10 Best Logo Design Courses Online

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Are you looking to hone your skills in logo design? Check out my list of top courses to help you become a better logo designer in 2021.

As a designer you need to constantly upgrade your skills to keep getting better at designing logos.

How to become better at logo design?

With so many courses available online these days, I wouldn't even recommend anyone enrolling in a traditional design school anymore.

This is because nowadays you can learn how to design logos from the comfort of your home—just check out my list of top online courses.

To help you become a great logo designer, I've researched the best courses on popular educational platforms for creatives like Skillshare, Udemy, CreativeLive and Domestika.

Logo Design Courses

My list that includes courses from top industry experts such as Sagi Haviv, Aaron Draplin, Michael Stinson, and many other respected logo designers.

Most of these courses are very affordable and some are even free! (if you use trial).

Top 10 Logo Design Courses Online

  1. Logo Design with Sagi Haviv
  2. Logo Design with Aaron Draplin
  3. Logo Design Masterclass
  4. Logo Design: Wordmarks
  5. Learn Logo Design & Illustrator
  6. Graphic Simplification and Minimalism
  7. How To Design a Logo
  8. Logo Design Mastery
  9. Logo Design 101
  10. Logo Design For Beginners

Before we dive into the list, it's important to have the right mindset in order to take the most out of these courses.

How To Learn Logo Design?

If you want to become good a designing logos—then you need to put yourself in the right state of mind first.

Here are the three ways in which you can speed-up your learning curve:

  1. Practice a lot—You’ll keep getting better only if you do it.
  2. Network with designers—Ask them for advice and feedback.
  3. Study top agencies—Look for inspiration and try to mimic their work.

So, without further ado, let’s explore each logo course in a bit detail.

1. Logo Design with Sagi Haviv

Sagi Haviv excels in balancing simplicity and individuality, which is one of the most challenging problems in graphic design.

Learn the basic principles of logo design.

Sagi will teach you how you can turn a logo concept into something memorable.

Logo Design with Sagi Haviv

You will study the basics of logo design while discovering your own particular personality as a designer.

Sagi covers the fundamentals as well as some common misunderstandings when it comes to designing logos.

He also talks about how graphic design is not just about "designing"—there's a lot more to it. 

You will learn how to transform your idea into an iconic logo and build a case for your logo to persuade a potential client to buy it.

As a final assignment, you must select a client, develop a logo for their company, and persuade them to use it.

Enroll in this course now

2. Logo Design with Aaron Draplin

Aaron Draplin is a legendary designer well-known in the logo design community, mostly for his meticulous attention to detail and pride in his work.

Learn secrets of shape, type and color.

It's an ideal lesson for designers, artists, and anybody looking to be inspired by a master at work.

Logo Design with Aaron Draplin

Aaron demonstrates his logo design approach with a rather private project: the family crest, in this 70-minute lecture. 

He gives helpful strategies and shortcuts in Illustrator for creating stunning work in a hyper-efficient manner.

He will teach you everything from the background research to geometric structure to typography to color selection.

This course is an engaging lessons, jam-packed with tips and Adobe Illustrator demonstrations.

You'll learn how to improve your work with shapes, font, and color in order to develop essential design abilities for any logo or branding job.

Join over 20,000 other students on Skillshare to study logo design from legendary Aaron Draplin!

Enroll in this course now

3. Logo Design Masterclass

In the design industry, everything had to be learned the hard way in the past, but it shouldn't be the same for you. 

Learn how to design a visual identity like a pro.

This program will teach you all the necessary skills needed to work as a professional logo & brand identity designer.

Logo Design Masterclass with LogoCore

Each session will explain to you a particular design approach, and engage you with real projects and examples.

The LogoCore MasterClass was designed to take a complete novice to an intermediate level and then to expert level.

As the course author recommends: rather than wasting time on software and workflow concerns, self-taught designers should spend more time enhancing their art direction.

You will practice the industry-standard skills that a brand designer must develop in order get hired.

With this course, you will learn how to take freelance brand identity projects and run them confidently. 

Students can apply for a certificate after completing the class and the required homework assignments.

Those who take this course can also get the special Adobe CC student discount (-70% OFF).

Enroll in this course now

4. Logo Design: Wordmarks

Michael Stinson is the creative director at Ramp Creative as well as instructional director for the company's educational typography program.

Learn how to create wordmarks like an expert.

When creating logos, knowing how to deal with typography is a crucial design ability as most of the logos are simply wordmarks.

Logo Design: Wordmarks with Michael Stinson

Of all the different types of logos out there, wordmarks are probably the most extensively used.

You will learn everything about letterforms: wow to draw and customize them by using vectors and bézier curves.

This session will teach you about the complexities of typography by looking at how characters, weight, and overall balance affect good logo design. 

Michael will teach you the intricacies of logotype development as well as how to make your designs look timeless and iconic.

In this logo design course, you'll master the ins and outs of creating wordmarks, as well as building a solid typographic sensibility.

Enroll in this course now

5. Learn Logo Design & Illustrator

Chad Newman is an experienced graphic designer who has been delivering design work for clients on an on-going basis for the past 20 years.

Learn how to create attractive, relevant, and memorable brandmarks.

This comprehensive course will teach you more about the lucrative and enjoyable field of logo design than any other course on my list.

Logo Design Masterclass with Chad Neuman

You'll examine corporate and student designs to learn about logo design principles, and then apply those principles to your own work.

This course will walk you through every step of logo design process: brainstorming, drawing, and executing logos digitally.

You'll also learn about the significance of developing a design portfolio, which will help you get your first client.

Start by creating logo designs by mind mapping, word association, and sketching with a pencil on paper.

Chad will walk you through the whole process by using Adobe Illustrator for logo design and then Adobe Dimension for creating logo presentation.

This course also comes with a certificate of completion, sot that you can showcase it on your website or when applying for a job.

Enroll in this course now

6. Graphic Simplification and Minimalism

Rubén Ferlo is a brand and logo designer with a passion for minimalism and reductionism.

Learn how to design memorable logos & brand identities.

Rubén' creative approach is characterized by his meticulous attention to detail and ability to be a problem-solver.

Master Logo Design with Ruben Farlo

You'll learn how to create distinctive and straightforward logos while staying true to your style. 

From understanding a brief to conception, learn how to get your project off to a good start.

Get Rubén's take on visual simplification, the styles, forms, and other things to consider when it comes to logo design.

In short, you will learn:

  • How to choose the perfect typeface for your design.
  • How to add color by discussing their qualities and significance.
  • How to construct a strong color palette after your image is complete.

Learn how to find appropriate size, spacing and assess logo versions until you discover the best one.

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7. How To Design a Logo

Tara Roskell is a freelance graphic designer with more than 20 years of expertise in the logo design field.

Learn how to create a logo from concept to completion.

This course, which includes a whooping 42 lessons and 2.5 hours of information, teaches you all the ins and outs of logo design in great detail.

Design a Logo with Tara Roskell

You'll get a 61-page eBook about how to design logos, as well as details on how to write a logo design brief.

After that, you'll discover how to gather reference materials and photos in order to draw out concepts.

You'll also learn how to always bring fresh logo concepts new to the table—concepts that your client will find irresistible. 

Overall, this is a very comprehensive logo design course that takes you through everything from client brief, through sketching out ideas, to actual logo design, presentation and final delivery.

Join over 11k happy students and level up as a lgoo designer today.

Enroll in this course now

8. Logo Design Mastery

Lindsay Marsh has been creating brand experiences for clients for over 12+ years.

An extensive class on all aspects of the logo design process.

This course covers logo design theory, execution, dealing with typography, and picking color palettes in Adobe Illustrator.

Logo Design Mastery with Lindsay Marsh

You will learn about the width, shape-builder, offset path, gradient tools, and layering masks, among other aspects of logo creation.

There are topics for beginners and intermediates, as well as some advanced tips later on in the course.

Lindsay will also cover necessary portfolio building fundamentals that should help you get hired a as a logod esigner.

She will also cover various resources and techniques for locating clients and obtaining client referrals so you can grow your freelance business.

Overall, a great course on how to use Adobe Illustrator to create stunning logos.

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9. Logo Design 101

Tim Frame has over 20 years experience as a designer and illustrator—designing logos, icons and brand identity systems.

Learn how to conceive, develop, and produce unique logos.

Tim has worked in the branding industry for almost two decades and he has all the knowledge to teach you the most effective techniques of logo design.

Logo Design 101 with Tim Frame

He’ll teach you the four basic types of logos and the strengths of each, so that you know how to decide which direction to take.

Tim walks you through the entire process of creating a successful logo, from start to finish, in this session.

The course covers how to do research and gather information, then how to how to go about conception, refinement, and rendering as to finally producing a brand guidelines.

An excellent class that has all the foundations laid out precisely and concisely.

In a nutshell: you will learn everything you need to know about professional logo design techniques.

Enroll now!

10. Logo Design For Beginners

Jeremy Mura has been a successful content producer and brand identity designer for over seven years.

Tips and techniques for creating an excellent logomark.

In this class, Jeremy gives you tips and design principles that will help you create a logo that is effective.

Logo Design with Jeremy Mura

Jeremy will walk you through the process of designing various sorts of logos and the tools and thinking methods that go into it. 

Knowing the right strategies will help you enhance your graphic design workflow and create a good portfolio that will get you hired.

In the end, this class is about creating logomarks, so combine it with above mention class in wordmarks and you're good to go with any branding project.

For this class, you'll need Adobe Illustrator (get free trial)—Jeremy uses Adobe CC, but older versions are just fine.

Enroll in this course now


This list includes the most credible and informative online logo design courses that are available online.

A few voices speaking from actual knowledge and experience are far more valuable than any other voices speaking from theory and opinion.

Remember, knowledge is only worth it if you put it into action.

so I encourage you, my friend, to check out some of the courses you like and put it into practice right away.

Any of these courses are worth checking out if you're a designer trying to level up and become a great at designing logos.

My list contains everything you'll need to get started as a logo designer.

Let the learning commence from the comfort of your home!

Did I miss any of your favorite logo design course?—Leave a comment below.

Are you looking for a custom logo?—Just shoot me an email

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