10 Best Webflow Templates for Blog

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Best 10 Webflow Templates for Blog

  1. Blog Ace—Multipurpose blog
  2. Paper—Best for company blog
  3. Daynight—Best for photo blog
  4. Venice—Best for personal blog
  5. Journey—Best for beginners
  6. Reader—Best for magazine
  7. Traveler—Best for travel blog
  8. Gridded—Best for writer
  9. Unletro—Best for creatives
  10. Digest—Best for lifestyle blog
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August 12, 2022

Planning to start or grow a Webflow blog?—In this post, we'll give you examples of the 10 best Webflow templates for blogs that are beautifully designed to help you succeed with your blogging journey.

A website is an excellent approach to exhibit your abilities and passion as a creative.

And as a blogger or a writer, having an online page is a fantastic way to demonstrate your expertise and interest.

What are the best Webflow templates for bloggers?

Webflow is one of the best sources to find the best blog themes for your blogging needs.

Each type of blogger requires a different blogging template, one of which is Blog Ace, which is one of the best minimalistic designs for a blog site.

Best Webflow Templates for Blog

The Venice template, on the other hand, is ideal for personal bloggers, while Traveler is best for people who love to write about their travel journeys.

All these Webflow templates are compiled among the best template for bloggers for you to easily choose the best that suits you.

Here's my list of the ten best Webflow templates for bloggers at heart like you.

10 Best Webflow Templates for Blog

  1. Blog Ace—Best for multipurpose blog
  2. Paper—Best for company blog
  3. Daynight—Best for a photography blog
  4. Venice—Best for a personal blog
  5. Journey—Best for beginners
  6. Reader—Best for magazine blog
  7. Traveler—Best for a travel blog
  8. Gridded—Best for a writer
  9. Unletro—Best for creatives
  10. Digest—Best for a lifestyle blog

1. Blog Ace

Blog Ace is a template for aspiring bloggers looking for a way to show off their writing skills.

Blog Ace is the best Webflow template for multipurpose blogs.

This is a fully responsive template that will increase the number of your readers and followers.

Price: $79.00

Blog Ace

Hackers and spammers will have a hard time breaking into your site thanks to Blog Ace's top-notch protection.

This web template includes everything you'll need to show off your fantastic blog and content.

The template has a total of 30 responsive pages you can use.

Webflow templates are fully mobile responsive and have carefully aesthetic features.

Blog Ace is easy to use, just add your material, edit, and publish them with a single click.

Try Blog Ace Webflow Template Now

2. Paper

If you are looking for a modern and flexible template for blogs, publications, and magazines, Paper is the best option.

Paper is the best Webflow template for company blogs.

It has 33 pre-built completely responsive pages with more than 60 components to choose from.

Price: $79.00


Paper is a modern, clean template with a variety of designs and bespoke animations.

It has a sophisticated design with Webflow CMS management that is excellent for a personal or company blog.

It also comes with pre-made responsive pages created particularly for the Webflow marketplace.

This UI Kit includes a well-documented guide that was built specifically for Webflow users.

This Paper template has three distinct navigation styles with an animated side menu and a full-screen menu.

Try Paper Webflow Template Now

3. Daynight

If you are looking for the best Webflow template to showcase your work and services, Daynight is the best option.

Daynight is the best Webflow template for photography blogs.

It has some pretty excellent black to white or white to black backdrop color transitions, which gives it a distinct feel.

Price: $49.00


You can manage your categories easily and populate them with your own blog posts or project items.

On smaller devices, the site navigation collapses into a mobile-friendly menu, just as in previous Webflow themes.

With the Daynight template, all graphics have been adjusted for high-resolution screens.

It has backdrop films that can give your design more life and movement.

Daynight and other Webflow templates offer free service within 24 hours and customized screen sharing to demonstrate how to resolve the issue.

Try Daynight Webflow Template Now

4. Venice

Venice is a personal blog dedicated to presenting a variety of stories in an organized and creative manner.

Venice is the best Webflow template for personal blogs.

It has the capacity to showcase your story with ease and efficiency.

Price: $49.00


Venice template is fully responsive on all type of screens and devices.

It is designed to look great even from the tiniest smartphone to the world's oldest laptop.

This template will help you stand out from the crowd by showcasing your sense of style and attention to detail.

You can easily customize the built-in database for your project or simply add new content.

All Webflow templates, including Venice, were created without the use of any code.

Try Venice Webflow Template Now

5. Journey

The Journey is a Webflow blog template that has been meticulously created to meet all of your blogging needs.

Journey is the best Webflow template for beginners.

The pre-built modules make it simple to tailor each area to your own requirements.

Price: $49.00


It has been designed with speed optimization in mind and will be your best ally on a daily basis.

It is a fully responsive design that works on all major web browsers, tablets, and smartphones with ease.

Your blog will be up and running in no time using the Journey template.

Because the template is Retina Ready, your website will appear gorgeous and sharp on current devices.\

Webflow's visual interface may be used to alter all Webflow templates including Journey.

Try Journey Webflow Template Now

6. Reader

The Reader is a completely responsive Ui kit template with a great concept that will help you construct a fashionable blog or magazine website.

Reader is the best UI Kit Webflow template for magazine blogs.

You can easily add and change your blog entries, categories, tags, and authors using the Webflow CMS.

Price: $79.00


You can save time by using one of the predefined homepage layouts  or mixing & combining components to develop a new version.

Amazing animations can be seen throughout the Reader template, making it feel alive and enjoyable to use.

Because it was developed with global swatches, you can change the entire color theme with just a few clicks.

You may quickly modify the style of base elements like buttons, headers, and paragraphs, just like with other Webflow templates.

The Reader UI kit template includes contact and subscription forms that are beautifully styled and simple to customize.

Try Reader Webflow Template Now

7. Traveler

Traveler is a ready-to-use modern responsive blog template design for sharing your stories with the entire globe.

Traveler is the best Webflow template design for travel-obsessed blogs.

This Webflow template is designed to work on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

Price: $49.00


This is a pre-built Webflow website that would be a great place to start your next project.

The Traveler's potential is only limited by your imagination, so it's the perfect time to unleash your creativity.

This implies that all of the colors, fonts and other aspects can be changed to your preference.

Main categories and tags can be used to categorize blog entries for easier filtering and sorting.

There are ten distinct landing pages versions in this Traveler template, such as Home Page, Blog Post Page, etc.

Try  Traveler Webflow Template Now

8. Gridded

The Gridded is one of the best Webflow blog templates with a great, simple, and modern style.

Gridded is the best modern-looking Webflow template for writers.

This template includes CMS functionalities that are ready and easy to use.

Price: $34.00


You may start blogging right away by tweaking a few colors here and there.

Gridded template has a universal design and may be used by any type of writer.

It includes reusable elements that you may use across your website where you can make changes all copies are updated at the same time.

It has a responsive design that works well on PCs, tablets, and mobile devices.

On smaller screens, the Gridded template's site navigation collapses into a mobile-friendly menu.

Try Gridded Webflow Template Now

9. Unletro

Unletro is a completely responsive, modern, and simple template for creative designers.

Unletro is the best Webflow CMS template for all creatives.

It comes with the sophisticated Webflow CMS, which allows you to concentrate on writing your great material.

Price: $34.00


Unletro is the quickest and simplest method to start a personal blog.

The website template is simple to use and even simpler to personalize.

The Unletro template works seamlessly on all major web browsers, tablets, and phones.

With the touch-friendly slider, you can simply display photos and text on any device.

Supported by the Retina, the Unletro website will look beautiful and crisp on modern displays.

Try Unletro Webflow Template Now

10. Digest

Digest is a fashionable UI kit you can use for your blog or magazine.

Digest is the best UI Kit Webflow template for lifestyle blogs.

With a number of grid layouts, it's ideal for authors who wish to highlight their pieces in the best way possible.

Price: $79.00


From the Style Guide page, you can simply modify the style of base elements like buttons, headings, and paragraphs.

With Webflow CMS, you can easily add and edit blog posts, categories, and tags.

The Digest UI kit template includes contact and subscription forms that are beautifully styled and simple to customize

This template has five different home page layouts options you can choose from.
With Digest, you can use fonts from Google's Web Font collection.

Try Digest Webflow Template Now


Webflow offers a variety of templates for bloggers and other creatives.

These 10 best Webflow templates for bloggers were the finest of the many selections that Webflow has to offer.

Which Webflow template is good for blogs?

If you're a professional blogger, you'll need a website template that will highlight your best works.

Out of the many design options, Blog Ace is number one on the list due to its simple and minimalistic approach that is suited to any type of blogger.

If you are a budding blogger and just starting your career, you might want to try Journey.

All these templates are a great way to showcase your skills, all you have to do is find the best one that fits your style and preference.

Which of the Webflow templates do you prefer?—Please share your thoughts with me.

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