10 Best Books for Logo Designers in 2022

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Looking for a good book about logo design?—Here's my list of top ten books every designer should check out in 2022.

If you are searching for a list of top books on logo design that will help you become a pro, look no further.

As a logo designer myself, over the years I've purchased and read dozens of books.

In this article I will give you my recommendation as to what's worth to add to your book collection.

What books are the best to learn logo design?

There are dozens of books out there on logo design, brand identity, branding and related topic, but all of them are equally good.

That’s why I narrowed down the list to only the titles I found most valuable for their content.

Many of these books are good for those who are just starting out in the field, as well as designers who have years of experience under their belts.

These books will help you create better logos and brand identities by providing you with some great tips and advice from top logo design experts.

The 10+ Best Logo Design Books in 2022 Overview

  1. Logo Design Love
  2. Designing Brand Identity
  3. Identity Designed
  4. Identity
  5. Logo Modernism
  6. Los Logos 8
  7. Logo (revised edition)
  8. Marks of Excellence
  9. Circle, Square, Triangle
  10. Logotype

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Must-have books for logo designers

Books are great resources not just for education, but also for inspiration to create original logo designs.

I highly recommend "Logo Design Love" book to start with.

Many of the books I review below provide a mix of graphic design tips, fundamental concepts as well as a compilation of great case studies and logo design examples.

Whenever another designer asks me for recommendations, I tell them to start with these 3 books—Logo Design Love, Designing Brand Identity, and Identity Designed.

The rest of the books in this list are great resources as well and they’ve helped me during those times when I needed a bit of inspiration.

1. Logo Design Love

If you were to read just one book about the logo design process, I recommend Logo Design Love by David Airey.

A must-have book to learn professional logo design.

Learn about quality logo design with the 31 useful design tips explored in this wonderful book.

Logo Design Love

I’ve read Logo Design Love from cover to cover, and I consider it one of the best resources for anyone who wants to learn about branding.

This book guides you through the process of creating a successful, professional logo by taking you from the very first idea in your sketchbook to its final print form.

It breaks the subject down into simple, basic concepts that novice designers can follow step-by-step and teaches how to compare logo designs to determine which one is better.

This book also emphasizes the best ways to use logo design to represent your brand and even provides tips on how to work with clients to create their ideal logos.

If you’re new to the industry, you may find the insider stories and practical, actionable tips invaluable.

Overall, the Logo Design Love book will help you create iconic logos that stand the test of time.

Buy Logo Design Love on Amazon

2. Designing Brand Identity

Whether you’re a design student or a seasoned veteran of the industry, this should have a staple on your bookshelf.

A comprehensive, but easy-to-use guide for brand identity designers.

It covers topics from initial strategy to the launch of a successful brand, which is perfect for entrepreneurs and independent designers as well.

Designing Brand Identity by Alina Wheeler covers the fundamentals of branding, starting with brand development and ending with implementation of logos on different applications.

It breaks the topic of branding into three sections: fundamentals of branding, the basic process, and real-world cases.

Basics of design are covered along with detailed case studies, making it one of the best books for graphic design students.

The first part gives readers a good foundation on logo design concepts so they can use the rest of the book effectively.

Wheeler also takes you through the process of branding from research to launch and then covers the industry’s best practices.

Buy Designing Brand Identity on Amazon

3. Identity Designed

If you’re looking for one of the best books for design students, this is one of the most valuable resources I can recommend.

A compilation of case studies from top design studios.

The book teaches working designers how to collaborate with clients and provide service that goes beyond their expectations.

Identity Designed expands on the basics of logo design and goes over the history of branding, from its early stages to contemporary practices.

The book, by itself, is beautifully designed; it provides great examples on how to implement cohesive branding throughout different elements of your business.

The author takes case studies and analyzes them so that the reader can follow the trajectories of successful branding strategies.

It guides you on how to conduct research, as well as use what you find to generate ideas, create strategies, and improve your business.

David highlights leading designers and firms in the brand design arena to explains how a good design lays the framework for a good business.

Identity Designed is a great book for already practicing designers to get more specific tips on how to produce quality design work.

Buy Identity Designed on Amazon

4. Identity

Identity delves into the process of leading design firm Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv, (the studio I worked at) which is responsible for some of the most iconic logos of our time.

This book is like taking a masterclass in logo & identity design.

This is essentially a compilation of the firm’s 60 years of work, highlighting the most striking, memorable logos in many major industries.

This book serves as an encyclopedia; it’s a comprehensive look at how the industry at-large tackles brand identity projects.

As a designer, I appreciated seeing the evolution of the brand identities of some of the biggest companies in the world.

This book takes you from the inception of these logos and shows you how they changed according to the styles of the time.

Aside from being educational, this book is visually stunning, providing rich images and illustrations that are sure to inspire you to create your own logos.

The way this book is crafted is a testament to the firm’s legacy in branding and design.

Overall, the Identity book is a must-have for anyone working in the logo design space.

Buy Identity on Amazon

5. Logo Modernism

Logo Modernism is an interesting book that includes 6,000 trademarks from 1940 to 1980, diving into how modernist ideals paved the way for corporate identity as we know it today.

How modernism influenced the way corporations use branding.

This comprehensive resource teaches form and style, and its chapters are organized into simple categories: Geometric, Effect, and Typographic.

This book goes over case studies that provide useful examples of effective logo design and branding.

When I was looking for a book that would inspire my creativity, this one was the one most recommended to me by other designers.

It pares logos down to their most basic shapes and is a treasure trove for logo designers in need of some quick inspiration.

Logo Modernism is organized in a way that helps designers browse different styles of logos to fuel their creative process.

This is one of the best books for logo designers, because of the many great logo examples that can help you brainstorm designs for your clients.

Buy Logo Modernism on Amazon

6. Los Logos 8

Los Logos 8 is a classic compilation of current developments in logo design—a great book series for any designer.

A thoughtfully curated showcase of logos from designers worldwide.

This is a great reference book that is both a guide to the latest innovations as well as of forecast of upcoming trends in logo design.

The 8th edition looks more into the current ever-changing world of branding.

This compendium showcases an unparalleled selection of cutting-edge logo design examples from around the globe.

A practical and insightful handbook that serves as a source of inspiration—a must have for any designer, brand manager, or marketing strategist.

This expertly curated collection is both entertaining an inspiring thorough its whooping 400 pages filled with logos.

For me, this book serves as a library of shapes—if I get stuck on a project, I can always find something that will prompt new ideas.

Overall, the Los Logos book covers the most popular styles used in today’s logo designs.

You can also reach out for older versions to ultimately build a great collection of inspirational books for your design studio.

Buy Los Logos on Amazon

7. Logo (revised edition)

Logo by Michael Evamy is a classic book for logo designers that was just revised this year 2021!

A branding bible that provides designers with a great logo design reference.

Logo is now getting a revamp with the addition of over 300 new logos in this fully revised and updated edition.

The new revamp edition includes 300 brand new logos added to an existing vast collection of over 1,600 symbols and logotypes.

All of the logos are organized into categories like: crosses, stars, crowns, animals, people etc. to help you find something that could inspire you in your logo ideation phase.

All of these logos are also shown in just black and white to focus exclusively on the visual form.

The book includes work from a diverse range of designers, including masters such as Paul Rand and Saul Bass, but also from contemporary designers.

Buy Logo book on Amazon

8. Marks of Excellence

This book is a comprehensive catalog of hundreds of trademarks of some of the most well-known brands.

A great book to learn about the history of some of the most iconic trademarks.

Author Per Mollerup gives a thoughtful analysis of trademarks, the companies they represent, and their impact on today’s culture.

Photo credit: standardsmanual.com

This isn’t your regular coffee table book; while it does offer some vivid photos, it is mainly an educational resource.

Marks of Excellence is one of these books on my shelf that I love to use as a great reference to explain what successful logo is to my clients.

This book is a visual feast, but it also covers the technical aspects of trademark design and implementation.

Not only that, it delves into the impact of trademarks on society and how we they work to help us identify the world’s biggest organizations.

If you read this book, you’ll be blown away by its thorough research and analysis.

Overall, the Marks of Excellence book is like taking a course on the history of trademarks.

Buy Marks of Excellence of Amazon

9. Square, Circle, Triangle

Over half a century ago, famous designer Bruno Munari published a series of books on shapes; those works—Circle, Square, and Triangleare now available as one volume.

An exploration of how basic shapes can influence logo design.

He assigns qualities to the three basic shapes: the circle as divine, the square as safety and enclosure, and the triangle as connective form.

Referred by Picasso as “The Leonardo of our time”, Munari interprets design beyond their technical foundations.

The book goes over the psychology of using circles, squares, and triangles in logo design and how pervasive they have become to the industry.

I loved that this book is more than just about design; it adds a deeply human element to the field of design as a whole.

It covers the rich history of symbology and archetypes that you’ll only find in the most advanced logo design courses.

The subjects covered in this book are as relevant now as they were when they were first published in the 1960s.

I highly recommend this book because it provides best practices for incorporating these basic shapes into your designs to create meaningful logos.

Buy Square, Circle, Triangle on Amazon

10. Logotype

Logotype is yet another collection of logos, but this time is all about wordmarks aka logotypes, not symbols.

A mini (pocket-size) branding reference for designers and design students.

The book features over 1,300 typographic identities created by 250 design studios from around the world.

Examples are drawn not just from North America and Western Europe (like other books) but also from Eastern Europe. South Africa, the Far East, South America, and Australia.

An indispensable handbook for every design studio that to draw on when in the process of designing text-based logos.

Some of the contributing firms include giants such as Pentagram, Wolff Olins, Landor as well as countless highly creative, emerging studios.

Logotype is an important and essential companion volume to other books available in mini version: Logo and Symbol.

Buy Logotype on Amazon

What’s the best logo design book?

If I had to choose only one of these logo design books to read in 2021, I would go with Logo Design Love.

Perhaps it is because this is the first book I ever read about logo design (it’s first edition) and It truly helped me advance my career as a designer.

I have been doing logo design for several years before I came across this book, but I when I learned tips from David Airey it helped me solidify my logo design process as well as introduce new tips and tricks.

However, It’s also good to have a few catalogs of great logo design examples to draw inspiration from (Logotype, Logo, Marks of Excellence).

Another essential book that pushed my career forwards is Designing Brand Identity by Alina Wheeler—a well written content on all aspects of branding, far beyond just logo design.


You can choose any one of these design books, and I guarantee that they’ll be a valuable addition to your book collection.

All of them are filled tips and examples to inspire your own logo design process.

Whether you’re a design student or you consider yourself a pro—I hope that my reviews will help you find something for yourself.

No matter where you are in your career as a logo designer, I recommend you grab a copy of any one of these books and start reading today!

Did I miss any of your favorite books on logo design that you think should be on the list?—Let me know int he comments below.

Looking for a custom logo for your business?—Start your project now.

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