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Discover the most suitable typefaces to use for logos, branding, and graphic design with this list of 10 best cursive fonts.

Whether you’re a designer, social media marketer, business owner, or a person that is creative in nature, having the most suitable typefaces will help you elevate your design.

And if you’re interested in having an elegant looking logo, invitation, poster, book cover, product label, and more, then using cursive fonts will be a great idea.

What are the most beautiful cursive fonts for designers?

Actually, there are a lot of available cursive typefaces online that will surely fit your needs as creative professionals.

What are the most beautiful cursive fonts for designers?

However, you might become overwhelmed with those numerous options and end up having a hard time finding the fonts that you need.

That’s why in this article, I will be highlighting some of the most famous cursive fonts that many designers find ideal.

To give you an idea, Sallowbliss is definitely a must-have if you want to have an eye-catching cursive typeface for social media.

On the other hand, if you’re a business owner, then Crystal Sky and Burnt Rose are great choices since they are best used for apparel and product labels.

Choosing Roseroot Cottage will be a wise option too, because it is one of the most beautiful cursive fonts for weddings.

So without keeping you waiting, here is my list of the 10 best elegant cursive fonts for designers.

10 Best Cursive Fonts for Designers

  1. Roseroot Cottage
  2. Heather Oliver
  3. Signatural
  4. Violette
  5. Quenyland
  6. Sallowbliss
  7. Crystal Sky
  8. Burnt Rose
  9. Smoothy
  10. Florateris

For those creatives that are looking great athletic typefaces, you can also check out my other article where I highlighted the best sports fonts.

1. Roseroot Cottage

If you’re a designer looking for a sweet, romantic, playful, and a little bit quirky typeface, the Roseroot Cottage will be a great choice.

Roseroot Cottage is best for wedding invitations.

This font is a darling cursive script typeface that is designed to mimic the imperfect handwriting of hand-lettering.

Roseroot Cottage

Roseroot Cottage comes with a lot of different options for lowercase letters, as well as a lot of different options for the common, repetitive characters.

Moreover, every letter will flow with the automated (upper and lower) standard and discretionary ligatures, with even more to add as you choose!

Its gorgeous discretionary ligatures will definitely make your invitations stand out from the crowd.

Designers will have a blast with this collection that includes an equally charming coordinating hand-drawn sans and serif.

The Roseroot Cottage is definitely a great choice for creatives that are looking for the ideal cursive font for weddings.

Download Roseroot Cottage Font now

2. Heather Oliver

Heather Oliver is a versatile script typeface that features numerous options for each lowercase letter, making it extremely useful.

Heather Oliver is the best cursive font for logos.

Moreover, this typeface is very fun to use because each word can be changed to fit your needs.

Heather Oliver

This Heather Oliver typeface is particularly well suited for apparel and logo design.

The shapes' visual features make them great for creating prints or products, or you can utilize them to create artwork.

This cursive typeface comes in three different styles, which are regular, rough, and stamped.

As a creative myself, I can say that Heather Oliver is an ideal choice for logo designers that are looking for the best cursive font to use.

Download Heather Oliver Font now

3. Signatural

The Signatural is a perfect choice for designers looking for the best elegant cursive font.

Signatural is the best cursive font for signatures.

As the name implies, this font is made for those who need a font with a signature style and a real handwriting vibe.


It has strokes that are natural, or arguably imperfect, that actually add a warm and close impression to the user.

Signatural comes with beautiful extra ligatures and swashes (including ending, beginning, and underline swashes) for each letter.

This typeface is perfect for many design needs, such as merch, T-shirts, titles, book covers, social media posts, websites, events, and many more.

Lastly, the Signatural is a perfect choice for professionals that want to have a suitable cursive typeface for signatures.

Download Signatural Font now

4. Violette

If you’re looking for one of the most popular cursive fonts available today, then you must add Violette to your collection.

Violette is the best cursive font for tattoos.

This typeface is a sophisticated set of fonts packed full of extra features.


Violetta is a delightful complement to any logo, invitation, product packaging, hand-written statement, greeting card, or anything requiring a dash of elegance.

It comes with number of layout options, which allows you to put together a typographic work of art with a custom-made quality font in a flash!

This cursive font pack includes Violetta Script, Violetta Script Alt, Violetta Swash, Violetta Script Extended, and Violetta Sans.

Overall, I consider Violette a great option for tattoo artists that are looking for the best cursive font for tattoo design.

Download Violette Font now

5. Quenyland

The Quenyland is one of the best cursive typefaces for use in publications.

Quenyland is my cursive font choice for book covers.

It comes with a calligraphy style, which makes it ideal for invitations, greeting cards, branding materials, business cards, quotes, posters, and more!


Its alternative characters were divided into several features, such as stylistic sets, stylistic alternates, contextual alternates, SWASH, and Ligature.

Moreover, the Open Type features can be accessed by using programs such as Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Corel Draw X version, and Microsoft Word.

This typeface also gives PUA Unicode (specially coded fonts) so that all the alternate characters can easily be accessed in full.

The Quenyland is an ideal choice for professionals or students who are looking for the best cursive font for Microsoft Word.

Download Quenyland Font now

6. Sallowbliss

For those social media marketers that are looking for the best cursive font for Instagram and other social media platforms, this font is for you.

Sallowbliss is the best cursive font for quotes.

In fact, Sallowbliss is a perfect option for designers that are looking for an eye-catching cursive font for quotes and infographics.


It is a feminine cursive signature font that comes with light strokes, slanted and fun characters, with a lot of ligature and lowercase alternates.

This cursive typeface has beautiful and stunning characters, and it supports more than 100 languages.

Sallowbliss is ideal to use for logo design, social media, movie and book titles, a short text, even a long text letter, and is good for your secondary text font with sans or serif.

Download Sallowbliss Font now

7. Crystal Sky

If you’re a designer or business owner that is looking to have the best cursive fonts for apparel design, then Crystal Sky is a must-have.

Crystal Sky is best for t-shirt design.

It's a clean and modern signature-style font set that is perfect for creating authentic hand-lettered text quickly and easily.

Crystal Sky

With exaggerated strokes and an extra bouncy baseline, Crystal Sky is ideal for logos, wedding stationery, cards, gift designs, product packaging, and handwritten quotes.

It comes with amazing features like lowercase alternates, an all-caps version, a bonus doodle pack, and a large glyph set.

Aside from that, this modern typeface can also be used for creating appealing and professional-looking websites.

Lastly, the Crystal Sky is definitely an ideal choice for professionals that are looking for the best cursive font for t-shirts and website design.

Download Crystal Sky Font now

8. Burnt Rose

The Burnt Rose on the other hand, is an amazing choice for small business owners that are looking for the best cursive fonts for tumblers and other souvenirs.

Burnt Rose is the best cursive font for product labels.

If you want to impress your clients or customers by providing them with creative works that are beautifully designed, then this is the right font for you.

Burnt Rose

Burnt Rose is a modern and elegant handcrafted calligraphy font that’ll enhance your branding projects, printed materials, and website design.

Every stroke and curve of this typeface was created to capture the essence of elegance and style.

This lovely font is ideal for social media banners; posts, and ads, printed quotes, t-shirt designs, packaging, or even as a modern text overlay to any background image.

Moreover, Burnt Rose includes ligature and stylistic sets as well as multilingual support to make your branding globally attractive.

Download Burnt Rose Font now

9. Smoothy

The Smoothy is ideal for designers looking for a suitable script font for headings, posters, signage, and other applications.

Smoothy is the best cursive font for posters and signage.

This is a two-font family with a mono-weight cursive script and a complementary, subtly rounded sans-serif.


It is one of the most popular cursive fonts and will surely give your work that stylish hand-rendered look with no effort.

This typeface works great when applied to logos, prints, quotes, magazine headers, clothing and other design projects.

Overall, Smoothy is an excellent option for creatives that are looking for the perfect cursive typeface for banners, posters, and signages.

Download Smoothy Font now

10. Florateris

And last but not least, I want to include the Florateris, which is a fancy handwritten and cursive script font.

Florateris is the best cursive font for business cards.

It has medium-sharp edges, strokes, fun characters with ligatures, and stylistic alternates to give you more creative options.


Aside from the fact that this typeface supports more than 100 languages, it also works well with most creative software.

But did you know that Florateris is not only good for logo design, social media, movie titles, and book titles?

In fact, this font is absolutely a great choice for professionals that are looking for the best cursive font for business and branding purposes.

Download Florateris Font now


If you're a creative looking to add a lovely and attractive look to your designs, then my top cursive fonts are the ones you need.

What is the best cursive font for logos?

As a logo designer myself, I can say that Heather Oliver is the best cursive font to use for logos.

However, if you’re a tattoo artist, Violette typeface is highly recommended.

And if you’re a creative that is working with a publishing company, the Quenyland is a must-have since it is the best cursive font for book covers.

Lastly, if you’re an entrepreneur that wants to have the best cursive font for your business cards, look no further than Florateris.

I really hope that this article helped you decide which of these beautiful fonts was best for your needs.

With all the typefaces that I’ve featured, which do you think are the best cursive fonts for logos and branding?—Leave a comment below.

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