12 Best Free Logo Makers & Why They Suck

Designing a logo for your brand can be costly, but not if you do it yourself by using one of the free logo makers available online.

As a logo designer myself I would never ever recommend logo makers to anyone.

Logo makers essentially offer you “pre-designed”, random and often generic graphics—a horrendous way to work on your logo.

Remember that your logo is the most visible element of your brand.

Your logo therefore should be unique (unlike anything else), relevant (appropriate for your business) and simple (can be easily remembered) so therefore it should be custom designed by a professional.

However, hiring a design agency, a freelancer or even launching a design contest can be quite costly especially for start-ups and small businesses.

That’s why I’ve put together my list of the top 12 free logo makers available online so that you can start off by executing your logo idea on your own.

Top 12 Best Free Logo Makers Online

  1. PlaceIt Logo Maker
  2. Adobe Spark Logo Maker
  3. Shopify Free Logo Generator
  4. Canva Free Online Logo Maker
  5. Wix Online Logo Generator
  6. Squarespace Free Logo Maker
  7. Zyro Free Logo Maker
  8. TailorBrands Free Logo Creator
  9. NameCheap Logo Design Tool
  10. Fiverr Online Free Logo Maker
  11. Looka Free Logo Maker
  12. DesignEvo Online Logo Maker
  13. TurboLogo Free Logo Creator

There are many design tools that work in the browser these days so that you can conveniently create your logo online and for free.

With my list of top online logo makers you don't need to hire a designer or an agency to create your logo.

And while as a designer I don’t recommend using logo makers, if you want to give it a try—be my guest!

Designing a logo online

Before you start your logo design process, keep in mind that not all logo makers are the same.

But no worries, I've got you covered—I've tried them all to give you my top picks.

Logo makers are so easy to use—a monkey can do it!

Some of them come with better features or more user-friendly interface than others.

© Katy Laveck-Foster/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards

We, designers, use more sophisticated software (like Adobe Illustrator) which gives us much more control over the design, but it can be quite pricy and hard to learn for beginners.

However, If you already have a logo idea—the following online tools will surely get you started.

Each of them have some advantages and disadvantages, so I've described their main features, pros & cons to help you pick the right one.

I’ve also prepared animated GIFs for you, so that you can preview the tool and select one that is up to your liking.

Just pick a few and give them a try—they're all online and for free, but some actually charge you a small fee to download your artwork.

1. PlaceIt Logo Maker

Next up we have Placeit's logo maker, a tool that lets anyone create a good-looking logo within a few clicks—It's ridiculously simple to use.

Placeit has the greatest amount of logo templates to choose from.x

Their logo templates library has around 20,000 premade designs, which makes it perfect if you're after some variety.

PlaceIt Logo Maker—Placeit has the greatest amount of logo templates to choose from.

So there are plenty of different styles (including free templates) to choose from: minimalist, 3d, abstract, retro etc.

Customizing your logo is incredibly easy too, you just add your brand name and modify the logo colors and layout to make it your own.

They also have a huge range of mockups and social media templates that you can use with your newly designed logo.

‍Try Placeit's free online logo maker

2. Adobe Spark Logo Maker

Since Adobe is responsible for some of the best creative software out there, so I feature their free logo maker as the 1st one on my list.

With Adobe Spark, you can easily create your own logo because it comes with a unique feature that suggests you creative logo styles.

Adobe Spark is probably the most fun to use logo maker.

Just put the company name first, then spin the wheel to select the style you like.

Adobe Spark Logo Maker

Don’t worry—this is just to get you started, because you will be able to customize your logo further.

You can adjust its shape, colors and fonts before you download and start using it.

Adobe Spark logo creator gets you really hooked up with hundreds of professional-designed templates.

What is unique about this logo maker is that you won’t have to start from scratch—you can simply search for a template based on moods, aesthetics, colors, or tasks.

You will have a myriad of choices at your fingertips, so just select a graphic you like and then open it up in the editor for further customization if required.

Try Adobe Spark logo maker for free

3. Shopify Free Logo Generator

The second choice on my list is logo maker from Shopify— a great choice if you’re also planning on creating your eCommerce store.

With Shopify online logo maker, you got many different fonts, icons and frames to choose from.

Shopify has the most simple, yet solid logo maker (great for eCommerce)

Just start by typing your business name and then choose some icons and fonts you like.

Shopify Free Logo Generator

Adjust the size and colors and you’ll surely find a unique combination that represents your brand well.

With this DIY logo maker, you get so many modern fonts, icons, and frames to choose from.

Once you have decided on everything, customize the details to give it a final look.

When you’re done and happy with your new creation, make the payment and own it!

Try Shopify free logo generator

4. Canva Free Online Logo Maker

Canva's logo maker lets anyone, regardless of design experience, create their own unique visual branding.

Canva has the most versatile logo maker (great for social media).

You'll find a library of professionally-designed templates—just select the style you like and type in your brand name.

Canva Free Online Logo Maker

You can also upload your own graphics or choose any from Canva’s free library, then fix your images, or add stunning filters and voila!

Just pick a style based on your likes, change the name, and your logo will be ready in no time!

The logo creator also lets you use your new logo for creating branded content for social media.

Try Canva free online logo maker

5. Wix Online Logo Generator

Working with Wix logo generator is more like swiping on Tinder—just swipe left or right to chose the style you like.

Using Wix logo generator is like swiping on Tinder.

By liking or disliking different styles, Wix will generate you some logo concepts based on your taste.

Wix Online Logo Generator

Afterwards, you can tweak the logo and make final adjustments or just repeat the process all over again to create something new.

Those looking for a centralized platform for design and web development should definitely check out the Wix logo maker.

The editor comes with various elements to modify your logo and you can also see how it would look on a website with their awesome visualization tool.

You can pay a nominal fee to save the high-resolution logo file, which comes with full commercial usage rights.

Try Wix online logo generator

6. Squarespace Free Logo Maker

By using Squarespace tool, you can instantly see your new logo on applications such as business card, website, and t-shirt.

Squarespace logo maker is the most basic of all (great for websites).

Squarespace logo maker may not seem as robust as other logo generators, but it does its work swiftly.

Squarespace Free Logo Maker

Just select the symbol and the typeface you want, add colors and of course type in your business name.

Simplicity of this logo maker makes it super easy to use, because you can basically create a logo for your business in seconds.

It takes just a few minutes to have a logo of your choice and instantly see its effect on a website, t-shirt, or business cards.

Once you are done with the logo, save it and start using it immediately.

Try Squarespace logo maker for free

7. Zyro Free Logo Maker

With the logo creator from Zyro, you can turn your creative ideas into a real logo in an eye blink.

The logo creator from Zyro generates simple logos instantly.

The best thing is that Zyro logo maker it’s totally free to use and download the logo you create (unlike other logo makers on my list).

Zyro Free Logo Maker

In order to get logo design options, you have to complete three simple steps:

  1. Pick a starter logo
  2. Choose a color
  3. Choose a shape

Afterwards, you can tweak the logo that you like the most or repeat the same process to get more logo ideas.

The simplicity of this tool makes it really outstanding if you need some ideas to get you started.

It just takes a minute to create a logo for your company, and yes—you don’t need any designer for it!

Try Zyro logo maker for free

8. TailorBrands Free Logo Creator

TailorBrands is yet another interesting AI-powered logo creator with unique color palettes and sample graphics.

The most intuitive to use logo maker available online.

It's dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs worldwide to stay at the forefront of their branding game.

TailorBrands Free Logo Creator

You can harness the power of their free tools to create varieties of branding assets, way beyond just simple logo design.

It asks you to start by entering your business name and selecting your business type to move further.

Choose your logo style out of three options:

  • Icon Based
  • Name Based
  • Initial Based

Search for shapes or icons, select your favorite typeface styles, and pick your desired color palette.

The logo maker from TailorBrands will bring you hundreds of designs in just a few seconds—pick one and tweak it to your liking.

Try TailorBrands free logo creator

9. NameCheap Logo Design Tool

This quick all-in-one logo maker, NameCheap logo generator, has been created considering the needs of entrepreneurs.

NameCheap logo maker comes with auto-generated stationery mockups.

It helps you find the right fonts, colors, and icons for your logo—by seeing it on real applications.

NameCheap Logo Design Tool

Access their library of templates using their unique design wizard, and the DIY tool will do the rest.

It will narrow down hundreds of logo design options for you to choose from.

You will also get to see beautiful mockups, so that you can imagine your logo being used in real life.

When you are delighted with your logo, simply download the vector file or start using it with their other domain and web design tools.

Try NameCheap logo design tool

10. Fiverr Online Free Logo Maker

When you need a logo for your brand, Fiverr makes it super easy to get.

Fiverr’s logo maker is a great choice if you’d need last touch of a designer.

Simply adjust the icon size, colors, typeface, and then also get an instant option to get your logo reviewed and polished by one of their designers (from Fiverr’s marketplace).

Fiverr Online Free Logo Maker

Its DIY logo generator lets you create many variations of a logo in just a few clicks.

First, start by entering the name of your brand, then select the desired styles to define the look and feel of your logo.

Finally the rest will be done by the logo generator tool or you can hire a designer to help you make last tweaks.

Try Fiverr free logo maker now

11. Looka Free Logo Maker

Looka Logo Maker combines your personal preferences with Artificial Intelligence to create a unique logo you'll love.

Looka's logo maker combines your preferences with Artificial Intelligence.

Just start by entering your business name and selecting the industry, then choose the styles, colors, and symbols that you like the most and let AI use these as inspiration to generate you custom logo designs.

Looka Free Logo Maker

Next, you will be able to finalize your fonts, colors, and layouts by using their pretty mighty editor to make sure that you get exactly what you want.

You can undo any edits at any time and then save your best concepts to tweak them further.

This logo makers will pretty much give your everything that a logo designer would provide you with—including multiple logo lockups saved to vector and raster files formats.

All it takes is a few clicks and five minutes to get your logo done.

Try Looka free logo maker now

12. DesignEvo Online Logo Maker

As the last but not least on my list lands the DesignEvo Online Logo Maker blah

DesignEvo's logo maker has the most resources (icons, templates) out of all.

DesignEvo is one of the most resourceful logo maker tools on the market with 10,000+ logo templates, more than 1,000,000 icons, and many other resources.

DesignEvo Online Logo Maker

If you have no design expertise or a small budget to hire a designer, it would be a good choice for you.

Simply choose a template and get a bit creative to make DesignEvo templates differentiate by replacing the icon, inputting your business name, slogan, and customizing it to your liking.

Once you're done designing, then you can use your logo everywhere!

One of the most practical features of DesignEvo is that it gives you the option to preview the logo result on business cards, t-shirt, websites, notebooks, and many other places.

So you can know how your logo looks like when you print it out—This saves you much time.    

This logo maker also allows you to download high-quality logos in multiple logo file types such as SVG, PNG, JPG, and even PDF files, which comes in pretty handy.

Try DesignEvo Online Logo Maker

13.TurboLogo Free Logo Creator

Even if you are a beginner, Turbologo is a very intuitive tool with a database of templates, logo designs, images, fonts and other graphics helping you create the perfect logo fast.

TurboLogo makes creating logos fast and easy.

Feel free to take their logo templates as a base to modify it and create your unique logo fast.

TurboLogo Free Logo Creator

Here are some of the benefits that really make a strong case for Turbologo:

  • This logo maker provides free design tools
  • On average, logo creation takes about 30 minutes
  • With the help of a huge collection of graphics, you can reproduce any logo meaning
  • Ability to use the logo for the brand on any social network: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or YouTube.

Think less, work more! Just try it yourself and you will be impressed with the results and what you can create in just a few minutes. 

Try TurboLogo Free Logo Creator

Why All Logo Makers Suck?

As i mentioned at the beginning of this article—I would never recommend using logo makers to anyone.

If you're on budget, these tools might help, but they all have limitations which make them suck.

Let’s examine why logo makers suck in general:

1. Lack of originality

When you use a logo maker, it can fetch you hundreds of ideas but they’re all pretty random and generic.

On the other hand, A real designer can go beyond basic shapes and fonts and creates a truly unique logo.

2. Lack of uniqueness

There is always a chance that other brands will be using the very similar logo if they used the same logo template.

That can be really damaging for your branding overall.

3. Lack of professional look

Logo makers end up creating the same logo variations over and over again.

They all come with limitations and therefore they lack the professional touch required for branding.

4. Copyright Problem

if you use logo makers there is a high probability that you may end up with copyright problems.

What if your competitor uses a similar logo and they registered it under their trademark and sue you later on?

5. Lack of customization

When a professional designer creates your logo, they sketch from scratch and put their original concepts into it.

Logo designers are very aware of the principles of good design.

They can design anything without any limits—but a simple logo maker can’t do that.


Before you start using any of the free logo design tools, I would suggest you consider hiring a professional designer.

However, if your budget doesn’t allow for that—then at least understand what makes a successful logo so that you get the best chance at getting it right.

For best results stick to these three logo design principles:

3 Logo Design Principles.

The 3 logo design principles:

  1. Make it appropriate for your business.
  2. Keep it simple so it can work everywhere.
  3. Make it memorable by including a distinctive element.

Also if you’re looking for some inspiration while designing your own logo—then check out reputable graphic design portfolio websites like Behance or Dribbble.

Also check out The ultimate Logo Creator, which is not a logo maker per se, but a collection of shapes and other useful elements ready to use in Illustrator for logo design.

Looking to hire a professional logo designer?—Just shoot me an email.

Did you try any of these top 12 logo makers?—Leave a comment below.

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