruption regardless of which device they are using.

It ensures that all visitors to your website will have a lightning-fast browsing experience.

The Consulting X Webflow template is designed for consultancies who want to stand out online.

It comes with a Figma file when you purchase this Webflow template.

Try Consulting X Webflow Template Now

Ps. I used this template for my recent client—see the end result here: peritidigital.com

2. Foray

Foray will be the ideal Webflow template for you if you want to build stunning sites and present your business with striking elegance.

Foray is the best startups Webflow template for creative agencies.

You can curate designs from Foray's many components or start from scratch using modular UI pieces.

Price: $79.00


The design of Foray oozes strength and confidence, allowing you to highlight your best work and elevate your brand.

It comes with a variety of navigation and footer choices, as well as a comprehensive set of inner pages and utility pages.

Foray is designed to be modular, and each component has been meticulously built to provide maximum flexibility.

This Webflow template makes it simple for creatives and businesses to create stunning web presences with a large variety of content blocks to pick from.

They make it simple to modify the color scheme of your site throughout, from buttons to background colors, by making creative use of Webflow color swatches.

Try Foray Webflow Template Now

Ps. I used this template as a base to build my own website ebaqdesign.com (the website you're currently browsing).

3. Fidelity

Fidelity Webflow template is ideal for businesses looking to promote their mobile apps on a simple but clean website.

Fidelity is the best startups Webflow template for App developers.

It is simple to configure and can be up and running in just a couple of minutes.

Price: $49.00


Corporates, design agencies, consulting firms, and freelancers are among the other businesses that gain from Fidelity.

The Fidelity template provides a fully responsive design that adapts to all major web browsers, tablets, and smartphones.

It also supports Retina displays, ensuring that your website looks attractive and clear on current devices.

Because Webflow templates were created without the use of code, you can alter them using a visual interface as well.

Create your own design by arranging the many elements in any way you want.

Try Fidelity Webflow Template Now

4. Startupos

Startupos is a fantastic Webflow template you can use in your eCommerce website.

Startupos is the best Webflow template for startup eCommerce sites.

It is a fully responsive template that looks great on all devices and screen sizes.

Price: $149.00


This Startupos template uses global swatches, allowing you to modify the entire color scheme with only a few clicks.

The elements of the newsletter form are beautifully styled and customizable.

From the Style Guide page, you can simply modify the style of base elements like buttons, headings, and paragraphs.

The code is well-written, utilizing the greatest resources available.

All files are well-documented, making your job while using Startupos much easier.

Try Startupos Webflow Template Now

5. Technology

Technology Webflow template is a high-end Webflow Template for tech and SaaS companies.

Technology is the best Webflow template for startup Tech and SaaS companies.

It comes with everything your startup will need to build a top-notch website in no time.

Price: $79.00


Technology was designed to be responsive and look great on any device, including smartphones.

You'll have everything you need to establish a fantastic website and begin attracting visitors.

This Webflow template has all of the pages you'll need for your tech firm and establish a strong online presence.

The design style of the Technology Webflow template is simple and minimal, yet trendy.

It adheres to the most recent design trends, ensuring that your company's website is modern and cutting-edge.

Try Technology Webflow Template Now

6. Sato

Sato is a clean and beautiful template for your marketing and social media business.

Sato is the best Webflow template for startup digital marketing firms.

There are no hidden elements, and it is designed to be totally responsive and accessible across all devices.

Price: $79.00


Sato template will help you get your website up and running quickly.

It was created using the most up-to-date trends and best practices to capture the attention of your potential customers.

It  is fully optimized for speed, with each page and material compressed to ensure that no potential clients are put off by a slow site.

Sato, which is powered by Webflow CMS, comes with a variety of pre-made collections such as team members, documents, blog entries, careers, and case studies.

It has 22 customizable template pages that are all accessible to make your site more personal.

Try Sato Webflow Template Now

7. Workflow

Workflow is a fully responsive UI kit template that can be used for any type of company.

Workflow is the best Webflow template for any kind of businesses.

It includes a number of pre-built layouts for corporate, consultancy, finance, and SaaS projects.

Price: $79.00


You will see captivating animations throughout the Workflow template.

You can create and edit your blog entries, categories, and tags with ease with Webflow CMS.

When you open Workflow the template on a smaller screen, the site navigation automatically compresses into a mobile-friendly menu.

With the touch-friendly slider, this design elegantly displays images and text on any device.

The Workflow UI Kit template includes contact and subscription forms that are professionally styled and simple to customize.

Try Workflow Webflow Template Now

8. Keylab

Keylab is a powerful Webflow template that will help your startup get off to a great start.

Keylab is the best Webflow template for budding online entrepreneurs.

This template is not only attractive and adaptable, but it is also extremely versatile.

Price: $79.00


Keylab's clean, beautiful, yet modern design style adapts well to different alterations as your business evolves.

This template is designed for production and focuses on your success; as a result, quality is prioritized.

Keylab has you covered no matter what device your audience will use, whether it's a computer or a mobile phone.

Explore 24 well-designed pages, big amounts of components, a blog, and Webflow CMS capability for the assistance center.

A stunning visual and user experience will be highlighted by detailed yet modest transitions and interactions.

Try Keylab Webflow Template Now

9. Otto

Otto is an ideal template for a SaaS, Dashboard, App, or Software website.

Otto is the best Webflow template for startup software website.

It includes a selection of core pages, lovely forms, sections, and layouts, as well as anything else you'll need to get started.

Price: $49.00


Otto is created for the production and your success, and it's supported by the best Webflow team.

Webflow Templates are completely modifiable; they simply provide you with a head start.

Otto also comes with a sophisticated design system that can assist you in getting the most out of color and typeface changes.

It has animations and interactions, just like other Webflow templates, for added refinement and usability.

On smaller screens, the site navigation likewise compresses into a mobile-friendly menu.

Try Otto Webflow Template Now

10. WebCorner

WebCorner is a simple Ui Kit template designed for startups and businesses that sell software and SaaS goods.

WebCorner is the best Webflow template for startup software site.

The template is fully responsive, meaning you can choose any site width and it will look great on any device.

Price: $79.00


WebCorner UI Kit Template includes four different homepages as well as four different hero sections.

It includes carefully selected font combinations that complement a variety of design styles.

This feature will let you entirely customize the look and feel of the website to fit your needs.

WebCorner comes with a variety of customizable and reusable components that may be used for a variety of applications.

This Webflow CMS template is compatible with all major browsers, including Internet Explorer 9+, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Try WebCorner Webflow Template Now

11. Startup X

If you want to build a world-class website for your business, Startup X is the ultimate Webflow Template & UI Kit for you.

Startup X is the best Webflow template for startup modern companies.

It's the perfect template to help you construct a spectacular website for your startup, with over 30 pages in total.

Price: $129.00

Startup X is a Webflow startup template for modern businesses wishing to establish a clean, premium, and modern website.

One of the many advantages of Startup X is the Figma file that is included with your purchase.

This Webflow template is optimized down to the last detail, ensuring that you never lose a visitor or customer due to a slow website.

It has been meticulously developed to have a pixel-perfect responsive design.

It will always appear great on any device, whether your users are surfing your website on a 6K display, a tablet, or a mobile phone.

Try Startup X Webflow Template Now


If you're looking for a suitable template for your startup businesses, Webflow templates are the perfect options.

Is Webflow is a suitable platform for acquiring the best template for startups?

The answer is definitely yes, in fact, not only startups will benefit from these templates, but also other professionals, creatives, and businessmen as well.

All templates I mentioned in my list require payment, but there are free templates that Webflow offers, you might want to check the site for more information.

If you are into eCommerce, try Startupos, this will help you build your products and services more while Foray is still the best option for creative agencies.

If you are into a startup consultancy business, then Consulting X can help you in building your website easily.

Which of these Webflow templates would you like to try soon?—Share your thoughts and I will be glad to read them all.

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