The Definitive List of Logo Design Resources

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If you want to have all the necessary things you need to be a better logo designer, here’s my list of 101+ logo design resources for 2022.

As a logo designer, there are a lot of resources that we must have to be able to create awesome logos.

Especially for those beginner designers, they are the ones that need logo design resources the most since they need guides to be able to improve their skills.

What are the best resources for logo design?

Fortunately, there are a lot of useful resources for logo designers available on the internet today.

Thanks to the internet and the many courses, blog, podcasts and tools available online, now it’s much easier for anyone to learn logo design.

10 Best Logo Design Resources

However, too many choices can be overwhelming at times, so you must have only the best logo design tools to use.

That’s why in this article, I featured different categories and specific resources, so it will be more convenient for you to access them.

I list verything from best software to courses, podcasts, books, blogs, galleries, mockups, fonts, and even YouTube channels for you to learn all the necessary skills to become a great logo designer.

So if you’re wondering where you can learn everything about logo design, then this article is for you.

Additionally, you can also check out my other article where I featured the best brand strategy resources.

So without further ado, here’s my ultimate list of logo design resources in 2022.

10 Best Logo Design Resources

  1. Logo Design Software
  2. Courses in Logo Design
  3. Logo Design Books
  4. Fonts for Logo Design
  5. Logo Design Podcasts
  6. Mockups for Logo Design
  7. Logo Design Galleries
  8. Blogs About Logo Design
  9. Logo Design YouTube Channels

I organized them into 9 categories, each of which contains 9–15 items, for a total of 101+ best logo design resources.

1. Logo Design Software

Since it is impossible for a logo designer to work without creative apps, I included the most useful design software for creatives.

Adobe apps remain the best applications for logo design.

Creative software is a great way to learn and improve your skills as a designer, and it is important for you to have only the best.

Logo Design Software

Nowadays, there are a lot of different online software programs to choose from that you can use for your day-to-day work.

Some may be better than others, but they are all made to cater to the needs of every creative person, including logo designers.

But if you’re going to ask me what’s the best software to use in creating logo designs —I will suggest Adobe Illustrator.

It is very user-friendly, so whether you’re just a beginner or consider yourself a pro, it is the best Adobe app for you.

Fortunately, Adobe CC is offering an amazing deal in which you can have access to all of their available applications.

If you want to get the Adobe CC All Apps, you can check out my other article where I featured the best Adobe discount.

So without further ado, here’s my definitive list of creative software for logo designers.

11 Best Logo Design Software

  1. Adobe Illustrator
  2. Logo Package
  3. Procreate
  4. Sketch
  5. Inkscape
  6. Affinity Designer
  7. AstroPad
  8. CorelDRAW
  9. Gravit Designer
  10. Astute Graphics
  11. Canva

These logo design software can meet all of your needs as a creative, so you should look into them.

2. Logo Design Courses

Another great logo design resources to learn necessary things about designing is by enrolling in courses hosted by professionals.

Courses about logo design will allow you to learn from the experts.

Logo design courses are probably one of the best ways to learn the disciplines and principles of designing a logo.

Logo Design Courses

All the courses on my list are facilitated by famous and reputable professional designers, including Sagi Haviv.

You will be guaranteed to get ideas, tutorials, tips, and points to remember from the experts in the field of designing.

Here are some of the things that you can learn if you choose to enroll in these logo design courses:

  • Basic principles of logo design
  • Create wordmarks like an expert
  • Design a visual identity like a pro
  • Create attractive, relevant, and memorable brandmarks
  • Design memorable logos & brand identities
  • Create a logo from concept to completion
  • Conceive, develop, and produce unique logos

Take note that these are just some of the things that you can learn, but I’m sure that there are a lot more for you to know.

So if you’re interested in learning from the experiences and perspectives of the experts, here is my list of the best courses for logo design.

10 Best Logo Design Courses

  1. Logo Design with Sagi Haviv
  2. Logo Design with Aaron Draplin
  3. Logo Design Masterclass
  4. Logo Design: Wordmarks
  5. Learn Logo Design & Illustrator
  6. Graphic Simplification and Minimalism
  7. How To Design a Logo
  8. Logo Design Mastery
  9. Logo Design 101
  10. Logo Design For Beginners

These logo design courses are a combination of free and paid—if you want to be a better logo designer, try these courses now.

3. Logo Design Books

Aside from creative software and courses, books about logo design are also one of the best resources for creatives.

Reading logo design books is an effective way of learning.

There are a lot of things to choose from, but I narrowed it down to the titles I found most valuable for their content.

Logo Design Books

Many of the books on my list are appropriate for both beginners to the industry and experienced designers.

These books can help you create better logos and brand identities by providing you with top logo design experts' insights and guidance.

Logo design books can be an inspiration for designers since a lot of these books include stories behind successful creatives.

In fact, I created reviews for these books, so if you want to know more about what each book is about, click here.

So if you’re looking for the best books for logo designers, here is my list of the best logo design books.

12 Best Logo Design Books

  1. Logo Design Love
  2. Designing Brand Identity
  3. Identity Designed
  4. Identity
  5. Logo Modernism
  6. Los Logos 8
  7. Logo (revised edition)
  8. Marks of Excellence
  9. Circle, Square, Triangle
  10. Logotype
  11. Principles of Logo Design
  12. Logo Life

All of these logo design books are available on Amazon, so you can buy them now.

4. Fonts for Logo Design

A professional looking font is one of the most essential things that a logo designer must have.

Every designer needs the best set of fonts for logo design.

Fortunately, there are a lot of resources that you can choose from where you can get your desired and needed fonts.

Fonts for Logo Design

I listed the 14 best font resources that you can check out, and I will assure you that all of these resources are ideal for logo design.

But if you ask me, "Where can I get the best fonts for logo design?"

I will confidently suggest one of the Creative Cloud applications, which is Adobe Fonts.

Adobe Fonts has everything that you need as a creative, so whether you’re a logo designer or a business owner, this app has something for you.

There are different kinds of fonts featured in this software, including minimalist, script, professional, elegant, and modern typefaces.

Remember that the right choice of fonts in creating a logo plays a huge role in the overall result of your design.

So if you want to know where you can get the ideal logo design fonts, here’s my list of the best font resources for creatives.

14 Best Fonts for Logo Design

  1. Adobe Fonts
  2. MyFonts
  3. CreativeMarket
  4. DesignCuts
  5. Google Fonts
  6. Font Squirrel
  7. FontStruct
  8. DaFont
  9. FontSpace
  10. Fontasy
  11. 1001 Free Fonts
  12. Abstract fonts
  13. Neogrey
  14. Glukfonts

Some of these fonts resources are free, but if you want to invest on the best fonts for logo design, Adobe Fonts is a great choice.

5. Logo Design Podcasts

If you want to become a better logo designer but you are not a fan of reading books, listening to podcasts is the best alternative.

Logo design podcasts can provide you with both learning and entertainment.

Aside from the mentioned resources above, listening to podcasts about logo design is also a great way to learn from the experts.

Logo Design Podcasts

You are able to learn from the practitioners and design experts by just listening to the podcast hosts’ interviews with them.

Whether you’re just a startup or an experienced designer, you can surely still learn something from these podcasts, especially on the On Branding Podcast.

By listening to the hosts’ interviews with professional logo designers, you’ll be able to learn and apply their principles.

One of the best things about these podcasts on my list is that you can listen to them on various online platforms.

These logo design podcasts are available on Apple, Google, and Spotify, so you can easily access and listen to them.

Some of the best podcast episodes that you can listen to are Tips for Effective Logo Design and Generating Logo Design Ideas.

So if you’re a logo designer that is looking for the best logo design podcasts to listen to, then this list is for you.

8 Best Logo Design Podcasts

  1. On Branding Podcast
  2. Design Matters Podcast
  3. Adventures in Design
  4. The Honest Designers Show
  5. The Deeply Graphic DesignCast
  6. Resourceful Designer
  7. The Fowler Hour
  8. JUST Branding Podcast

If I were you, I wouldn't miss listening to these podcasts, which include interviews with some of the most famous and professional designers.

6. Mockups for Logo Design

Since mockups are a must-have for designers to showcase their creative works, I've included the best mockup resources for logo design.

Mockups are one of the best ways to present your logo design.

These websites on my list are great places to get the best mockups for logo designs that can surely impress your clients or anyone that will see them.

Mockups for Logo Design

As a designer, I know that you can create all of the things that your logo needs to be presented professionally.

But why waste time on this time-consuming job if you can just get ready-to-use logo design templates to display your work?

Since everything right now is constantly innovating, we designers must make the most of it.

These websites on my list can provide you with the best mockups that you need as a logo designer.

Some are better resources than others, so if you ask me where to get the best mockups for creatives, CreativeMarket and DesignCuts are great choices.

Here are some examples of the best logo mockups that you can use to beautifully present your work to your clients:

So if you want to have the best mockups for logos, here’s my list of the best resources for logo design mockups.

13 Best Mockups for Logo Design

  1. CreativeMarket
  2. YellowImages
  3. DesignCuts
  4. Behance
  5. Iconfinder
  6. Futuramo
  7. Placeit
  8. FreePik
  9. Dribbble
  10. Pixeden
  11. Graphic Burger
  12. Mockplus
  13. Mockup World

These logo design mockup resources will help you to easily see your design when used, so what are you waiting for? Try them out!

7. Logo Design Galleries

Whether you’re just starting out in designing or you’re already a professional, these logo design galleries will surely be useful to you.

Online galleries that feature logo designs are a great place to get inspiration.

No matter how long you work as a logo designer, you still need resources where you can see the best and trending logo design examples.

Logo Design Galleries

These logo galleries on my list all feature great works that can be the basis of your next design.

It is a collection of logo design works from the professional creative community, and the goal of displaying it is to inspire other creatives.

These websites are a great place to get ideas and to learn about new logo design styles that you can also use for your own reference.

So if you want to know the most useful logo design collection today, here’s my list of the best logo design galleries.

11 Best Logo Design Galleries

  1. Behance
  2. Dribble
  3. Logo Pond
  4. Brand New
  5. Logo Of The Day
  6. LogoMoose
  7. Typebased
  8. Logospire
  9. Logoed
  10. LogoLounge
  11. LogoGala

If you want to have a look at the best logos, just visit these online logo design galleries and I’m sure you’ll be inspired by them.

8. Logo Design Blogs

If you want to learn important things about logo design but you’re on your device most of the time, reading blogs might be a great option for you.

Blogs about logo design are great resources to become a better creative.

These websites that I featured offer the best articles about logo design and can serve as your guide and reference as a creative.

Logo Design Blogs

Since we are in a generation where everything is available online, you might find reading books boring and time-consuming.

But thanks to the innovation of technology and the efforts of creative writers, we can now have access to different blog articles about design.

One of the best examples of the most informative logo design blogs today is the On Branding Blog, which I personally handle.

We are featuring different kinds of articles about branding, graphic design, logo design, and etc.

Some of the best articles that I will suggest if you’re a logo designer are my blogs about logo design cost and logo design process.

They are both straightforward logo design articles, so you can read them without feeling the need to spend a lot of time.

If you want to know the best logo design blogs for creative people like you, here’s my list of useful blogs about logo design.

11 Best Logo Design Blogs

  1. On Branding Blog
  2. Logo Design Love
  3. The Branding Source
  4. Creative Bloq
  5. Brandnew
  6. Design Week
  7. Design Taxi
  8. Logo Designer
  9. The Logo Smith
  10. Identity Designed
  11. Logo Lounge

These blogs offer free, useful information about logo design, so don’t forget to check them out.

9. Logo Design YouTube Channels

And the last logo design resources but definitely not the least, are YouTube channels owned by professional designers.

YouTube tutorials are the most convenient way to learn logo design.

Since YouTube become even more popular, some design experts use this as an advantage to provide tutorials about logo design.

Logo Design YouTube Channels

Watching tutorials on YouTube is probably the most convenient and easiest way to learn things about designing a logo.

Since it is a free platform and there are a lot of designers that have turned into YouTubers, it has become easier for us to have access to the information that we need.

In fact, you can learn almost everything by just watching logo design tutorials from reputable YouTube channels.

And that makes YouTube one of the best logo design resources today.

If you want to become a better and more flexible creative, check out these logo design tutorials from the YouTube channels on my list:

These videos will surely be helpful for you as a designer, especially if you are just starting and want to know everything about logo design.

So without further ado, here’s my ultimate list of the best YouTube channels to learn logo design.

10 Best YouTube Channels for Logo Design

  1. Arek Dvornechuck
  2. Will Paterson
  3. Philip VanDusen
  4. Mohamed Achraf
  5. Createnprocess
  6. Logos by Nick
  7. Satori Graphics
  8. Dansky
  9. Adobe Illustrator Tutorial
  10. Bring Your Own Laptop
  11. Design Talk
  12. Shantanu Kumar
  13. DesignCourse
  14. The Futur Academy
  15. TheSketchUpEssentials

These YouTube channels showcased videos that demonstrated how to create excellent logo designs using various types of design software.

Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification button so you will be updated whenever they upload a new video.


Whether you’re a beginner designer or consider yourself a professional, logo design resources are always a must-have for you.

This is where you can get inspiration or even learn something new about designing a logo.

Since I listed 101+ logo design resources that are divided into 9 categories, I hope that you now have everything that you need to become a better creative.

These resources are all available and accessible online, and I’m sure that they will all be useful for your career as a logo designer.

If you are a visual learner, then you must refer to logo design courses and YouTube channels since they provide actual tutorials.

Logo design podcasts, on the other hand, are perfect for creatives that are auditory learners.

However, reading learners can make use of logo design books, blogs, and galleries as their reference to learn new things about logo design.

I hope this ultimate list of the best logo resources helps you to know what the tools you need to become an expert designer.

Did I miss something that you think should be included in my list? Just leave a comment below.

Also, if you’re interested in hiring a freelance logo designer for your brand needs, just shoot me an email here.

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